Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Sunday stroll, or a magical adventure...

It starts as a simple family stroll along a country lane...

Around the corner...

Entranced with the beautiful view of the Downs, the magic begins...

Walking down a hill, thick hedges on either side, we start chattering away with the birds, even though they stay well camouflaged amongst the branches.

Greetings, little ponies, wearing your thick winter coats! They nod politely then go back to their nibbling...

We take the adventure off road, along a narrow dirt path. Mud! Puddles! The joyous stuff of childhood!

How we stomp and squish and splash and giggle...

Good afternoon, ladies. Little Flower speaks fluent Sheep, distinguishing the emotional meaning between “baaaaa” and “maa”.

And now into the woods...

Do we take the high road? Heavens no, we waltz straight into the river, wading and make-believing, picnicking on the other side, spying Peter Rabbit himself hopping up the hill.

A magic log, certainly the staging area for fairy celebrations. Bunny pauses here for a long while, asking for a bit of time to notice her surroundings. Quiet time communing with nature.

A mushrooms staircase for the fairies.

“Mrs Tittlemouse! Are you home?” calls Little Flower, certain that this is her front porch:

Likewise, Mrs Tiggywinkle’s home is discovered sitting above the stream, convenient for her laundry business. “Mrs Tiggywinkle! Mummy, can you see her front door, under the root up there?”

Then we venture into territory so magical that I cannot capture it on camera (or perhaps I just tuck it away so we can all play more!).

Time to head home. Good day to you, gentlemen.

I hope many of you were able to get out and enjoy the weekend, whether it was a short walk or a magical adventure!

Chrissie x


  1. What a magical post. I especially like the strawberry hat! My little girl had one I made for her just like that. Happy memories. Thank you for sharing x

  2. Dear Chrissie
    Lovely photos of a truly magical walk! I remember looking for Mrs Tiggywinkle's house when I was little too!
    Best wishes

  3. Aw what a lovely time you all must have had. It's lovely to get out on a family walk, it's one of my favorite things to do with my family.
    Not just me who talks to sheep then! hehe x

  4. What a lovely, imaginative post. I am sure your girls love your creativity. It does look like a magical walk. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautiful. How I long for spring!

  6. Gosh I love that walk, and yours was very magical indeed!
    I did a photo shoot with sweet B on that very bridge when she had to model an outfit that she made for her textiles A-level, that was fun too!
    See you tomorrow x
    love Jooles x x x

  7. A very beautiful post today, Chrissie.

  8. Such a lovely post Chrissie I really enjoyed that, it's nice to get out and about on a walk posts when you're stuck in the house
    Clare xx

  9. No matter what the weather or time of year, walking in the woods is always relaxing and fun to do.
    Sally xxx

  10. A very lovely picturesque walk. Its lovely to wrap up and just go for walks like these on sunny days.

  11. Oh what a magical adventure, and I think its awesome you are quite happy to go through the joyous places of childhood and enjoy every moment!! Little Flower is so lucky!x

  12. Wheat a beautiful walk, and what an amazing imagination little flower has !! she is obviously a Beatrix Potter fan!! xx

  13. A truly wonderful post Chrissie, thanks so much - looks like Spring may be on the way, hope so. Thank you for sharing your glorious images, just perfect.
    Big hugs to you

  14. Oh this is absolutely tops Chrissie - I did so enjoy your little adventure - magic indeed! I hope your week is working out to be every bit as wonderful as your weekend, and not TOO busy! Warmest of hugs, Joy xoxo

  15. I love seeing photos of people's walks, we really do have the most beautiful countryside don't we? and little flower has such a wonderful imagination! Julie x

  16. Oh dear!! What a lovely magic walk!! I love your post :)
    Have a nice week!!

    Lluisa x

  17. It certainly was a great Sunday and Monday wasn't it so bright and sunny and mild. Nice pics Chrissie. Love Jo x

  18. A lovely post, and a very magical walk!
    Marianne x

  19. What a wonderful Sunday you had, love the photos and narration. I will be sharing this with my three year old niece, she will love it. Deb x

  20. Looks magical! Waaaaay to hot here to do anything adventurous....:-)

  21. Anonymous12:49 pm GMT

    That sounds as if it was a wonderful, memory making walk. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  22. Beautiful countryside....

  23. What a lovely post, and gorgeous pictures I feel like I came along with you! (That saves me actually having to leave the house myself - right?)

    S x

  24. Looked a lovely magical adventure enjoyed by all! Beautiful countryside and you were very lucky to see some sunshine, it makes it so much more enjoyable!

  25. Absolutely enchanting. What a wonderful outing, and beautiful photos.

  26. Beautiful countryside, beautiful weather and so magical ... Bee xx

  27. My daughter would have loved that story when she was little. In fact I'm going to tell her about the 'fairy staircase' next time we see fungus growing up a log. x