Thursday, 21 November 2013

Blooming flowers, blooming ideas

Greetings to you all and a happy welcome to my newest followers. We are well into the Bloomin’ CAL with Ladybird Diaries, and I think for most of us the attention has shifted from hexies and blankets to Christmas projects...

I managed a few more rows of this oh-so-manly scarf from the latest issue of Simply Crochet. The yarn is King Cole Riot Chunky, and my dears, is it lovely! Soft, silky, and very warm, it is sure to keep Darling Husband toasty during the coldest of workday commutes.

It is worked in a granite stitch, which I’d never done before but it does sound macho, doesn’t it? I typically don’t crochet for men because, well, crochet usually just works up more lacy and delicate than knitting, but I spotted this and just had to make it. I like the yarn and stitch so much, though, that I am snooping around the other variegated shades of Riot Chunky for some more feminine shades...

Off the hook this week is a sweet collar for Little Flower:

This tiny pattern (and I mean tiny – the flowers are worked in embroidery floss and a size 2.5 mm hook!) is also from Simply Crochet, it’s a great issue this month, chock full of little gifts and lovely projects!

As I was making this collar, Little Flower helped choose the colours for the flowers, she happily stood while I measured the size to of course now she refuses to put it on, not even for a quick photo. Hmph.

Now, I’m not one to start thinking about Christmas until my birthday has passed on 1 December. My presents and my cake come before the advent calendar! But then we go mad and decorate and create and bake like we were proper Santa’s elves. So although I am not decorating, I’m starting to sort out the gifts, and that means thinking about how to wrap and present them...

And I have a few yarny ideas I’m going to test during the next few days. More to come in next week’s CAL update!

What’s on your hook this week? Please link up below!

Chrissie x

P.S. Thank you all for your well wishes for Little Flower’s recovery, she’s almost back to full health, a few more days of snuggling and back to pre-school next week!


  1. Oh I do hope your little one is feeling better. I used to dread and love those days all at the same time. I loved that I could really smother my boys with love, and get a lot done around the house, but sometimes being stuck in the house with a sick little one makes for a long day.
    Hugs and I am linking up for my first time!

  2. Oh I really liove that scarf and the yarn you are using for it! The collar is very pretty too. I love seeing christmassy stuff, it makes me all happy!!

    Hope your little one gets back to full health soon enough!!

  3. Ooh such pretty (and manly, of course!) things :-) I'm loving the little collage of wrappers & yarn too. Good to hear that Little Flower is on the mend, have a happy & restful weekend.
    Hugs xx

  4. Hi Chrissie
    Lovely scarf, and I love that the stitch is called Granite, you can imagine it being said in a really manly deep voice !
    I totally agree that the wrapping for presents is almost just as important as what's inside - looking forward to seeing what you have planned. Beautiful little collar as well, Simply Crochet come up with some lovely patterns don't they ? I'm hovering dangerously close to HAVING to make the lovely scarf and hood with ears that was on last months cover - I just can't resist it.
    Kate x

  5. You are being industrious, I've not even thought about what I'm making yet, or behind this year! I did think about linking, clicked on the page but it all scares the living daylights out of me.....but I'm with you 100% in spirit! :) x

  6. Hi Chrissie am busy starting to think about Christmas, you notice I said think - so much else going on so I guess I am trying to give myself a little more time - it won't work, it never does and then it hits me like a ton of bricks. I am going to follow you advice and start getting a little more organised. A fab post Chrissie, thank you, keep warm and cosy
    Lots of love

  7. Hello.
    Great to hear little flower is feeling better and will be returning to preschool soon. I love the cute collar is so sweet. xx

  8. That grey yarn is so perfect for a man! Love it. The collar is so sweet. I'm glad Little Flower is feeling much better. :)

  9. Loving the look of that scarf and the stitch sure sounds the part too! It is hard to find patterns for men, so thanks for sharing this. Very pretty collar, and of course she is not going to wear it, well not for a photo anyway. I am sure she will wear it and if it makes you feel better mine are just the same. xoxo

  10. The collar is so pretty and delicate! It's going to look very nice on her. I'm glad to hear she's feeling better now. I've just finished a real labor of love, a crocheted dress for my daughter. I will probably try to blog about it in the next couple of weeks.

  11. ooh love that scarf pattern and the yarn looks yummy, I love grey!

  12. The collar is sooo sweet. When I see things like that it really makes me wish I could knit. Glad to hear little flower is feeling better!

  13. The scarf is great - I really like the colour of the yarn. But, I really love that cute collar! Pleased to hear your daughter is on the mend and happy birthday for the 1st Dec, I don't blame you for concentrating on your birthday before Christmas - fair's fair!! XX

  14. That variegated grey yarn is lovely - and nice to find a good manly pattern! Looking forward to seeing what you do with all those lovely bits in the last photo!
    Maria x

  15. Happy to hear Little Flower is feeling much better Chrissie, and do hope that she comes around to wearing that sweet little collar! I am liking your DH's scarf even more as it begins to grow - the yarn looks wonderful. I'm also liking the look of your Christmas wrapping bits and pieces and I'm waiting for more - after you have your birthday celebrations over with of course, and why not! Hugs, Joy xo

  16. I love that you give thought to how you present your gifts too. What you've been putting together and gathering so far looks so lovely. Happy birthday to you. It's right around the corner now.

  17. Anonymous7:33 am GMT

    The scarf looks great - very manly :) In contrast the sweet collar looks very girly, Well done.

  18. The manly scarf is looking so good! Also the collar for little flower is so very pretty, shame she didn't want to model it for you...I can imagine my Miss M bring exactly the same. Love all your Christmassy crafty things together.
    Marianne xx

  19. I can see the sheen on the scarf, it looks lovely... so hard to resist a scallop border lol. Pretty collar, hope Little Flower is soon properly better to enjoy it :) xx

  20. That yarn is absolutely amazing. I think it's going to make a very manly scarf. And that collar is absolutely precious. I've tried to crochet with embroidery floss but it just wasn't working for me. But those flowers are beautiful.

  21. I love the name of the stitch for your husband's scarf - it does sound very manly!! The collar is very pretty too, I hope that little flower likes wearing it when she is ready. xx