Sunday, 23 March 2014

Before and after

There are some changes afoot here...

I had a plain wicker basket, I had the latest issue of Reloved magazine

My bloggy friend Lazy Daisy Jones was featured in the issue, one of her wonderful basket makeovers. I decided a pink basket was an absolute necessity.

Before, during (with the primer) and after. What a transformation! Nothing tickles me more than baby pink. It is the colour of happy! The green ribbon was from my grandma’s stash, which is now part of my stash (thank you, Grandma!). The fabric was left over from my beloved Blossoming Bag, I bought extra at the time simply because I loved the dainty rosebuds and decided I’d find a use for it later...

The only thing prettier than a pink basket is a pink basket full of lovely yarn! And what’s that peeking out, you ask? Why it is my latest WIP, Cherry Heart’s Ricicles Shawl. I settled on a palette:

I do believe a Pink Revolution is taking place in my home...

I’m sure you’ve noticed the other changes afoot, the blog makeover! Like pretty much everything in my life, this is a Work In Progress. I am fast approaching my one-year blogiversary, and a fresh look is in order! I was getting tired of the busy shabby chic header; I have been admiring all the other blog makeovers going on at the moment, everything is so clean, uncluttered and I’m making some changes.

And here I will mention the wonderful Daisy Jones again, because she is the mastermind behind this transformation! I honestly can’t tell the difference between my elbow and my knee sometimes, let alone fiddle with blogger templates, but Miss Daisy J was there in a shot offering to help. Like having a great friend with you trying on party frocks, she knew exactly what I was looking for and was able to tell me what worked and what didn’t. Thank you m’dear!

A big step for me was putting my little mugshot in the corner - I have been considering this for a while; I've "met" so many lovely people during my year of blogging, yet no one knows what I look like. At first it seemed odd for anyone to see me, now it seems more odd that you can't see me. So here I am...

Hope you are all enjoying a quiet Sunday evening, ready for the coming week. More crafty news very soon!

Chrissie x


  1. Te quedó preciosa la cesta. Y esas lanas se ven tan calientes. Estoy esperando el invierno por aquí y sé que hará mucho frío y lloverá mucho.
    Saludos desde Chile

  2. Oh Chrissie I'm loving the new look and the gorgeous basket, you have given me a serious case of the wanties, my yarn basket is just boring old wicker colour. Hope you had a good weekend
    Clare x

  3. What a great new look, so fresh. Loving the basket and the colour pallet. Happy blogiversary Chrissie. You have done so much in twelve months with the stitching Sundays and CAL. Here's to the next twelve months.
    S xx

  4. Lovely new blog look and I looove that basket and your shawl.

  5. The basket is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing your ricicles shawl. The colors are lovely. Your blog looks great! I love the colors and the way you have everything arranged in the sidebar. It's lovely to see you too, pretty lady!

  6. What a fantastic transformation. I have a couple of rather sad, faded and neglected baskets that could do with a makeover. You're an inspiration. I love the blog xxxxx

  7. Well first off I have to say it's so nice to see your whole face at last and how very pretty you are Chrissie! And I do believe you've had your hair cut, yes? Well, whether yes or no, it's very pretty too! You remind me so much of someone I knew when I was young but I can't get this mind of mine to tell me who it was . . . . yet!
    Your blog makeover is very nice and pretty too - I've been needing to change mine too for months but awaiting my lovely daughter to do the honours as the thought of me fiddling with it and losing everything scares me half to death!
    Your new basket is right up my alley and those lovely delicate soft pink rosebuds are to die for, no kidding, and of course if you can't have a pink Smeg then at least a basket, surely! And that shawl and those yarns, I am seriously infatuated, AND that little green ribbon is exactly right!
    Your posts just get better and better my dear friend - keep up the excellent work and I'll be watching for your Blogiversarry coming up soon! Much love, Joy xoxo

  8. Well hello there you snazzy and pretty thing!
    Gosh it all looks very lovely, warm inviting and very you ..... I LOVE it!
    The basket and contents are rather luscious too.
    Oh Miss Daisy J is a very lovely lady indeed.
    love Jooles x x x

  9. Wow Chrissie, 3 words ... beautiful, beautiful , beautiful..... beautiful you, beautiful new blog, beautiful basket and crochet. A lovely start to Monday morning,
    Kate x

  10. Hi Chrissie. What a fab basket - I thought, all you need is some scrummy yarn to fill it with and it will be complete! Then I scrolled down and you had! Love the new shawl - may have to join you on that one soon. Jane x

  11. Love the new look. Great basket makeover, I have several types of baskets I want to do that to but just don't have the time at the moment. looking forward to seeing you completed shawl.

