Thursday 28 November 2013

Crochet-A-Long: A Little Christmas Tree Pattern

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to this week’s CAL post! I am so thankful for the blogger community, always so inspirational and supportive...and this week I’ve created a little Christmas tree pattern to share with you:

This year I’m attaching crocheted ornaments to my Christmas gifts. I have yarn for snowflakes, holly leaves, mistletoe...but I couldn’t find a small tree pattern that I liked. So I came up with this very quick, and very easy, pattern.

The tree on the right was my first attempt, but it is a bit too teeny...
I love the simplicity of adorning the trees with just one tiny jingle bell or a few snowflake buttons, but they could be decorated in so many ways...why don’t you make one and share your ideas?

I used scraps of DK yarn and a 3.75mm hook for a close weave, but vary this with what you have in your stash. The triangle is a simple “double crochet two together” at the start of each row. It whips up in minutes!

With the green yarn (or use white, red, any colour, really):

Ch 16
Dc in second chain from hook, 1 dc in each st across (15 sts)
Ch 1, turn, dc2tog, 1 dc in each st across (14 sts)
Ch 1, turn, dc2tog, 1 dc in each st across (13 sts)

Continue in this way until you have only two stitches left, dc2tog, fasten off.

You now will have a sweet little triangle. 

This one was made with scraps of cotton washcloth yarn
For the trunk, with the brown yarn:

Ch 9
Dc in second chain from hook, 1 dc in each st across (8 sts)
Ch 1, turn, dc in each st across (8 sts)

Continue for three or four rows, until the trunk is the size you like. Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Now simply centre the trunk with the triangle base, and using the long tail of brown yarn, sew the trunk to the back of the first dc row of the triangle, making sure the yarn doesn’t show through at the front. Weave in all the ends when finished.

And that is it! I envisage a garland of trees, trees fastened onto teachers’ gifts, napkin rings, personalized by children...

What’s on your hook this week? Please link up below!
Chrissie x


  1. Ohhh, I love this tree - it will be a great addition to the jam I'm delivering as Christmas gifts. You're a star x x

  2. Ha Ha great minds think alike!! Someone is going to be very happy receiving this - it's lovely - the snowflake buttons are sweet. X

  3. That is a really cute little pattern, I keep wanting to make jam for christmas gifts...but it never seems to happen!

  4. These are so pretty Chrissie, you are such a great crafter - I'm thankful to have found you!! xx

  5. Chrissie!! I absolutely adore these little trees! Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely pattern, I am definitely making some of these tonight...
    Marianne x

  6. I love these trees! I am a novice crochet-er so will be giving these a go for sure!
    Thank you for posting the design.
    BH x

  7. wonderful pattern I adore your buttons it really makes the tree come alive. I think I am going to make few I am planning on giving edible gifts to my friends and your presentation is stunning, and very cost effective .Thank you for sharing

  8. Hi Chrissie
    So adorable, sometimes less is definitely more.
    Kate x

  9. Oh a pattern yay will be trying this thank you for sharing! xx

  10. great idea to attach these to pressies....thanks for sharing your pattern

  11. This is so lovely you clever gal!! Love it and thank you for sharing this with us too. I think adding something crocheted to the presents is such a lovely idea. Xoxo

  12. Hello Chrissie, I am your newest follower. Just letting you know I have done my own little Christmas tree using your pattern (well apart from the trunk which I knitted because I found that a bit easier!), I think its really cute, thank you.

  13. lovely, could be a garland too! very sweet, Heather X

  14. That's a lovely little tree Chrissie and so good of you to take time to share the pattern with us, thank you! Joy xo

  15. Oh, these are just precious. I wish I had the time to crochet up a few for gifts - you really are so good at these sort of little details and touches. x

  16. Chrissie this is just wonderful, thank you so much. You are really clever and so generous for sharing, shall be having a go at these trees as I love them. Big hugs

  17. How sweet your Christmas tree is and what a great idea to crochet some gift tags.
    Sally xxx

  18. Oh so cute! Am adding these little trees to my ever-growing "to make" list - they do make such sweet gift tags.
    Happy weekend,

  19. Thanks for sharing your pattern, it is very neat. They would look great on cards too. Jo x

  20. They are lovely, thanks for sharing the pattern. Mmmm, the chutney looks delicious. Have a good weekend. Deb x

  21. What a really lovely idea, I love it attached to the jar of chutney with the pretty fabric top....beautiful ! :)
    V x

  22. I love this Christmas tree. I've printed off the instruction to do later.
    Thanks for the tutorial


  23. You are so clever Chrissie, love the tree - WHEN I learn to crochet this will be one of the first things I make. There's nothing like being optimistic, is there?! x

  24. What gorgeous little trees and such a lovely idea, thank you for sharing your pattern :)
    Caroline xx

  25. Anonymous8:37 am GMT

    Oh so gorgeous. I love your pattern and already have jingle bells ... Now all I need is some time! Thanks Chrissie for the motivation!

  26. I love these! Especially the ones with the snowflakes...too cute!

  27. How lovely to get a little extra present.

  28. The tree is adorable! I wish I could crochet but always struggled with tension. I will have to try again the future! What a sweet idea to create crocheted tags for gifts.

  29. I agree! Life is most certainly one huge, intricate, glorious WIP! That first picture of the jar with the tree? It's simply adorable!

    Warmest wishes,

    St├ęphanie, your most recent follower.

  30. Love, love, love those trees. So sweet, thank you for sharing the pattern :) xx

  31. So cute! What a lovely idea - all of your gifts are going to be extra lovely :-)
    So wish I could crochet!
    Sarah x

  32. that's so sweet! Thanks for sharing

  33. This is perfect, thank you so much Chrissie.