Friday, 22 May 2015

Blog Hop: Beginner’s Guide to Crochet – My Crochet Fail

I’ve long been a fan of Annaboo’s House, admiring the super-cute amigurumi, hooking up my own makes from Sarah’s wonderful tutorials (especially the korknisse!). And just a few months ago we realised we actually live quite near each other, so we’ve been meeting up to chat and crochet and eat cake – what more could a gal want?

A book full of Sarah’s crochet creations, that’s what! She’s just released her first book, Beginner’s Guideto Crochet, and to celebrate I’m taking part in a fun blog hop all about our early crochet experiences.

My urge to crochet started when my eldest daughter was about two years old. I appreciated the crocheted baby blanket my mother had made when my Bunny was born, I loved the crocheted hangers that accompanied every new outfit that Mom and Grandma gave to her. But I never even entertained the idea of picking up a hook myself.

But motherhood changes you in so many ways, and along with the nesting instinct came a strong desire to make. Nurturing, baking, singing, loving... it all magnified by about a gazillion when I became a mom. So it seemed only natural that I asked my two female role models to teach me how to take a little hook and a string of yarn and create something beautiful.

I made a dishcloth.

Pretty, isn’t it? Well, hmmm. It’s been well used and washed over the years. It was made with great determination, perseverance and patience. And pretty pink variegated Lily Sugar n’ Cream yarn.

But it is wrong. All wrong. My first project was a Crochet Fail.

Can you guess? Have you made the same mistake? Row by row, stitch by stitch I crocheted in the front loops only, so the cloth is all ridges.

And the edges then buckled when I crocheted all round. Sad, worn little cloth.
When my mother pointed this out to me, I was disheartened. The whole thing was wrong, and it took me an age to make. But then the stubborn, feisty side of me piped up – hang on a minute, what’s so bad about this cloth? It is made up of neat little ridged rows, it is absorbent and practical, and it is pink! It is not a Crochet Fail, it is a Crochet Success because I did it!

As I tell my students who attend my beginner’s crochet course: “If it’s consistently wrong, it is right! You’ve created a new stitch!”

Ain’t no one gonna tell me I’m wrong!

The dishcloth was followed by a flurry of other little crochet creations, amigurumi, scarves, blankets, granny squares. You can see many of them in the archives of this blog! I shared my love of crochet with my craft group, taught a few friends as the years rolled by. Then through word of mouth, about two years ago I was asked to trial a beginner’s course. And now I seem to teach crochet here, there and everywhere, building my Crochet Army! What a great way to make new friends – the classes soon led to various Crochet Clubs held each month, where we hook all evening, chatting and inspiring and creating.

Speaking of creating, here’s something I’m working on for Little Flower’s new bedroom, which I will unveil for you all as soon as I can get that last coat of paint on the walls:

Given the grey clouds outside my window at the moment, I like looking at one with silver lining! The pattern is from Sarah’s new book, but I opted for a smaller version of the t-shirt yarn she used for hers:

I chose King Cole Smooth DK yarn in a soft grey, it has a pretty sheen that makes the cloud less dreary and goes well with the silver lining.

The silver lining is simply two strands of Anchor Metallic Thread hooked together around the edge. Easy peasy! I have further plans for this hopeful little cloud, you just wait and see...

The pattern is one of 20 beginner’s projects, available as a printed book as well as an eBook. And lucky Sarah is a craft ambassador at Stitch Craft Create – check out her curated page for lots of crochet goodies!

Now this blog hop must hop along...I would like to nominate one of my favourite crochet designers, the ever-inspiring Sandra of Cherry Heart, to share her beginner’s tale...

Happy crafting!
Chrissie x


  1. I love the cloud. I also like the use of the word "Mahoosive" in a crochet pattern. :-) I think the dishcloth is fab. Have a great weekend Christine! xx

  2. I've love to read about your early crochet experiences! You describe motherhood in such a intense way! Have fun with the crochet clubs!

  3. Hi Chrissie, good to hear from you. Still crocheting lovely things which is good to hear. Jo x

  4. It's lovely to look back on first attempts and take pride in how far you've come. LOVE the cloud cushion and I'm a big fan of Sarah's creations too. The book is just fab - filled with fun projects! Have a happy weekend, lovely xx

  5. Your dishcloth is great, a ribbed stitch is perfect for a dishcloth giving it great texture! i love your cloud. I have just popped over from 'tales from a happy house'. Great to find another blogger who loves trying all sorts of crafts :-)

  6. I love the dish cloth, you would think it can clean better. I have a few like it myself

  7. Loved this post Chrissie xxx

  8. I don't think there is anything wrong with your dishcloth, surely a bit of texture in a dishcloth is a good thing to get into all the nooks and crannies of the washing up!! It sounds as though your crochet journey has come a long way! xx

  9. Lovely post, I'm still a crochet learner but look happily back on my older projects. It's great that you are now in a position to help others in the craft. I adore the cloud cushion, I shall certainly look out for the book x

  10. I thought it was meant to be that way ;-)! So nothing 'wrong' with it ...
    So nice you and Sarah could meet each other!
    Love from Mirjam.

  11. I think the dishcloth was very creative. I made a whole baby blanket out of granny squares that were not stitched right, I am not sure anyone could tell but me!
    So happy to see your post.

  12. It was lovely to read about your creative journey in crochet and how it began, Chrissie! The little dish cloth looks sweet!
    Helen xox

  13. Oh, thank you so much for joining in!!
    I just love your dishcloth- you're right, if it's consistently wrong, it's right!!!!
    Can't wait to catch up again soon. More crochet and cake are much needed...
    Sarah xxxx

  14. Mahoosive, what a great word , yours look perfect. I love your dish cloth. Its always nice to learn others crochet journey