Friday, 8 August 2014

Hidden panda quilt top

Ah, what a summer! I’ve made a conscious decision to play a lot more and enjoy our final weeks of holiday before the girls start at new schools. We are being lazy, we are being playful and energetic; they fill me with happiness, they drive me up the wall; the house is in chaos, but the floor tiles are clean:

I have asked them to tidy toys, I have nagged them to clear a path through just one room in the house, but today they asked if they could mop their bathroom floor. With their feet, like ice skaters. Never refuse an offer of help.

In the midst of all this, I managed to sew together Bunny’s hidden panda quilt top.

These teeny hidden pandas are *too cute*!
You may remember when I first started this quilt in June. I used the super-speedy nine-patch technique I showed here last summer.

Yes, I know, I spy some loose threads, I haven’t got around to that fiddly thread-picking stage. I have ironed it, but it certainly doesn't look like it!

For this quilt I am trying a new technique for backing the quilt top. Instead of making a quilt sandwich, with the top, the wadding and the backing fabric, I’m using a fleecy fabric to act as both wadding and backing. This should be less tricky as I’m quilting it, as I won’t have three layers to keep together, and oh, that fabric is just so snuggly!

Last Monday evening was the local Quilting Club night. I was all ready to sew it all together, perhaps even start the binding, but as I was ironing the top I felt a little something was lacking. I love the fabrics so much, and I am pleased with the orderly fashion in which I lined up the patches (I struggle, how I struggle, to be more random! The busy-ness of certain quilt designs makes me feel somewhat agitated...). But I felt a strong need to embellish. With needle and thread.

I’m going to stitch some sweet embroideries on a few random calico squares for Bunny. Of course I had to start with a bunny, and I’ve been dying to embroider this little beauty ever since I first saw her in The Belle and Boo Book of Craft.

This is perhaps the most darling book I have; I am just besotted with Mandy Sutcliffe’s illustrations, and the projects are whimsical and nostalgic and destined to become heirlooms.

I spent Quilting Club chatting to fellow quilters and stitching the bunny. Very relaxing way to start the week!

I’ve doodled a few more designs which I will share at a later date, and I also wanted to include a few fun flowers:

Carina’s Stitched Blooms is my go-to book for stylish flowers. It is full of motifs perfect for this type of random embroidery – I mean, just look at the cover! I could fill every square just with the cover embroidery!

Heaven forbid I finish a WIP in a reasonable amount of time! I make more work for myself...knowing my schedule in the autumn, I’ll only be able to work on this quilt once a month a Quilt Club. But it will be stitched with love, from start to eventual finish...

Have a great weekend!

Chrissie x


  1. That is just the pérfect idea, to embellish with some cute figures ! I love that little bunny, it's just adorable...
    If I were you, I would embroider something in every "plain" square... ;-))))

  2. ooo I love the look of Carina's book, and thankyou for sharing the 9 square tutorial on your other post :)

  3. My quilts took ages but it was definitely worth it. That panda fabric is just something else, it made me giggle. jo x

  4. It sounds like you are having a lovely holiday, and the girls are brilliant with their new way to clean the floor. Love the Hidden Panda Quilt.

  5. I love those teeny pandas Chrissie, and the backing fabric looks like a great idea for this lovely up-and-coming-quilt; of course your beautiful embroidery on various patches will look wonderful and will surely finish off what is going to be a much loved quilt for many years to come! I am very attracted to 'Stitched Blooms' - even the cover - and adore that little bunny that you are so aptly bringing to life on that square: you really are so clever with needle and thread!
    What a great idea mopping the floor with ones feet - and even better when there are four feet busily at it! Ah busy times, but I know you're enjoying this special break with your girls before the big changes begin to happen.
    Wishing you loads of happy family and craft times, love, Joy xoxo

  6. Those little pandas are beyond cute! The quilt will be a beauty and I love your little bunny. Bee xx

  7. I'm loving your quilt and your little bunny is perfect. Mandy will be so pleased you like her illustrations - Kate bought me the same beautiful book last year. Mandy is a friend of Kate's she is such a lovely and talented young women.

