Friday, 23 August 2013

Liebster Award

A few weeks ago, the lovely Hannapat from Cosmos & Cotton gave me a Liebster Blog Award. I am so touched and happy to be given this accolade, and especially from Hannapat, whose blog I find so fun and inspiring.

I’ve learned that the Liebster Blog Award is given to up-and-coming bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers. Recipients have to list random facts and answer some questions posed by the person who gave the award. I’m a bit reluctant to ramble on about myself, I’m worried I’ll bore you all to bits, but here goes...
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10 random facts about Chrissie:

1. I can whistle like a bird. This is very entertaining when leading children on woodland walks, as I “talk” to the birds, and after some banter they often come flying over to check me out! I think they’re disappointed that I’m the wrong type of “bird”...
2. I have taken voice lessons since I was 14 years old. I am a soprano, and I have sung in choirs all my life, from small chamber choirs to large symphony choruses in big cities, plus various solo stuff.
3. Combine the whistling with the singing, and my children have remarked that they think I’m a Disney princess. Oh, if only...
4. My favourite flavour combination is chocolate and raspberry. Cake, ice cream, truffles, cookies, shortcake...shall I share some recipes?
5. I’ve eaten at the Fat Duck. Yes, it totally lives up to the hype and exceeds it. I am a real foodie, and this was the most memorable, most fun, most amazing meal I have ever eaten in my life, and one of the best birthday gifts ever. Darling Husband and I giggled throughout the meal, it was just so incredible, and luckily everyone else in the little restaurant, including the staff, seemed to be in equally jovial moods!
6. I’ve never had a cup of coffee.
7. I have very small feet and hands. Shoe size 3 (UK)/5 (US). I buy a lot of my shoes in children’s departments. Terrific because it saves money, but annoying when one needs a sexy little pair of heels, as they are nearly impossible to find.
8. My hands and feet are always cold, unless I’m on holiday someplace hot. Cold hands, warm heart.
9. I can turn my tongue upside down.
10. I had big babies – Bunny was 9-1/2 lbs, Little Flower was two weeks early so was a mere 8 lbs 10 oz. I am five feet tall. Yes, I was a sight to behold. As wide as I am tall. Luckily I shrank back to my normal size after both!

Now for the 11 questions posed by Hannapat. I hope you’re still with me!

1. If you won the Lottery, what would the first thing be that you buy?
The first thing that popped into my mind was a set of pink Tulip Etimo crochet hooks. How sad is that? Of course I’d do all sorts of fabulous things, and all the kind charitable things, but I’ve been crocheting lots lately, so that’s what is on my mind.

2. What is your favourite band or singer?
I love classical music and choral music, but no real favourites. I love Bryn Terfel, his voice makes me a bit weak in the knees – and an extra random fact here is that twice I’ve sung in choirs that backed him up in performances!

3. Are you impulse or do you like routine?
I routinely do something impulsive.

4. What is your favourite item of clothing?
I love to wear a dress. Dresses always look elegant and put-together, but are actually so much easier than mixing and matching tops and bottoms. I love the snugly fleece Patagonia zip-up hoodie my DH got me last year because I’m always chilly in the evenings.

5. What is your favourite holiday destination?
Italy. Without a doubt, the best place in the world. Anywhere in Italy.

5. What would you prefer, sitting on top of a mountain or sitting on a beach?
Give me a beautiful mountain anytime!

6. What is your favourite thing that you have ever made?
That’s a tricky one! But the first thing to come to mind is the rainbow cake I made for Bunny’s 8th birthday – I’ve never been happier baking, and her reaction was one of true joy and surprise.

7. Do you have a favourite author?
I enjoy reading big, involved novels – I love David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, the beautiful prose of A.S. Byatt, Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin blew me away...but Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird is probably the most perfect book ever written.

8. What is your earliest childhood memory?
Sitting beside my grandpa on the Haunted House ride at Disney World in Florida, it was so dark and spooky and so much fun; and the view of my mother doing dishes, from where I was hiding underneath the kitchen table. I’m not sure which memory came first.

