Monday, 7 July 2014


The race to the last day of school is on! Life has become a whirlwind, with performances, meetings, assemblies, parties, exams, sports days, picnics, new school visits...oh, and there are teacher gifts to sort, school uniforms for next term to buy, cookies to bake, nerves to calm...whirlwind!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say blog posts may be fewer these next few weeks, and though I’m still reading all of your blogs, comments may not make it to the keyboard. Time is so precious, and my first priority is to be there for my girls as they prepare to leave pre-school and primary school.

Wow. They are both moving on to their next big stages of life! Friends have asked me if I’m sad that they are leaving their schools, but honestly, I am really *excited* for them! Of course I’ll miss my Little Flower being home much of the time, but she is so ready for primary school, anxious to read more and write more and explore life and learning. And my Bunny, how I’d love to hold her close and walk her to each class of secondary school, but she, too, is ready for a bigger challenge. She is quick to make friends, easygoing and friendly, and I can’t wait for the new adventures ahead for her.

But enough of my emotional ramblings, I have some crafting to share!

I think, possibly, that I’m finished with this heart. I’m not sure I want to embellish it more, so I’ll put it aside for a few days then return to it and see how I feel. Hmmm.

I added a few silk ribbon roses, using a variegated pastel ribbon, to complement the more textured ribbon that came in the hand-dyed skein from Stef Francis. I wanted a few lighter touches of colour, and the pastel blossoms dotted here and there achieves that.

Here are French knots, straight stitches to make the green leaves – the buds beneath use the lazy daisy stitch made with the ribbon, which gives a very different result than the same stitch done with embroidery floss.

This project was simply an experiment to see if I could use the various threads that made up the skein. Now I have more useful ideas...the rough linen would be perfect for a summertime picnic placemat set, and I already have the embroidery design in mind...

On the crochet front, I’m more than halfway through a summer wrap:

I am fascinated by this new crochet book – Rustic Modern Crochet – it is full of quirky, textured, interesting makes. I love it!

I was drawn to this wrap, and it gave me the excuse to buy some Rowan Savannah yarn, a gorgeous linen-y cotton wrapped in thin silk thread.

The long lines of the design are simply chains, so this project is working up quickly. I have half a mind to display it as a wall hanging, though, it is more like a textured artwork! I will write a little book review when I’ve finished this project.

And finally, (my my, she is going on and on and on today, isn’t she?) for those of you interested in my edible bouquets, I will share the book that got me started on my passion for herbs:

Jekka McVicar is the expert on herbs, what she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing! I attended her herb workshop at RHS Wisley a few years ago, and I subsequently transformed the borders around our patio to herb gardens. She and her books are incredibly inspirational, whether you have a patio container or acres of land.

I use my herbs mostly for cooking, but some are grown for teas, scented sachets, mild medicinal use, and simply for the sheer beauty they give the garden. Soon I’ll do some posts featuring my favourite herbs and what I do with them!

Happy crafting!

Chrissie x

P.S. Thank you all so much for your very kind comments on my last post! The fabric I used is from Gutterman, it’s called Leaves Hill. It is a cotton with a teensy bit of stretch – I erred on the side of caution with my fabric choice rather than using a true jersey cotton for my first Coco top. 


  1. The wrap is stunning, my that yarn looks lovely, and the embroidery is sooooo pretty, enjoy the last few days of this term. My nephew is off to Grammer school to in the Autumn to but has plays and even a outward bound school reisdential in his last few days at juniors, they grow so fast.
    Clare x

  2. Enjoy those beautiful girls while you can, they'll be off before you know it. There are some delightful makes today but I have fallen in love with the summer wrap, it is stunning.

  3. Time goes by so quickly...enjoy every second of it! I love your heart with the sweet little roses. I love the idea of picnic set. That would be so cute. Your wrap is coming along nicely, too. Perfect for summer nights.

