Monday, 12 May 2014

After the rain

I love the richness of colour after an abrupt rainstorm.

The earth is drenched and still in a quiet, post-storm recovery, when suddenly the Sun’s rays explode through the cloud, highlighting the recent soaking.

Colours in the shade are bolder, deeper. Sunlit areas look overexposed. The sun shines almost too brightly on the azaleas and ferns, like a spotlight.

It beams down on the Sweet Woodruff, which is overflowing in my raised herb border.

The Sweet Cicely stretches high enough to steal some of the rays from the woodruff behind it. This is starting to go to seed already and hopefully will increase in numbers here.

Shaded areas have a more secretive, hushed tone. The clematis are not entirely sure they want to be seen yet.

The centres of these flowers will soon burst open to reveal white pom-poms of petals.

The rain coaxed open the first pumpkin blossom, which tickled Little Flower, because only this morning we were examining this seedling and looking at the closed bud.

 I happened to look up at approaching clouds and spotted an early honeysuckle bloom on the wall, taking in the last rays before a new shower commences.

Before the rain I happened to spy this out the kitchen window:

A contented pigeon on my garden bench, sitting pretty right in the middle of the seat, having a wee nap.

And who else should visit today but a turtle dove? 

I was very happy indeed to catch this pretty bird enjoying an afternoon snack.

What do you notice after the rain?

Chrissie x


  1. Such beautiful photos, I love the way everything gets a refreshing wash making it fresh and shiny, Oh and the best thing for me is the smell.The smell is just amazing!
    I've never seen a Turtle dove, he's so pretty.
    love Jooles x x x

  2. Such great photos. Goodness we've had some heavy showers today. I love the light once it passes too - but a few less downpours would be have been better.

  3. What beauty in the garden after the rain! As Jooles said the smell is wonderful after it has been raining too. Your clematis looks as though it is going to be amazing!! xx

  4. Anonymous9:53 pm BST

    I love the garden when it has just rained, you have captured it beautifully ...the Turtle dove is a first for me too.. very lucky
    Thea xx

  5. Really beautiful post, Chrissie, the words and photos. I agree, it's such a nice time when it's just rained and the sun comes out. Most of our rain ends that way, the sun never stays away for long around here (sometimes to my dismay. :))

  6. What lovely pictures of your garden and the emotions associated. Love that little wood pigeon snoozing.

  7. You've done a great job in sharing your poetic thoughts and lovely garden Chrissie, thank you! The little turtle dove is very sweet and we have a garden bench exactly like yours! I love the outdoors after the rain, especially yesterday when we had a lot of it - it's like everything has had a beautiful refreshing renewal. How lovely for Little Flower to experience how quickly and beautifully mother nature can work .. .. .. Much love, Joy xo

  8. I love the smell after the rain!
    Your garden is looking lovely Chrissie, isn't everything so wonderfully green!
    V x

  9. I love being in the garden just after it has rained. In fact I'm quite happy to stand out there & work while it is drizzling! Love your photos & a turtle dove! Lucky you.

  10. That is a very unusual Clematis do you know the name of it? Turtle Doves are so rare these days you were one lucky lady to have one visit your garden.

    1. Hi Mitzi, the clematis is 'Josephine' - I'll keep sharing photos as it blooms! Cxxx

  11. Beautiful photos, there is nothing nicer than a garden after the rain. Lucky you to have a turtle dove in your garden, even better that you managed to get a photo and share it with us.

  12. Beautiful pictures ! You have what we call, in french, "un petit coin de paradis"...
    We need a little rain here...
    Have a nice day !

  13. Your garden is looking very pretty in the rain Chrissie - the woodruff is lovely,and the sweet cicely. The names of these old plants are so evocative of another age, such timeless names.
    We took shelter from a heavy downpour in a hay filled barn this morning, which we shared with two small white doves - they didnt like the rain either!
    I like seeing the raindrops nestle on leaves after a shower, which is why Alchemilla Mollis is one of my all time fav plants.
    What a lovely post!
    Gill xx

  14. Gorgeous post and gorgeous photos.
    Marianne x


  15. Hello! I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy visiting your blog and I have nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out my blog entry at to see the award!

  16. My garden has gone bonkers too in the last week, I have had to overlook the fact that some of the flowers are just rather pretty weeds! Your garden is looking great. Jo x

  17. Lovely post!!! There is indeed something lovely about the calm after a storm. Your garden is looking lovely xo

  18. Lovely garden pictures, Chrissie! Lots of fresh growth and pretty flowers, and a happy little bird too! It is sunny here today, hope it is where you are too.
    Helen xox

  19. Wonderful photo you garden looks glorious, loving the garden visitors too
    Clare x

  20. Beautiful! Lucky you getting such a nice visitor! Nothing beats the garden this time of year! Anna x