Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Grandma’s Fudge Recipe

You asked for it, Grandma happily read the recipe over the phone, then I made a batch to do the UK conversion. Here it is, FUDGE!

In a medium saucepan, combine:

460g caster sugar
Pinch of salt
80g unsalted butter
340ml evaporated milk

Bring to a boil, then leave at a steady, low boil for six minutes, stirring frequently with a wooden spoon to prevent sticking.

Remove from heat and add:

 325g semi-sweet chocolate
325g milk chocolate
110g Marshmallow Fluff 
(I can find this American ingredient quite easily here now)

Beat hard with a wooden spoon to mix as it cools – it will thicken and the shine will fade.

Add optional ingredients, such as a handful of mini marshmallows, nuts, dried fruits, etc. (be careful that the mixture has cooled sufficiently or it will melt the marshmallows!) then spread into a buttered 20x30cm dish (or thereabouts, you can use a smaller dish for thicker fudge).

Leave to cool and firm up – this actually tastes better the next day. If you can wait that long. I felt it necessary to sample the fudge throughout the evening...

Strawberries cancel out the chocolate calories, of course.

For US peeps, here’s the measurements in your language:
4 ½ c. granulated sugar
Pinch of salt
1/3 c. unsalted butter
12 oz. evaporated milk
7-8 oz. jar Marshmallow Fluff

Grandma says it freezes well, but honestly, it will never make it that far!

Monday evening I went to the first meeting of a new quilting club in my village. A lovely small group gathered to share ideas, show fabrics and inspire. I brought the makings of a simple patchwork quilt for Bunny - a big pile of squares, including what was left of some panda fabric I bought last year. I laid them all out and sewed the first three rows:

I originally used the fabric to make her a panda lampshade, then bought the rest of the panda fabric, as it was imported from Japan and they only had a wee bit left! So I’m stretching it out to make a single-bed quilt. I may only be able to work on it on the first Monday of each month at the quilting club, but at least I’ll finish it eventually and have help from experienced quilters...

I leave you with more gratuitous bird photos:

Tricky to see, but perched atop the feeder is a baby blue tit being fed breakfast. 

I believe this is a fledgling robin, he’s been hanging around all morning nibbling at the seed. Such a cutie!

Now go make some fudge and let me know if you try any adaptations or special additions! Bon appetit!

Chrissie x


  1. I would love to be making fudge, but am stuck in the office. (Clearly not working as hard as I should)! On the plus side, I too have seen fledgling blue tits this morning, and a woodpecker. x

  2. I'm drooling! Can't wait to try this...

  3. Oh my Chrissie....thanks for sharing the recipe! :)
    Baby robins are soooooo cute!
    V x

  4. That looks the best recipe EVER ! So going to give that one a try. I love that you trying out patchwork, I haven't got round to this yet so I'm watching how you get on with great interest.
    Happy Wednesday afternoon,
    Kate xx

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ....... Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    Thank you Chrissie and Chrissie's Grandma, I shall definitely be giving this a go.
    See you tomorrow!
    love Jooles x x x

  6. Oh goodness Chrissie that will be the diet out of the window again. This looks yummy no wonder your girls greeted granma with a spoon at the ready. I did patchwork many moons ago as a teenager but not since but it is something I would like to have another go at if and when I get the time.

  7. This looks great. I make mine in the microwave in 12mins with a recipe a friend gave me but it sometimes comes out more Scottish tablet than fudge but as I like both it's not a loss!

    I'll bear your recipe in mind the next time as I've never added the fluff and can see this would make it nice and fudgy. Laughing at the freezing advice too as it will never make it that far here either!

  8. It looks delicious but that Dairy Milk wouldn't make it to my saucepan, then I'd have to go and buy some more, it's a slippery slope! xx

  9. That sounds so easy to do and looks fab!

  10. That fudge looks really yummy. I dare not make it as I would eat it in one sitting, I know my limitations ;0)

  11. Yum, yum, yum. Thank you for sharing Grandma's recipe! It sounds wonderful.

  12. Yay !!!! The fudge recipe !!! Ok, bye bye diet ;-)
    The only thing I'm not sure if I'll find it in Belgium, is that marshmallow fluff (never seen it in stores around here...). Is it absolutely necessary for the recipe ? Or do you know of a more european alternative which I can use ?

