Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Precious Mondays

When the rest of the world is groaning at the start of a new week, I’m savouring every moment of Monday.

For the past few weeks, and for not much longer, Monday is a day of peace and quiet.

Bunny and Darling Husband are out the door early to school and work, but Little Flower and I take our time getting started with the day. Lately we’ve found that Monday is our quiet time together, just the two of us.

We relax on the sofa, she watches Curious George, I sit beside her with a second cup of tea and fold laundry. Nothing exciting, but calm and content. After a busy weekend with family and friends, activities and excitement, we relish the slower pace of Monday morning.

Sometimes we’ll venture into town for a decadent breakfast featuring her favourite bacon sarnies (I craved meat when pregnant with her, and now she is the most carnivorous little girl!), other Mondays we’ll run errands and swing by the local playground. Once in a while we’ll tidy the house together – she loves toodling around with a squirty bottle of water and a cloth, polishing everything in her path. (I remember Bunny doing much the same, I don’t think she even knows the meaning of the word “clean” now...)

A new shawl in the works, and a tall glass of iced jasmine tea
Yesterday we played outside in the afternoon, then she lost herself in an imaginary world in her sandpit while I did some crochet.

Too soon Little Flower will be at primary school, Bunny will start secondary school, and the house will be buzzing on Sunday evenings and no doubt hectic on Monday mornings. Schedules to follow, plans to keep. I hold my Little Flower close on these last few aimless Mondays. I appreciate them as much as any big school awards day or music concert.

Chrissie x

P.S. I’m having real trouble with Blogger at the moment – only one blog at a time is posting on my reading list, which means I’m unable to see what’s new with all the blogs I follow. Apparently, this is a bug that is occurring all over with Blogger right now, and they are working to fix it. I certainly hope the problem is resolved soon!


  1. What a lovely description of your time together, it sounds as though it is going to be all change at your house in a short while, so it is lovely that you can savour the time that you have with things as they are now. There will be new lovely times though I'm sure!

    You are not the only one with the blogger issue, so don't worry! xx

  2. Hi Chrissie what a lovely Monday you describe with your little girl. I remember this time when I would do similar simple activities-my little girl would enjoy 'helping', she would grab the polish spraying loads everywhere 'More wolish! More wolish!' she would shriek. She also adored just fiddling in her sand pit. You are right to savour these wonderful simple Mondays, all too soon the rush and demands of school are here-wish they could stay at home longer!
    I'm also having the same problem with the feed so glad you have mentioned it as I thought it was my computer!
    Hope you can enjoy many more lovely Mondays , Alison xx

  3. Yes I'm having problems with my reader too, so I'm only getting whoever is top of the list, no doubt I'm missing people!
    Oh I love Mondays too because it is just me and you know what you will miss her when she goes to school but you will get to enjoy your 'me' time too! However in the meantime enjoy your little flower! :)
    Your shawl looks wonderful!
    V x

  4. wise words Chrissie, savour every precious moment.
    I love mondays because it is my personal catch up day, no work, few chores and mine all mine!
    love to you and yours as ever
    D xx

  5. You need to treasure all those precious mondays with your little girl. They go to school and grow up so fast that you will long for those days before too long. My eldest granddaughter has her leavers production tomorrow night and then from september will be in secondary school.It doesnt seem possible to me.

  6. You are so right to cherish those wonderful times, time flies so fast, I blinked and now I have two grown ups!
    Blogger has been VERY sloooow too, hopefully they will chase the bugs off soon.
    Lots of love jooles x x x

  7. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and for the info on Blogger. I have been away and came home to see the same thing happening on my reading list. I have to access other blogs from the sidebar on my blog, but I have not listed all of the blogs I read here. Hope it all gets fixed soon.

