Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Great Bake-Off Ritual

All was very quiet in Blogland last night, and I’d bet my KitchenAid that all of us in the UK were watching The Great British Bake-Off!

Bunny and I started a Bake-Off Ritual two years ago, when I would let her stay up late to watch the show with me each week (now she stays up til 9 p.m. anyway, my big girl!).

We watched the first episode, drooling at the yummy bakes, so the following week we made sure we had cake to eat while we watched!

Then as the cooler autumn temperatures rolled in, we added hot chocolate to our Bake-Off snack lineup...

To add to the indulgence, the next week, while I was putting Little Flower to bed, Bunny made what she dubbed a “nest” on the sofa, comprised of all the sofa cushions lined up, a fleecy blanket underneath us, and covered up with another snugly blanket.

Last year Daddy realized he was missing out on something quite special, so he happily joined us in the nest, which Bunny expanded with another blanket beneath and a larger quilt on top for all of us.

Darling Husband is not a baker, but we all love the gentle drama of the series – and he loves to listen to Bunny and I discuss the recipes and techniques, and we three chime in on who might win, who will be Star Baker, and who is on their way out!

Now we have our ritual perfected – preparations start at 7 p.m., when I take Little Flower up to get ready for bed (we are all quite excited about adding her to the nest when she’s a bit older, she’s quite the baker!). Bunny makes the nest, then we ready our treats when I come downstairs...but last night, to celebrate the first night of the show, Darling Husband came home from a long day in London with a very special box of very posh chocs!

He’s recently completed a big project at work, and he bought me this present for being so supportive! (Moments like this remind me why I said “I do!”, he’s my dream come true!)

These were, by far, the very best chocolates I have ever eaten – and my dears, I have eaten lots (and lots and lots!) of chocolate, from all over the world! We nibbled away at them while watching the bakers nervously create their cakes...who impressed you the most? Who will win? I have my guess...

I love the Great British Bake-Off, and I love our family ritual even more. Happy memories!

Chrissie x


  1. Sounds like the perfect night in. Did you see my Tea Party Tuesday Rhubarb crumble cake? It has all gone now but it was fab. Jo x

  2. Oh no, I missed it!! Will have to get it on Catch Up! What a lovely ritual - it sounds like lots of fun and very snuggly - just perfect :-)

  3. Wonderful. I love the snuggle nest on the sofa - I make those and I have no excuse of being a child! GBBO was great last night. Finally after all these years of not knowing I now know what the legs on an angel food cake pan are for. Trouble is now, I need a pan and to make the cake... Happy watching and snuggling in your nest.

    1. I often wonder if sales of certain baking equipment go up during the bake-off - will angel food cake tins suddenly be easy to find in Lakeland or Sainsburys? ;-) You can also invert the cake onto the neck of a bottle, which would also prevent it from collapsing onto the counter...and I want the recipe for the grapefruit cake! Cx

    2. I looked on Lakeland and John Lewis websites already, and no Angel Food Cake tins :( so far, but perhaps perhaps perhaps! Never thought of using the neck of a bottle - you are creative!

    3. I just Googled it and - surprise surprise - you can buy the tin on Amazon! Is there anything you can't get on Amazon? A bit this rate, I'm sure I'll be able to buy a car or new home on Amazon some day... Cx

  4. What a night, all day long i was so excited and it didn't disapoint, did it? No siree!
    Bunny is such a little sweetheart x I LOVE your ritual and those chocolates ..... Mmmmmmmmmm
    We had popcorn and cool glass of rosé for me. Nice.
    love jooles xxx

    1. Mmmm, popcorn and a crisp chilled wine might do nicely for next week's episode...Bunny can stick with hot chocolate! Cx

  5. Oh I love the bake off too, I really enjoyed it last night. Loved reading about your little rituals for watching it with your girl, love he little nest, so very very sweet.
    Marianne x

  6. Sounds very comfortable. I love my blanket to snuggle under on the dofa and I've watch the previous series, but my tv gave up last week so GBBO on hold until I buy another one.
    S xx

  7. What a wonderful family ritual Chrissie - just perfect! And isn't your husband a darling!
    Happy loving families are such a blessing and, I believe, the true meaning of the old adage "Charity begins at home" actually means 'love' in the original language. Would that there were many more loving homes like yours in our lovely world with its troubled corners!
    My heart is warmed by your sweet post, thank you!
    Joy xo

  8. I watched it too.....loved the Victoria sponge which looked like a real sandwich.
    mmmhh chocolates what a thoughtful husband, ali

  9. Can I come and watch it at your house please? I watch it on my own as Mr B has not interest in it what so ever, youngest boy is a big fan of Sue Perkins but even that can't tempt him to watch it! Eldest boy probably doesn't even know what it is. What lovely rituals you have - I miss all that now my boys are older. Enjoy the series XX

  10. I missed the great British bake off. I must be the only person who hasn't watched it will have to iplayer it!
    I love that you have a "nest" too I thought it was just me hehe xx

  11. Such a lovely post, Chrissie, and such happy family times in your 'nest' enjoying the Great British Bake Off. The chocolates look like a wonderful treat too, what a kind husband you have :)
    Helen x

  12. I do so love the Great British Bake daughter and I watch it together. I rather like Bunny's little soft nest, how sweet!
    Caroline xx

  13. Ciao!! I can't wait to start catching up on the bake-off. I am such a big fan and it is something we don't miss. Those choccies looked delish, feeling a little jealous! Off to do some more catching up xoxo