  12. Very pretty. Love the fabric you've lined it with. xx

  13. Good morning Chrissie, love your profile picture, basket and the colours in your shawl! Julie x

  14. Loving the new look blog and it's a great picture of you. The basket is fab and need I say that I love the knew I would! Sarah xo

  15. It is all wonderful and I love being able to see you! I am having a bit of a shawl revolution at the moment - who would have thought I would wear a shawl?? That one looks easy but soothing. Jo x

  16. Wow!
    For me the best thing about blogging is to inspire...I am beyound happy to have inspired you.
    I had forgotten your blog changes as I groggily opened my laptop on a monday morning, and Wow again, so fresh so bright and so gorgeous just like you!
    Until later...
    Ps I love the tweaks, you have made too xxxxxxx

  17. I really like your new blog look. Very pretty with the pink and the dots. And the basket! You are right! A pretty basket full of yarn is one of the best sights! Have a lovely week! Anna x

  18. Love the new look Chrissie, love seeing you too! :)
    As for the basket and crochet.....just gorgeous!!!
    V x

  19. My goodness, I don't know where to start!
    Love your new blog-look, your picture is great!
    And that yarn filled basket is gorgeous and so is your new crochet project!
    Seeing this post makes me want to do some painting and crochet and lots of other nice stuff....
    I have never seen that magazine before but it looks terrific!
    Well, I guess that was enough !!!! -s for one comment.... ;-)
    Love from Mirjam.

  20. that basket is so pretty! At first i thought the crochet was part of the liner... that would look gorgeous!

  21. Hello lovely! What a gorgeous post! I adore your basket it is just perfect for all that gorgeous yarn...what a transformation. Your new look blog is so lovely too, just perfect and I love the polka dot back ground and the pretty photo of your lovely self!
    Marianne xxx

  22. A really beautiful makeover ! Your basket is gorgeous now !!!
    Have a nice week !

  23. Your post couldn't have come at a better time, I picked up at basket at a church fair on Saturday for £2 and hvae been wondering what to do with it. I LOVE yours!!! What paint did you use? I need to make a start on this asap now, my head is buzzing!

  24. Gorgeous!! I love pink!

  25. Love your new look on your blog and your basket!! Your ricicles shawl is coming along well too!! xx

  26. Wow I had to check the address to make sure I'd come to right place hehe lovely new look blog. Your basket is so lovely it's so nice to recycle something and give it some love to make it into a stunning object. xx

  27. Anonymous4:20 pm GMT

    Love the makeover, both of your basket and your blog - good job!

  28. Hi Chrissie not sure what I can add to all the lovely comments you have received as I agree with them all. I have been itching for a blog face lift for a while but haven't had the courage I'm a bit like Joy worried about losing everything. Your amazing makeover might have inspired me to take the plunge xxx

  29. Dear Chrissie,

    I came with the intention of thanking you for your lovely comment on my blog but I have been blown over by your beautiful basket AND blog makeover AND your lovely picture too!

    It's all so lovely :-)

    I am very glad to have found another lover of early music. It is one of my greatest passions and, if I might, could I recommend an exquisite work since you mentioned Purcell? His Odes for St Cecilia is truly moving and exquisite and fills me with wonder every time I hear it. The following recording is possibly my favourite:

    Warmest wishes,


  30. LOVE the basket ... and how perfect for spring. And the blog is looking really fresh and smart. And how lovely to see you! I have yet to add a pic of me to my blog ... one day maybe, if one is ever taken that I like!

  31. That's so cute! I keep thinking I should make my girls nice Easter baskets, and a transformation like that would be really fun!

  32. I agree with all the lovely comments so what more can I add...? I send a giggly and loud 'DITTO'
    loxx Tracey xx

  33. Darn it...that basket looks GOOD! Slapped wrist for me - I haven't got any further than unpicking the dress for my basket's the same wicker basket as yours so I need to get a wiggle on with that WIP now that I've seen yours!
    Love your smart bloggy revamp - looks very classy... nice job Daisy! It's so lovely to see you smiling in the corner there.X

  34. Just love this little makeover! :) x

  35. Lovely on all counts! Lovely new-look blog, lovely basket makeover and lovely you in the corner! What a gem Daisy Jones is. Your ricicles shawl is looking very good indeed - gorgeous colours. Have a great crafty week.
    Jane x

  36. It's lovely! Nothing is better than pink I think:)


  37. Love your pretty basket and your pretty crochet too...such delicious colours! Your blog is looking gorgeous, Chrissie, and so nice to see the lovely picture of you :)
    Happy Wednesday!
    Helen xox

  38. I love your new look basket (and of course your blog makeover!), it looks so pretty, and looks a real picture with the lovely yarn and ricicles blanket peeping out - the colours you choose are beautiful Chrissie!
    Gill xx

  39. Hello my lovely friend, I am just a little more than impressed with the makeover. May I say that it looks FABULOUS!!! I know whom to come to when I finally have time to revamp mine a little. Your pink basket also looks wonderful. I must confess that I have also felt a little tempted by spraying mine, maybe one day. You've done a lovely job with yours xoxo

  40. I absolutely love this, it's gorgeous. Perfect for a picnic or lots of balls of yarn. I want a wicker basket now, so I can make it over! x