Thursday, 27 February 2014

Spreading crochet love...

Real life commitments and deadlines have taken over this week. How dare they! Days filled with work projects, volunteer group meetings, fundraising activities...basically a polar opposite to the nothingness of half term.

So I have very little yarny stuff to share with you – I won’t bother taking a photo of a crochet chain of 322 stitches, in a calming yet rather boring shade of off-white (it will look much more interesting when there’s more crochet completed!).

Crochet, music and soft focus...ahhhhhh
I will share gratuitous photos of things that make me happy, while I tell you that a dishwasher can actually double up as a kitchen cupboard. Yesterday I never got round to emptying the dishwasher, but instead grabbed clean plates for lunch, platters and bowls for dinner, mugs for tea and cups for water...then put all these dishes right back into the then-empty dishwasher at the end of the day.

Bag o' yarn....mmmmm
My fridge is on the blink. I’ve been storing milk outside, and we’ve eaten or frozen all the other food, while I wait for the repairman to get the right part to fix it. (Oh a part of me actually *hopes* it can’t be fixed, so I can beg borrow steal to get a *pink* Smeg! A girl can dream!)

pink, pink, pink
I have the Frozen soundtrack playing constantly in my head. The girls sing it nonstop, creating their own music videos or acting out the movie, but even when they’re at school the music fills my brain. It is a wonderful soundtrack, but even Beethoven gets tiresome after hours and hours of nothing else, let alone Disney.

Chocolate-covered shortbread, because everything is better dipped in chocolate
But hey, enough of my whinging! Let me share with you what has been getting me through the ups and downs of the week!

A fabaroony notebook and indulgent bath petals...and chocolate!
A wonderful parcel arrived yesterday, right when I needed it. Pretty, pampering, caring gifts from the lovely Sue at sweetpea family. Even a fun-filled present for my girls...

Which made them squeal with delight (and Little Flower exclaimed, “Mummy, these are the loveliest chocolates!” in a very princess-like voice).

Sue sent me these goodies as a thank-you for helping her plan her crochet workshop – I’ve been teaching more workshops lately, so I have a good amount of info, handouts and advice that I was more than happy to share. She will be a wonderful teacher, I am certain!

Now I am spreading the crochet love, setting up workshops here, there and everywhere...I have one planned for my village community centre, a series is already booked for a gorgeous little haberdashery in Petworth, The Cotton Wool Store...

...and last week I ventured to the craft mecca that is Eternal Maker in Chichester, and they want me to teach there to coincide with their new yarn department! Woo hoo! (Of course you do realise that I’ll be asking for my fee in fabulous fabrics and buttons!)

So instead of making progress with my crochet projects, this past week I have been writing amigurumi workshop handouts and setting up more workshops. It’s all good!

I enjoy teaching crochet more than I could have imagined. In this great big world of stress, schedules and crowds, where every minute is overloaded with information and electronics and way too much information for any one person to adequately process, I have found it incredibly fulfilling to teach others to stop, focus, create, play and relax, quietly with simple hook and yarn. What I originally started as a little hobby for myself has evolved to mean much more. I leave each workshop elated that the participants are happy, pleased with themselves that they are learning a new skill.

And it’s just like any craft group or meeting with a like-minded friend – it’s nice to have others oooo and ahhhh over some pretty crochet with me!

So what can I oooo and ahhh over from you this week? Link up your crochet below!

Chrissie x


  1. Lovely pictures Chrissy, and how lovely to find your classes are going so well, and that you get so much from them too.
    Have a good weekend
    Kate x
    PS: keeping my fingers crossed on the pink Smeg front x

  2. My mouth was watering at the chocolate shortbread and I was having palpitations looking at the fabric, I would never get any wages working in a place with all that wonderful fabric. Such thoughtful gifts, lucky you.

  3. Getting paid in fabric and buttons sounds good to me!!!!
    I totally agree with you Chrissie everything tastes good dipped in chocolate! ;)
    V x

  4. Sounds like a very busy week for you but what a lot of lovely treats!
    Good luck with all of your classes, lucky crochet students, thats what i say x
    love Jooles x x x

  5. I hope your pink fridge dreams come true, such a wonderful thing you are doing teaching crochet, wishing you lots of luck with the workshops so exciting.
    Clare x

  6. Hello Chrissie, you are busy aren't you!! I have done a few crochet workshops in the past which were good fun. Pink Kitchen Aid and pink tulips - I love that photo!! Keep smiling my dear, Sam xx

  7. Wow, that is some week! And how fabulous that your business is thriving. I think payment in fabric is ideal and saves a lot of messing as most of your fee was only going to be spent there anyway. Choccie shortbread looks fabulous as does your gift. Hope the fridge is broken/fixed depending on finances. My boiler mannie has been again for the fourth time and I'm not saying it is fixed yet just in case....!

  8. Hi Chrissie - I too have the Frozen soundtrack in my head - I just love Olaf (me with already adult children - watching the same Disney Movie over and over and over - while working in threads). That shortbread looks too yummy - I could do with a piece of that RIGHT now!! Thank you for hosting

  9. Glad you are enjoying teaching crochet - I am going to teach some ladies at my Women's Institute Craft Group how to crochet a granny square in April - I hope I get it right. Your shortbread looks delicious, you are right everything taste better covered in chocolate.