    1. I remember you telling me that, Sue, how lucky you are to know her! One day we'll all sit round a table, crafting and drinking tea and eating cake... ;-) Cx

  8. Love the patch working going on. That book looks
    absolutely yummy!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. It'll be worth it to have those lovely little touches giving a little something extra to the quilt! It's going to be great!
    Maria x

  10. That quilt is wonderful and I adore that cute little bunny. Liking the look of that book too! Suzy x

  11. That ice skating is so cool....don't think my 12 year old boy will go for it, although he has watched frozen with me!!
    gorgeous bunnny...I love belle and boo too!
    bestest d x

  12. IMO you've added your own personal touch and can you imagine in years to come when people admire your quilt (because they will have to admire it as it is unique) that'll be a part of you there. That will be a moment when you are remembered and talked about ....don't you think that is wonderful?

    Love the feet photo!!!
    keep well

    Amanda :-)
    PS:Mediterranean Giveaway now open!

  13. Your quilt top is so beautiful! I love the idea of adding embroidered squares. That's going to make it even more special and lovely for her. I really like the idea of ice-skating/floor-cleaning. That's so funny! I'm glad they can have fun and help you at the same time. :)

  14. The quilt looks lovely, and the little embroidered touches with make it even more beautiful! I hope that you keep enjoying the holidays. xx

  15. I love your quilt top and some little embroidered motifs will make it even more gorgeous. Love the look of both those books, so pretty.
    Marianne x

  16. I love those feet cleaning the bathroom floor. An offer of help, lucky you! The rabbit is lovely, such a great idea, it will lift the quilt to another level. Your quilt club sounds wonderful, I wish there was something similar round here. Have a good Sunday. CJ xx

  17. The hidden panda quilt top is beautiful, I have done that style of throw before using just the fleece back and it works really well.

  18. Gorgeous quilt - the panda fabric is adorable. Your embroidered bunnies are a lovely unique twist.

  19. Oh I love Belle & Boo! Did not know there was a craftbook. And we all know the rule... you can never have too many craftbooks! Must get. And what a lovely quilt! My youngest starts pre-school this autumn and I am thinking this is the time to start thinking (and making?!) a quilt as I will have a few hours to myself. Have a lovely week! Anna x

  20. Love what your girls are doing with the tiles-amazing how making a job a game can work! The quilt is so beautiful, what cute pandas! Bunny will love the special embroidery as well-what a wonderful heirloom this will be, Alison xx

  21. Chrissie you are so clever - I adore your hidden panda quilt, such lovely fabric. And your idea to handstitch a few little extra is such a perfect way to finish it off.
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

  22. Your girls made me girls used to get up to just the same kind of things! Your hidden panda quilt is going to be even more lovely with the embroidered extras, very sweet!
    Happy week, Chrissie.
    Helen xox

  23. Wonderful books..
    I like to discover new books.
    It gives me the taste.

  24. how cute is that little bunny! it's going to be a real heirloom when you've finished

  25. Oh that fabric...the embroidery... your girls.....made me smile Chrissie! Sarah xo

  26. Thank you for the information you have provided, the article you write very well.

  27. I love your hidden panda quilt Chrissie and it's going to be a real treat with your embroidered extras. Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Jane x

  28. It's going to be a darling quilt, and more meaningful because it was a long haul labour of love.

  29. hahaha that's such a good cleaning idea!

    The pandas are so cute!! Where on earth did you find it? I want to make a top or a dress from it :D

    The quilt is looking beautiful, lucky lucky Bunny :-)

    Nicole x

  30. What sweet panda fabric! The quilt is looking very pretty, and I adore the little Boo bunny you're embroidering, such a lovely touch!
    Hope you're having lots of summer fun!
    Gill xx

  31. Sounds like you have had a lovely summer! The hidden panda fabric is lovely, and I am glad you took a photo close for a second there I was like...'what pandas is she talking about?!'. I love the embroidery you have started doing, the bunny is lovely and can't to see what other things you embroider on to it x