Friday, 27 June 2014

Bringing summer indoors

As the skies cloud over and we’re set for rain for the next few days, I thought I’d share my latest summery make:

I made a pair of summer cushions for the living room, using pretty fat quarters from here.

I had an image in my mind of what I wanted, but I couldn’t find a suitable pattern anywhere, so I decided to make one up! I had to be sneaky with the floral print – I have the fortune/misfortune of a husband with an opinion on the decor. Sometimes this is lovely, because it’s nice to bounce around decorating ideas, and we tend to like the same neutral colours and blue/green hues...
Our oh-so-neutral living room
...and he also supports my wackier brainstorms, like the willow branch bedroom mural I painted a few years ago:

...but other times, when I’m feeling particularly girlie and pink, I find the fact that he cares rather annoying, because he doesn’t necessarily want the living room to be decked out in blousy pink florals! (I indulge my feminine side in the kitchen, he knows that’s my turf.)

I envisaged a summer stripe cushion with a ditsy floral print peeking out. Surely it is it fresh and summery and not too girlie?

The back is a simple envelope opening in a neutral linen
The girls gave immediate thumbs up, and, happily, Darling Husband did, too. I think part of him was impressed by the fact that I created these rather than plonking down £50 at a shop for cushions...

And now the smaller sofa is in need of a pair of summer cushions. I still have some fat quarters from my bundle, I have images of appliqué swirling in my brain...

Enjoy the weekend and happy crafting!
Chrissie x


  1. Clever you Chrissie - gorgeous. Not sure my other half would have even noticed !
    Kate x

  2. What lovely, classy decor you have-the summery cushions go perfectly. Such a beautiful room! Alison xx

  3. Cushion is great Chrissie and enhances the chair beautifully without being too fussy. D and I don't always agree on colours and he's definitely not allowed to pick paint colours without me (I think he is possibly a little colour blind).

  4. Beautiful cushions Chrissie - and unique - you are a clever sausage aren't you, and I'm happy that you got the seal of approval on them, it makes all the difference doesn't it.
    I'd love to hear you play that beautiful harp! Have a great weekend, love, Joy xo

  5. You have a lovely living room !
    And the newly made cushions are very pretty !
    Ps, same here concerning the husband ;-)... I also have a hubby with an opinion about the interior of our house. Sometimes nice, because he notices changes, but sometimes quite annoying when I'm in a over-the-top-kitsch-mood ;-))))

  6. Dear, lovely Chrissie,

    I have my youngest and eldest daughters sitting beside me, lunch is over and it has been a delight to catch up with your last two posts. These past weeks have been crazy and Blogger has also been a little weird; I glad I'm not the only one picking up on that.

    Your living room is so lovely and, we clearly, like many others, share a great love for books! Your cushions are perfect; neutral with a sweet feminine touch. Clever you!

    I am glad you are enjoying your Mondays with your little one. Treasured moments indeed.


  7. So very very fresh and only tiny bit girlie!
    Do tell him from me that decor accessories change with the season darling!
    Lucky me as no other opinions necessary here. He makes stuff and I have the ideas....xxxxx

  8. Not sure my comment came through and I don't want to repeat myself but I'm so excited that you have a harp! I love harp music and see loads of harpists while doing weddings at work. Wow, you have a harp!!! Cushions are beautiful of course, but you have a harp!! :o) Sam xx

    1. Ha! Glad you like it, Sam - Bunny has been taking lessons since October, her Grade 1 exam is in two weeks. She plays it beautifully, though I think it's nearly impossible to make harp music sound bad...Cx

  9. You have a beautiful house ! And cushions !
    Have a great weekend !

  10. Lovely cushions - clever sneaky florals in there! Very pretty. Look forward to seeing the next ones!
    Maria x

  11. Cute cushions. I love how summery the green is against the floral ! My husband is the same way...luckily he has a man-cave to retreat to when the color becomes too much! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  12. Your house is gorgeous, and so are those new cushions, how could hubby veto them when they are so wonderful?

  13. Anonymous5:42 pm BST

    Your living area is very grown up and calm; I like your style and the cushion is genius. Happy sewing x

  14. your pillows turned out very sweet and summery! I love the green stripe...

  15. Your cushions are beautiful Chrissie, and just the right amount of summer floral I would say!! Pink and green are a great combination in my view. xx

  16. Clever, inventive and cute. Great cushions too!

  17. Lovely Chrissie, so glad hubby approved after all your hard work! I love your mural. :)
    V x

  18. Those cushions are beautiful Chrissie, they really are. And your living room is so stylish!
    Marianne x

  19. I too have a husband with decorating "opinions" and he reigns me in when it all gets a bit too floral. I have to say I love your living room, it looks so restful and calming. And your cushions are gorgeous, the softer colours and small print work really well. xx

  20. Gorgeous cushions ..... they look top end designer! great style idea
    Happy weekend
    love Jooles x x x

  21. It's beautiful, well done! Glad you managed to get it past hubs too! ;)

    S x

  22. Anonymous12:27 pm BST

    A lovely make, girly but not too girly!

  23. Fabulous cushion, I'm hoping to get some done too this week. You can never have too many, even if other people think this is not he case! ;) x

  24. Fab cushions Chrissie and I got excited when I saw your books... we have loads! Enjoy planning your next cushions with those gorgeous fabrics :-)
    Tracey xxx

  25. They are a great design, I great way to peep out some florals. Jo x

  26. Love your cushion. Also think your living room is fab too! I bet its very cosy when the burner is on in winter!

  27. You did a grand job - on both the cushion covers and the mural... very pretty :-) X

  28. Oh it looks gorgeous and thank you so much for sharing Pretty Fabrics and Trims, you are lovely!! S xo