  10. What a busy week! Love the pink tulips. I am soo longing for Spring! I hope your classes go well. What a cool job that would be.

  11. it's great news that your classes have taken off Chrissie! hope your week comes together well. Sounds like good busy. I have been having a rest from the crochet hook, might be time to begin something, or finish something! Heather x

  12. Hi Chrissie I would love a pink fridge - good luck with all of your teaching ventures, it's lovely to be in demand. I followed your link to Simply crochet and your crochet was adorable. I'm so pleased you liked your parcel, many thanks again for all your help and support. Sue xxx

  13. I think you need to take a nap, you sound so busy. I am so glad you enjoy teaching crochet, I found out I am really not that good at it, but I tried and I loved the information you sent me. Maybe it is easier to teach people who are not your friends?

  14. It sounds like you're really successful with your workshops. That's wonderful. I am sure you're a great teacher. I do the same with the dishwasher sometimes and I also prayed my fridge couldn't be fixed, about two years ago, and it WORKED! I got the bottom-freezer, French-doors fridge of my dreams. I say go for it. :)

  15. Wow your so busy Chrissie! Sounds amazing spreading the gift of crochet good for you!
    Im loving the crochet and music in soft focus x

  16. Chocolate covered shortbread - yes yes yes! And put me down for one of those pink Smegs too. x

  17. I love teaching crochet too, I am walking on air when people arrive a bit nervous and leave with an excited to do list. Jo x

  18. So glad you've got some crochet teaching lined up. And I do hope you get that pink Smeg! It would go beautifully with the tulips I think. I have a little pink timer in my kitchen, about the only pink thing I've managed to slide into the house. I'm wishing I had a little slice of that chocolate shortbread right now, yum.

  19. Congrats on all the teaching Chrissie - I knew you were a born teacher and you certainly are proving it! Like Sam, I love the pic of your pink mixer and tulips - such a gorgeous pink - and do hope you get your pink fridge - soon! Gosh what a busy life you are leading - thanks so much for sharing yet another wonderful post with us lovely! Hugs, Joy xo

  20. Hi Crissie, sounds like you've been quite busy. It must be so much fun to teach crochet classes and workshops. It's really great that there are people interested in learning the art of crocheting.

  21. You have been a busy bee! And ooh, a pink Smeg - just perfect, holding thumbs the fridge needs replacing ;-)
    Just seen that we're swap partners over at Jo's - Yay! En route out this morn now but will email you later.
    Have a happy Friday,

  22. Chrissie Dahling...linking up with my wip, I always use my dishwasher as a cupboard...! xxx

  23. Busy woman....
    Lovely pictures !
    Have a nice weekend !

  24. Beautiful photos, I hope you get more time next week for your crafty loveliness. Have a great weekend. Deb x

  25. I spy Purcell in your first pic - are you a musician Chrissy? Laughed when I read that your dishwasher doubles as a kitchen cupboard - funnily enough I have one of those clever wash and store it machines as well. Congrats on the success of your workshops. My daughter is at uni in Chichester but I haven't discovered Eternal Maker yet - I will be sure to visit next time I'm there. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx

    1. Thanks for your comment Jane, I'm a soprano, at the moment singing with a terrific chamber choir, and we're doing an English music concert in March...I love Purcell! Are you a musician? Cx

  26. Your crochet classes sound very successful and inspiring, Chrissie. Lots of lovely pictures to look at here today.....and I agree that dipping in chocolate makes baking even better!
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xx

  27. Hey check you out you big crochet guru, so happy to hear that you are teaching in so many different places and that you are grabbing opportunities left, right and centre, I am really happy to hear this. It looks like you have some fun projects on the go to and fortunately like me you can enjoy them whilst listening to 'Let it go' just one more time. Fab soundtrack, but can we change the record now please!!!!!!!!!! Pretty please!!! Fat chance of that happening here! I am sorry to hear that your fridge is on the bring, grrr, fingers crossed a pink Smeg becomes more a reality, but then it costs lots of pennies, so maybe a part sounds like a better solution. I hope you find some quiet over the weekend and get some time to do a little hooking and chillaxing. Sending you a big hug and warm wishes xoxo

  28. Hi Chrissie such a lovely post - I loved all your photographs and news. I hope the fridge is fixed soon, so horrid as it takes so much time arranging things and sorting out food. I wish I lived near where you live Chrissie as I would love to come to one of your classes, I know that I would learn so much. Have a great weekend, hope everything is fixed soon and PS know what you mean about Frozen, my little Peeps sing nothing else! Big hugs and loves to you Chrissie

  29. Chrissie there are lots of lovely things to look at in your post today. Similar things make me very happy too.

  30. Great post choc full of lovely. Congrats and good luck with the crochet workshops... go spread the crochet love Chrissie!!
    P.s. It's so nice to see your smiley eyes on my google follower list - thanks :-)XX