  8. Oh, such precious times xxx

  9. Sounds like time to treasure, My blogger is playing up in the same way hope they fix it soon
    Clare x

  10. Lovely precious times indeed and such a lovely post actually. You are right to savour this time Chrissie. We are in the last week of school here and I just can't wait until the summer holidays...seven whole weeks of no school which means much more time to spend with my best girl. I'm with you on the blogger issues too, it's a right pain at the moment.
    Marianne x

  11. We have exactly the same routine on Mondays and Megan asks every Sunday night "is it Mummy Monday tomorrow?" She is ready for school, I am ready for her to go to school so although these days are precious we are both ready for the next bit. Jo x

  12. I used to love little routines with my girls like your Monday morning with Little Flower and, although it is coming to a close and both your girls are about to experience new and exciting times, the memories never fade and you will look back on them with much fondness. Your new shawl looks amazing Chrissie, can't wait to see it finished. I'm having the same blogger probs as you, so I've just been working my way down my favourite blogs list to check for new posts. Have a lovely week.
    Jane x

  13. I just finished my last year with my younger one at home with me most of the time. Now they'll be in school together. I will miss it. Funny you mentioned liking meat in your pregnancy and now they like meat; I had the same experience! I craved only two things in my pregnancies, the same in both: meat and fruit, especially citrus. People thought it was ridiculous that I craved only healthy things but it was the truth. And now, they both love fruit and meat!

  14. How wonderful to have that precious time together and really enjoy each other, don't these little ones grow up too quickly Chrissie - I'm now going through the process of watching my grandsons grow and reach out - it's like pushing the replay button. It's wonderful to watch their progress but a bit sad too!
    I'm loving that beautiful shawl you're busy with - you really do have a 'thing' for shawls and you do such a wonderful job with each of them. I'm also loving your beautiful rose - a delightful colour. Have a happy week and try to not be tooooooo busy, love, Joy xo
    PS I'm glad you mentioned about the Blogger problem Chrissie, I was hit with it straight after posting, a couple of days ago, so, like Meredith, I'm resorting to checking my sidebar list for new posts but mine is not up to date either so .. .. we can only do the best we can. It seem some people have had the problem for three weeks!!!

  15. Calm and content is the best :-)!!!!
    You are so right to treasure those days ....
    Love from Mirjam.

  16. Cherish those precious moments...
    Such pretty photos !!
    Ps - I had the same blogger problem, as well as many others... It seems that from this morning, it has been solved... Fingers crossed it stays solved...

  17. Such a lovely time to treasure and enjoy together :-)
    Same problem with blogger here too so I'm using my Favourites on the sidebar as my reading list - hope it gets fixed soon. Happy middle of the week! Xx

  18. This a bit teary - such a precious time and gone all too soon. You are so right to treasure every moment xx

  19. I love my Mondays too ... my little fairy will be starting school in September too and I am relishing the time spent with her now ... so special ... I had the same blogger problem but it has been working since this morning ... fingers crossed it stays that way ... Bee xx

  20. What a lovely post....po├ętique...
    I had the same problem with blogger but today it's solved...
    Have a beautiful Wednesday !

  21. Sounds lovely. I'm quite envious. Wishing you a happy week. Blogger is now showing my reading list again - phew! x

  22. Such a lovely and touching post Chrissie. I know exactly how you feel, with the exception of me being the one going out to work and leaving daddy at home to enjoy these precious moments. Cherish them as you do, as they are our memories to treasure in years to come.

  23. Such a lovely and touching post Chrissie. I know exactly how you feel, with the exception of me being the one going out to work and leaving daddy at home to enjoy these precious moments. Cherish them as you do, as they are our memories to treasure in years to come.

  24. Make the most of the last precious few months before she starts school. Time really does fly by too quickly. xx

  25. I read my blogs through the bloglovin reader, it always seems to behave itself! The shawl is looking interesting, this pattern is new to me! look forward to seeing more, Heather X

  26. Anonymous8:17 am BST

    You're so right to savour these special times with your daughter. I remember someone once saying to me that when your children start school time flies by, and now all mine have finished school I do indeed wonder where all those years went!


  27. Those days are very precious indeed.....love a bit of slow pace! I've not been able to comment on blogs recently it's just taken forever to get on, ok again, fingers crossed! :) x

  28. Your Monday mornings sound perfect Chrissie - hang on to them for as long as you can !
    Kate x

  29. Sounds heavenly and I'll be joining your precious Mondays next week as I'm on leave for 2 weeks - hurrah! x

  30. I find Mondays a hectic day, it usually involves the supermarket and lots of housework, putting the house back in order after the weekend. But I also relish that moment of quiet in an empty house, that chance to get my head together. Your Mondays sound just lovely, all that quality time with your youngest. x