  4. What a gorgeous wrap !! It is a fascinating crochet pattern... never seen something similar !

  5. Unfortunately our children grow up all too quickly and I get quite irritated when I hear young mums wishing their childrens lives away. They are only little for such a short time, I look at my big kids now and think where did those years suddenly go. For now I don't have anymore teenagers they are all in their 20's that just leaves my nearly 11 year old and he too is growing up oh so quickly. He will be changing schools this year and he is very excited. He's off for a taster day on Wednesday. All uniform has arrived and is hanging up ready for September.

    The heart design you have been working on is lovely and I think you're right with this one less is more it's quite beautiful as it is.


  6. That yarn looks so soft and pretty... your wrap will be beautiful!
    I love herbs in the garden too, but I would love to know more things that I can do with them other then cook...
    So fascinating that plants can be so useful in many ways, don't you think?
    Good luck with the next busy days, love from Mirjam.

  7. Shedding a tiny tear.... I remember this well from last year my however my boy has made it through his first year of secondary school older, wiser and taller.. gosh he is sooo tall. The uniform we bought in september last year, will just make it through another week!
    This summer will be a poignant one I am sure make a real life scrap book of it?
    love the look of the book, your wrap is very unusual as well as being beautiful..a x

  8. Beautiful wrap! I love it!

  9. It is a really busy time when they are moving on Chrissie-they have so many little anxieties, it is such a big thing making those transitions and the first couple of weeks in September are always the hardest as they settle into new routines. Ends of terms are always so busy as well, hopefully soon you will all have some time to relax. What a gorgeous shawl! I am tempted to get that book...Your embroidery heart is exquisite-so pretty. Alison xx

  10. good luck with the end of term rush! nearly there! your herb garden sounds quite interesting and the wrap is quite unusual. More like evening wear! X

  11. Sounds like my life at the moment......two upper school visits in the last 4 days and another tomorrow, I'll be glad when the decision has made. Your work as always is beautiful, that yarn, that shawl, that embroidery.....all just gorgeous. Here's to summer holidays when life will hopefully be a little slower Sarah xo

  12. You're right, this time of year is absolutely manic isn't it. I love the wrap, and it's good to see that yarn used, I've looked at it and wondered what it would look like, as I love non-wool yarns. It's lovely! I'll look forward to hearing more about your herbs. Jekka's herb farm is just up the road from me, I really must get round to visiting it one day. It's hard to get a child-free moment though. I hope your girls and you enjoy the summer. CJ xx

  13. End of school year mayhem, I know it well. My girl too is going on to the next phase. We are both nervous and excited, but for now we are concentrating on summer fun. I love all of your projects, so lovely! I am a bit of an herb fanatic myself. I studied herbal medicine for a bit in my younger life, now I just grow for the same reasons you mentioned. I'm in the midst of planning a better herb garden for our new house, but don't imagine it will get started until next year. Oh my, I have gone on a bit. Happy week!

  14. Your wrap is beautiful!! Love the embroidery as well. I hope that the end of term goes well for your daughter and that you all have a great summer holiday. xx

  15. I'm so excited for your girls and their big changes. The wrap is beautiful and your embroidery is so pretty, as always.

  16. You are great at time management, you make so much good stuff. The embroidery is lovely.
    S xx

  17. Your wrap is gorgeous and I have serious yarn envy! The shawl on the book cover looks beautiful too so I'm looking forward to hearing more about the book. I like to grow herbs too and am making lots of use of my mint at the moment. Enjoy your summer with your girls - time really does go with a flash and you're right to prioritise them. x

  18. Gosh Chrissie your post is full to bursting ! It really is such a busy time of year isn't it - literally every half hour is accounted for isn't it ? I'm so glad that you have found time for some calming embroidery though - it is SO beautiful Chrissie, you are so clever. And I'm really looking forward to your book review as and when - such a pretty summer wrap, just that little bit different.
    Onwards and upwards Chrissie - just don't forget to breathe every now and again.
    Kate xx

