Thursday, 2 May 2013

Craft therapy

I’m having one of those weeks. A good week, actually, fun and sunny and full of activity, but manic. I’ve hardly stopped for breath. You know the feeling – it’s already Thursday, but my brain is still hovering back at Tuesday. I overbooked life this week.

So tonight I’m having a bit of craft therapy. A friend is having a few of us round for a craft evening, and the timing couldn’t be better. Craft evenings allow me to escape real life for a while, much like going to the cinema or out with friends. But at the end of a craft evening, I’ve nurtured my creative side and feel I’ve truly accomplished something!

I started my first craft group a handful of years ago. I was teaching a friend to crochet, and I knew a few others who were skilled at knitting and sewing, and I thought how nice it would be to get these few creative folks together to teach and inspire each other.

It was simple, really. A few emails to organise a date, a few cookies baked and a few introductions, and years later we have become a monthly haven of craftiness! I feel so lucky to have my craft group. We support each other’s endeavours – we share tips on crochet, knitting, sewing, stitching. We brainstorm solutions to tricky patterns; we encourage each other to try something new.

And over the years we’ve become quite close. I look forward to our meeting each month. We listen if one of us needs to unload our troubles, or we change the topic if one of us needs to ignore the troubles of everyday life (it’s easy to ramble on about craft and inspiration with like-minded friends...). And birthdays, ah the birthdays! Scrumptious cake and crafty gifts – the makings of a perfect date with friends!


This is a birthday gift I gave to a new friend who wants to learn to crochet. I made the little container using garden twine and some scrap strips of Tilda fabric. It’s all done in double crochet stitch, and is a good example of what a beginner can accomplish with just a bit of practice (I also love using materials other than yarn to show the versatility of crochet). I put a ball of yarn, a 4mm hook and a pattern for a crochet dishcloth inside, with the promise of crochet lessons.

I met this new friend at Little Flower’s pre-school, and we are now organising another craft group. Four of us are meeting this evening; I will teach some crochet, and I’m bringing my quilt blocks – we have an experienced quilter in this gang, so I will get some proper guidance!  

Nothing like a bit of craft therapy to get me through to the weekend...

Chrissie x


  1. I love the idea of a craft evening! In fact, I was round at a friends this morning and we both did a little crochet. Maybe I need to plan a little crafty evening thing... Love love love the little basket you made for your friend and the yarn is very very pretty.
    M x

    1. Oh do try out a craft night, you'll love it! I think I'll make another little basket and actually write down the pattern - this was an experiment so I didn't actually keep track of what I was doing, just stopped when I felt it was done... Cx

  2. Oh now i've never crocheted with string but that looks so effective - one question though - doesn't it hurt your hands? Jane x

    1. This twine was indeed a bit rougher on the hands than soft baby blanket yarn! I've crocheted with 'regular' string, which is very similar to cotton yarn, and this twine, which is quite stiff. I got used to it pretty quickly, as I liked the effect, but I wouldn't make anything larger than a basket or placemat out of it!
      I'm taking the twine to craft night tonight, I want to post an easy basket pattern for you all! Cx

  3. Sounds like a great get-together. I'm trying to get a crafty group together in our village, and I often sit and crochet and natter with my daughters, so peaceful!
    Angie x

  4. What a very lucky new friend you have!

  5. Hope you enjoy your craft night.

    J xx

  6. I adore that beautiful crocheted basket - especially the way you've used fabric at the top - perfect! Am well on my way to organising my own craft group too thanks to your guidance and inspiration! Have a great (not too busy) weekend my lovely friend xx

  7. Ooooh I LOVE your little basket, so cute and I recognise that beautiful fabric around the top! that is a fabulous gift idea.
    I hope you had a lovely crafty evening ..... there's nothing better :o)
    love jooles xxx

  8. As someone who briefly worked in art therapy in a rehabilitative setting ... oh yes!

    And well done on finishing that quilt x