    1. Ah, Ingrid, there is nothing like Fluff, goodness knows how it's made, but it does make for a super creamy fudge! Email me your address and I'll post some to you! Cxxx

  13. The fudge sounds delicious, and a nice idea that you could freeze it - as if that would ever happen in this house!!! It is funny, well not funny, but you know what I mean, but I have never used Fluff, the Smuckers with the stripes of PB and J yes, Stove Top (oh how I miss you!) yes, Reeses PB cups (thank goodness you can get them here now!) yes, but never Fluff, I might have to have a go and make some of this just to use some Fluff!! Love the bird pictures! xx

  14. I am staying right off the fudge at the moment. A week on a boat mooring up for pub meals is catching up with me! But I can imagine the taste. How did I miss that fab flower arrangement/visiting/London post? Anyway, I was a flower arranger in a previous life so always admire the craft. Great ot pop in as ever. Jo x

  15. A million thank you's! I'll definitely be giving this a go. Lovely patchwork, and such a delightful way to spend the evening locally. I had a lovely fat fledgling robin in my garden just this evening - I had no idea what it was so thanks sharing the info'.
    Amanda x

  16. Wow Chrissie, I will have to have a go at your fudge recipe. Totally compulsory! I love your little patchwork - looks really cute :o) Sam xx

  17. Looks lovely. I've never seen that Fluff stuff, I'll have to look out for it

  18. The fudge sounds yumptious Chrissie, thank you and thanks to your Grandma for sharing the recipe. The quilting club sounds great, especially if you're new to patchwork; I always seem to grasp things better if I've watched a demo. This time of year is lovely with all the sweet little fledglings, but I do worry about the cat! Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jane x

  19. Ymmy post !!! With beautiful pictures !
    Have a nice day !

  20. What a delicious recipe..never heard of fluff, but off to find some now. The patchwork is going to be lovely and will be all the more special because of the time it's going to take to make! Have a great week, Sarah xo (Sorry I've not been around, it's been a little manic!!)

  21. Oh so yummy.....I love fudge! Thank you for sharing your grandma's special recipe with us, Chrissie. I know my family will all be delighted if I make this for them.
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  22. Fudge and a quilting group all in the same post, wow!

  23. Mmm, that fudge sounds delicious, especially the addition of dark chocolate. And lucky you having a local quilting group.

  24. Yummy recipe! Your quilt is looking so cute, I'm working on my first ever quilt at the moment and it's so much fun :) xx

  25. Mmmmm, the fudge looks delicious,thank you for sharing the recipe. How lovely to have craft groups local to you, your quilt is going to be gorgeous. I'm doing my very first quilt at the moment, just baby size, though. Have a great weekend. Deb x

  26. The fudge sounds amazing. The quilt top is looking delightful, looking forward to seeing the end result. Have a great weekend.

  27. The fudge looks yummy and I love the way you have presented it on the pretty bone china.
    Love the bird feeder pictures and your quilt is going to be so pretty. I think the simple designs are the nicest.
    Margaret x

  28. The fudge looks and sounds completely delicious! I have never heard of marshmallow fluff but I will definitely be on the lookout for it now! Your patchwork project looks very pretty indeed.
    Marianne x

  29. A big hurray for Grandma, bless her heart! I daren't make the fudge though and I'm using the excuse that I wouldn't be able to find the Fluff, but really, I only need to think of sweet things and on goes the weight: you have to agree that that is sad Chrissie, surely?
    I know this little quilt is going to be beautiful, it already is, so enjoy the process however long it takes. Are you hand stitching it all?
    Lovely to see the sweet little birds again too, thank you so much! Have a lovely weekend, love, Joy xo

  30. Hi, thank you for the recipe. I've just discovered the marshmallow fluff at my local Booths shop. It's like the stuff in Tunnocks Teacakes. I needed an excuse to buy it, and here it is.

    S xx

  31. Oh my but this looks good! Definitely making this as soon as I find more fluff - I've had some once and can't remember where I bought it. Love your new little quilt. We've started doing more sewing nights in my group so I need to find a project I can do by hand as everything I'm making at the moment is on the machine. x

  32. Oh my word, thank you for the fudge recipe, it looks amazing, I love marshmallow Fluff. When I was little we used to make "fluffernutter" sandwiches where you spread one half of bread with Fluff, and the other with peanut butter. A-mazing. x