  19. Hope the transition goes well for both :) THe embroidery is stunning, and I really like the wrap! x

  20. Your creations are beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a shiiny day !

  21. Been there. Done it all. And am so pleased it is all over!!! Took a loooong afternoon nap Saturday because of exhaustion from all the hectic June events... My oh my. Good luck on your sprint... It will soon be over for you too.
    I truly admire your patience with the embroidery needle. Absolutely delicate and beautiful. I would have given up long ago. I stay with my hook and sewing ma chine although the latter needs some dusting as it has been neglected for a good year or so...
    And what's up with the Cardamom Tea? No milk. No no no! Just black with a drip of honey if you like. Wonderful just like that. Great after a day on the slopes skiing but also great on a sunny or rainy summer day. Try it. You will be instantly hooked!
    Stay strong!

  22. the heart is just beautiful, and what a great idea to use all the different threads in the skein. I bought a couple of mixed thread skeins from Oliver Twists, but never thought of doing this!

  23. That heart is lovely, I love the little roses you have added to it and I think it looks beautiful as it is!

    Your crochet project looks beautiful as well, whether it be a wrap or a wall hanging :) I will be very interested in your book review as the book looks intriguing!!xx

  24. We have another week to go but I am feeling it here too! Luckily I made teacher pressies ages ago so at least I can wow Mrs Shannon with some more crochet again - she was thrilled with her apple cosy!!!!! Jo x

  25. I know what you mean its a bit of whirlwind here too. My daughter breaks up Friday after next. Beautiful stitching.
    The crochet is so lovely x

  26. Oh yes, the last couple of weeks of school are mayhem aren't they?! Sounds as if there are changes afoot for your girls, but they seem ready to take them on! Beautiful stitching as always.
    Marianne x

  27. Good luck to your girls as they move through these next few days, lots of memories to be made. Love your new wrap, it is gorgeous. And of course I love your stitching.
    Hugs to you,

  28. Big changes ahead for your girls, Chrissie, I send them love. Your summer wrap is growing quickly and looking beautiful, and your stitchy heart is lovely too. Wishing you all the very best for the upcoming weeks, xoJoy

  29. We're also in that weird end-of-school-year period where life seems madly hectic. Your embroidered heart is so beautifully delicate, I'm not sure my eyesight would be up to the job lol

  30. I think we worry a lot as parents about the changes but actually we tend to evolve with them like our children. Little Bea is moving into her last year at primary school but when the time comes for her to move up I'm sure we will both be ready.....fingers crossed! :) x

  31. The end of the school year certainly is a whirlwind and there are endless things to attend and to is all coming back to me now I have grandchildren! Your heart embroidery is beautiful and I love the ribbon roses. Your crochet wrap is gorgeous too, and will be lovely to wear. I hope you and your family have a wonderful summer, Chrissie!
    Helen xox

  32. Your heart embroidery is lovely, I especially like the little ribbon roses. Love the shawl too. Hope you have time to stop and relax a little every now and then in these busy times!
    Jane x

  33. Embroidery with ribbons, this is what I want to try. So beautiful.
    Feminine work as every time..
    Miss xx

  34. Oh big changes afoot and I suspect this summer hols will be quite die vial as you savour the moments before the big transitions. I love your pretty embroidery and such delicate ribbon work, it truly is stunning!!! As for that shawl oh my well that really is very special indeed, absolutely love it!!!! Hope you somehow find done calm time this weekend. These last few weeks of term sure are busy xoco

  35. Oh the heart is absolutely beautiful! Anna x

  36. I'm really glad to hear that you're excited about your girls going to new schools because no doubt they'll sense that and be excited instead of worried! I remember the summer holidays before going to highschool and I was so worried about making friends. Well, nearly 20 years later I still have those friends!

    On your embroidered heart I have to agree, less is more and it's beautiful as it is :-)

  37. I love the look of that wrap. There is something about summer shawls and wraps that really appeals to me and I've just remembered that I wanted to make a Nordic Shawl, like you did, and there is no way I'll have it done this summer! Maybe I could do it for autumn...? And that yarn looks wonderful. I hope you got through the end of term madness intact - one more day to go here! x