9. What is your favourite movie of all time?
Such tough questions, Hannapat! I have always loved A Room with a View since I first saw it as a teenager, and I love sweeping period dramas, but I’m also a big fan of quirky indie flicks...I was crazy about proper old-school scary movies when I was younger...and let’s not forget the impact of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings...good grief, I just love a good flick, full stop!

10. Do you have a favourite artist?
Whistler. I adore Whistler. He is someone I actually wish I could have known. He led a fascinating life, he was quite a character and pioneer in art. “Art for art’s sake” was a phrase coined during a libel trial over his Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket, my favourite painting.

11. Who has been your biggest inspiration in your life?
My grandma. My grandma is absolute sunshine, my role model, and the kindest and happiest person I have ever known. She is the quintessential grandma, all apple pies and smiles, creative, crafty, and humble as can be. I am the luckiest person on this planet for having her influence all my life. She’s turning 89 next month, and I’m making her a present which I’ll tell you about later!

Now I’m supposed to present my own list of questions to some bloggers I choose for the Liebster Award.

I would love to learn more about:

Joyjinks Creations: We all know the lovely Joy from the kind comments she leaves on our blogs, and her blog shows that she is a very talented lady, with her crafts and her beautiful photos. She’s a gem!

Betsy Makes:  I’m a relatively new follower of Samantha’s blog, and she is an inspiration. The colours, the projects, the how-to’s...I’m looking forward to getting to know her (and her blog) better!

So please, lovely ladies, tell us a few random facts about yourself (I’ll let you choose the number!), and answer me these questions:

1. When baking or cooking, do you clean the kitchen as you go, or wait til it’s all done then tackle the mess after?
2. If money, time and family schedules were not an issue, what would be your dream job?
3. Name three things that are always in your fridge.
4. Sweet or savoury?
5. What is your favourite book?
6. You have a room all to yourself. How do you decorate it? No one to impress, no one to judge. Your secret hiding place.
7. Do you have a signature dish? Tell us about it!

Thank you for reading, and for your patience I will shortly announce my very first giveaway – it’s a nice one, I can’t wait to tell you about it!

Chrissie x


  1. Lovely post and lovely to find out a little more about you.
    Marianne x

  2. great answers Chrissie! Heather x

  3. I love chocolate and raspberries and I think you deserve bowls of them after having babies like that!! I would like to find out about Joy. I love the quality of her work it always looks so skilled. Jo x

  4. You are so lovely! Loved reading this.

  5. Wow Chrissie, you're such an interesting, as well as talented and gifted, chick! It's lovely getting to know you better! And goodness, what big babies for one so small!
    Thank you so much for the nomination, I feel thrilled and honoured that you have chosen me and I will get down to answering your questions etc. very soon: what a challenge!
    Joy xo

  6. Hey Chrissie .... What a fabulous post, you had me gripped, so many things I didn't know!
    BTW you write brilliantly my sweet friend.
    happy weekend
    love jooles xxx

  7. A very well deserved award! I'd love to be able to sing but sadly was asked to leave the choir as a child (very enthusiastic about singing, not great when you're tone deaf!). In fact if I won a million I might pay for lessons! Lovely to here more about you and your big baby ability! :) x

  8. I love your first question for your fellow bloggers, I always clean as I cook/bake. I always wonder about others too! :) Diana in Sioux Falls, SD

    1. Thanks, Diana! I'm the same as you, I tidy as I go...thank you for your comment! Cx

  9. Hi Chrissie, thanks for the nomination! I will try to come up with some interesting things to list (gah!) Oh to be a Disney princess!! I can neither sing or whistle but at a push I could maybe make a dress from a pair of curtains as Princess Giselle did in Enchanted?? will be in touch...

  10. A very well deserved nomination and how I have enjoyed reading it. I can relate on so many levels and I think there is something lovely about this award as it gives a little insight into the person behind this lovely blog. I honestly think we need a get together, baking, singing and then a little stitching, what do you think? You with your small feet and me with my big feet (size 7.5) and some chocolate and raspberry, even better still somewhere in Italy. Oh me oh my, even though I went there when I was 16, I have fallen in love with it all over again. Now I have a life plan and want to retire there, it is just the best place on earth, I couldn't agree more! Your first question is interesting, do you clean up as you go? I am obsessed with it, it has to be clean around me. Sending you much love dearest xoxo