Sunday 3 November 2013

Stitching Sunday: Cross stitch love

This week I finished my very first cross stitch project

Golly, how much did I love the thread organiser? Where have you been all my life, you lovely hole-punched card?

You may remember that I bought this lovely little kit at The Knitting & Stitching Show, and I started working on it with the help of my lovely friend. I’m happy to report that I really enjoyed cross stitching, the repetitive nature of the stitches was rather relaxing. And figuring out what colours to stitch where wasn’t as tricky as I thought.

Here is a close-up of my work – I’m going to need some advice for certain tricky areas. Some crosses – like the sandy one on the far right – weren’t centered, like something made the thread bend up a bit. What’s up with that?

And different shades of floss behaved differently. The deep red colour seemed quite thin – I’d like my ‘x’ to fill the fabric more, I really don’t care for lots of space around the stitch – while the palest pink seemed so fluffy that the stitches tended to look a bit crowded and messy to me. But I always used two strands of floss, so not sure how to deal with this...

I also found it challenging to make a neat 'x' when all four corners were already occupied with other stitches. I think I need a coaching session...

But hey, onward and upward, as I really would like to do more cross stitch. Now that I finished my little test kit, I can justify buying this lovely book:

*sigh* It's just so pretty...I’ll tell you more about it once I try a pattern or two!

I know there are a gazillion ways to display cross stitch...trinket boxes and cushions and bags, oh my! But I was keen to get my first piece on my new little Wall of Stitching. Alas, the fabric was too narrow on the vertical sides to fit in the smallest hoop I had (I think it’s a 3-inch hoop), and just like last Sunday’s post, I had to figure out how to fit my work into the hoop.

This time I decided to fray the edges a bit and tack it onto some pretty French linen from a fat quarter purchased a while back. I repeated the simple linen ribbon bow to hide the screw.

Hmmm. Very granny-ish. But granny chic or granny ick? 

I hung it on the other end of the wall, given that both stitched pieces feature squares of fabric stitched onto a base fabric.

This might be just slightly on the wrong side of twee for my taste. I’m going to consider carefully what else goes on the wall. I think one of Delilah’s black silhouettes would balance it well. I also am mulling over something decidedly silly...

Please share your needle ‘n thread love below!

Chrissie x


  1. This might sound weird but my man chum used to be a secret cross stitcher, I may try hooping them up as yours look well chic. Eco Ethel xx

    1. Hi Ethel, not weird at all, very cool! I'm certainly a fan of Mr X Stitch, who proves it's not just for gals...I'd love to see what you have! Thank you for your comment! Cx

  2. Thank you, my friend, that means *a lot* coming from you!!! Cxxx

  3. A very lovely end result. Looks very sweet hung too!! Xoxo

  4. The cross stitch is truly lovely Chrissie, and it looks great the way you have framed it. I do think that you need something else to add to the display - funny how the eye likes odd numbers! - but I am sure that you will find something beautiful in due course. Look forward to reading about your book, it looks lovely! xx

  5. Oh you finished your Roses they look really good, I've not got much futher with mine. I like the little hoop hanging zone in your hall, maybe you need a third one of fifth as I think things looks better in ood numbers.
    Clare xx

  6. Nothing on my hoop at the moment but lots of other stuff going on. I think the colours are great in the flower cross stitch. Just go with the flow and keep adding hoops as you make them and then decide which ones to keep or move.

  7. Chrissie your work looks perfect to me - I have tried cross stitching several times but always given up as I can't seem to figure it out. You did a splendid job of it and I love the way you have displayed it Chrissie, looks really lovely. Have a wonderful Sunday, big hugs to you

  8. I am impressed that you can cross stitch at all, I think it looks lovely.

  9. That is a very lovely cross stitch piece Chrissie, you've done a great job of it and it looks so nice hanging there with your beautiful flowers - you're quickly filling up that space! I might add that I too have experienced a problem with the various thicknesses of the flosses - as in yarns with the different colours - a nuisance to say the least! Your book looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to hearing more on that. Have a wonderful week! Warm hugs, Joy xo

  10. Beautiful! I love to cross-stitch and I'm thinking about starting something new soon. You did a great job. That book looks wonderful, I can't wait to see what else you make! :)

  11. Hi Chrissie! Your cross stitching is beautiful! You are much too hard on yourself ... I think your stitches look just perfect. I really like the way you finished it off too. Very pretty!!! ... and that looks like a really good book! xo

  12. Gorgeous! I love cross stitch very much ad that rose motif is so pretty. I did a sampler a while back and had it framed without glass, which worked really well. It was stitched directly onto linen though so was very hard on my eyes! x

  13. Love your x-stitch Chrissie! I use to x-stitch all the time when my kids were young.....everything had a cutsie motif on it!!!! I love how you are displaying them on the wall, one more will look great too! New book looks fun and I'm sure there are wonderful designs in it! I think with the inconsistency of floss and x's, it happens and some of it is just practice and the floss. I use only DMC brand.
    Thanks for visiting me too, xoRobin

  14. Loving your stitching, so neat and such a pretty design. I find it relaxing too and that book looks tempting gorgeous, looking forward to seeing what you stitch next :) xx

  15. Dear Chrissie
    That cross stitch is so pretty. I have great admiration for those clever people like you who can do counted designs - I'm much happier with the slightly 'free form' embroidery! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your cross stitch work.
    Have a good week.
    Best wishes

  16. Wow -I am always envious of people who can quickly whip up a cross stitch! It takes me hours...what a good idea to mount it on the linen. Looking forward to seeing what you have stitched this week....!

  17. That is so pretty, you must be thrilled I love the way you have framed it.

  18. I adore your little cross's quite CK like I think. So very pretty and I love the way you have framed it..definitely the best kind of granny chic. I love cross stitch too although I haven't done any since August!
    Marianne x

  19. Beautiful cross stitching so pretty cleverly framed too xx