Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Long-awaited ta-dahs

One of the reasons I started my blog nearly two years ago is because I wanted some inspiration to finish my works-in-progress. I finally, finally finished one of my favourite WIPs:

Ta-dah, Ta-Dah, TA-DAH!!!! I could hardly believe it when I stitched the last stitch of this Dr. Seuss homage. Sam-I-Am shouldn’t have taken so long, really. It wasn’t the most impossible embroidery, it was just rather slow going at certain stages so I felt the need for a break. Sometimes for months. Ah well, we got there in the end!

Little Flower loves it, so it will go in her room, which we are currently redecorating. She actually was the impetus to finish Sam-I-Am; she loves Green Eggs and Ham so much and can read it by herself now. She saw the embroidery and asked if I could finish it specially for her – how could I say no? My five-year-old bookworm...caught here on my iPhone after her bedtime, she snuck out of bed to read more of the story!

Hey! Get to bed!
My New Year’s Resolution was to not buy any new yarn until I completed the mountain of crochet WIPs I accumulated last year. I need to tame my inner fickle magpie, flitting from one project to another when a pretty new yarn pops up in the shop!

So far so good (nearly, I did buy some Smooth DK on sale for £1 a ball, but that doesn’t count – who could pass up that kind of bargain?). My big finish this week was the gorgeous Textured Throw from Erika Knight’s Crochet Workshop:

A most inviting seat, no?
I started this throw months ago using King Cole Gypsy super-chunky yarn and a 10mm hook. It works up so quickly, but it took me ages because shortly after I started it, I began teaching more and more crochet workshops and leading the crochet clubs linked with each venue’s classes. 

I’ve had so much fun spreading the hooky love, but it has taken a big bite out of my own personal crochet time. I have to make sure I don’t get RSI by crocheting into the night when I’ve been teaching during the day. So projects are slow going, but very satisfying nonetheless.

This is the perfect winter blanket, soooo snuggly warm!
I also managed to finish a new shawl...

How much do I adore this shawl? I fell in love with Louisa Harding’s Amitola yarn, and opted for a colourway out of my comfort zone of pastels and neutrals. The vivid blues and rich browns were too tempting to pass up.

After drooling over images online for weeks, I broke down and ordered Puur Haken by the super-talented Maaike at creJJtionNo, I don’t speak the language, but yes, the photos are inspiration in themselves, and the diagram gave me all I needed to create the zomersjaal myself!

I love the shell pattern so much, I made creJJtion’s fingerless gloves, also using a shell pattern, with Louisa Harding Orielle yarn – a Christmas gift for myself, I couldn’t resist the subtle gold thread running through the yarn, giving it a little sparkle!

Onward and upward. I have a cushion to finish, then a pretty pink scarf, oh and a poncho-sweater-type-thing I forgot I even started about a year ago! Don’t mention the hexie blanket...I think there’s a ball of chunky scarlet yarn partway hooked into a snood...then I’ll attack those spring yarns in their juicy colours...

Happy crafting!
Chrissie x


  1. Beautiful creations !
    Glad you are back !

  2. Lovely to have you back. That blanket looks so inviting, and so snuggly! Although I've 'seen' you on Instagram, it's good to hear from you properly!!!!

  3. Lovely to see you back, lovely makes as always. I particularly like the throw, very snuggly looking indeed. x

  4. Fantastic work. How many more WIP's do you have to get through before you can be let loose buying again.

  5. All fantastic Ta Dah!! moments!! Well done Chrissie for keeping on with them all. It is so nice to hear from you. I am glad that all is going well with your classes - I assume as you are so busy? I look forward to seeing more of your finishes as and when they are ready to share! xx

  6. Oh wow those are many ta-dahs !!! I especially like the embroidery - it is really gorgeous !! Such fine stitches - you must have the patience of an angel....

  7. Lots of pretty stuff going on here!
    Your dr. Seuss embroidery is a work of art really, no wonder your little girl loves it so much!
    Love the picture of her reading on the floor....

  8. So much lovely finished stuff Chrissie ! I love that all your projects are so varied and that you put yourself out of your comfort zone when choosing colours. Your embroidery is so stunningly neat - a real work of art. Lovely to hear from you again, Kate xx

  9. It feels so good to get those WIP;s finished doesn't it? That's my Lenten goal this year: no new project starts during Lent! I wrote out my WIP list and it is astonishingly big so I have lots to keep my busy. Your projects look great!

  10. Blimey you have been busy! Wish I could be that productive. Well done

  11. Congrats to you so many finished!
    The gloves are lovely and so elegant too, and those pretty wonder you have not been posting, you having been attending to your wips!
    bestest Daisy x

  12. Hi Chrissie, your finishes are so inspiring and gorgeous! I now feel like getting out a new project or two myself, even though its midsummer here and I find it a bit too hot for knitting or crocheting :) Love the embroidery too.

  13. What absolutely gorgeous projects you have been finishing Chrissie! Your embroidery is exquisite-I am not surprised your daughter loves it. Beautiful crochet projects, those blues and browns in the shawl! I really want to make a cosy blanket like that...and your fingerless mitts...all fabulous projects definitely worth several tah-dahs!
    Alison xx

  14. You have spoilt us all in one go! Good to see you back though. I love the Ham and eggs and remember it in it's early stages. Jo x

  15. Welcome back, lovely 😊 and oh what a comeback - all these delicious finishes! Love, love, love them all. It's a good feeling isn't it, but the joy brought by yummy new yarn is good too!
    Well done you,
    Hugs xx

  16. Lovely to see you back! And such wonderful finished objects I love them all! The blanket looks so cosy, and I'm loving the colours of that shawl :) x

  17. Hi Chrissie, lovely to see you back in blogland again. Gloves gorgeous, shawl stunning, blanket beautiful and the Dr Seuss embroidery looks fantastic. I loved the Dr Seuss books when I was young but I remember my teacher frowning upon mine when I took it into school - I'm glad that they're a welcome addition to bookshelves now, I think they're great books and my girls loved them. Hope your other WIPs are progressing. Jxx

  18. Loved your post and all of your beautiful projects. Well done. Happy Weekend,

  19. I think I remember the really early stages of this, it's so good to see it finished!

  20. Love all your Beautiful creations.x

  21. Argh don't get me started on too many WIPs, too little time! Love seeing all your finished projects though :(

  22. Anonymous9:04 pm GMT

    My goodness you've been busy! I love the shell pattern ... The gloves are beautiful! I have a small one that likes sneaking out of bed to read too! X

  23. Some many lovely projects here and I agree that shawl is
    way too yummy!!! Love the yarns, very nice.
    Cheers, Anita.

  24. Hi Chrissie. Having not blogged for nearly a year - life kind of got in the way - I freshen up my blog and click on the Mandela link I have to your website and what's the first thing I see - your chunky blanket! It's Weird but one of the reasons I started to blog again was to talk about my latest squidgy chunky blanket - very similar to yours so I consider that a sign. It's good to be back. And your blanket is gorgeous! Jane xx ( xx

  25. So excited you're back xxx

  26. Beautiful makes. My you have been busy!