Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Here, there and everywhere

Life has been a whirlwind lately, with outings, excursions, rehearsals, clubs and lessons...all lots of fun, but oh! trying to keep up with it all!

On Monday a friend asked me what I was up to Friday afternoon, because she rang and I wasn’t at home. I stared at her blankly. I couldn’t actually remember. Do you ever have moments like that? It had been such a busy week, I got to the point where I would simply look at the calendar on the wall and do what it said to do.

But I have some lovely moments to share with you...

Last Thursday was so indulgent – I had planned for months to go to the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition, and Thursday was my day. I asked my lovely friend Jooles to come along, sweetening the invite with a promise to go to lunch and Liberty for her birthday.

I didn’t have to twist her arm! The train ride was so fast – it is remarkable how much quicker commuting time flies when you’re chattering away about all things crafty! (And it also helped that Jooles brought along an amazing dulce de leche cake...yum.)

The Royal Academy of Art was wonderful. I love the Summer Exhibition, so many styles of art, such an incredibly varied really does have something for everyone (including a Pimms bar!). I only took a few photos with my iPhone

Of course I have my eye on a few pieces

I wonder how many crochet workshops I can run to buy one?

We had a little break for lunch at my favourite Japanese diner just around the corner

Simultaneous iPhone snapshots
then it was off to Liberty!

It was the final week of an Arts & Crafts exhibition there, which is the main reason I wanted to visit – we tracked it down to an upper floor, it was a small exhibition but had many treasures. These are three embroideries from early 1900s, so detailed and so rich in colour (but alas, two were behind glass, making photos difficult...).

Jooles took far better photos than I did, of the whole day – see them here (and read her version of events!). We both left with Liberty bags, mine small, hers BIG (it was her birthday, after all!).

Thank you, my friend! 
The fun continued into the weekend. On Saturday I went to the Lurgashall Fête. The weather had forecast torrential rain, so of course the sun came out and summer officially arrived! But the best part was shopping at a very special stall at the fête – none other than Sarah Moore, of Sarah Moore Vintage!


Okay, so I didn’t stand outside her lovely tent snapping pics, and I didn’t ask her for a photo, that’s just not for me. But I did have a lovely conversation with her about fabrics and textures and sewing and embroidery! And I bought some goodies for a real bargain

This little enamelware bowl, perfect for the cherry tomatoes that my girls eat every day;

a lovely zinc florist’s vase and some French linen;

and some more fabric – but this isn’t just any old fabric... is an old curtain that belonged to Sarah’s granny! Yep, that’s right, I’m crafting with Sarah Moore’s granny’s curtains! tee hee

It must be fate, because you may remember in this post that I had bought some gorgeous hand-dyed embroidery flosses of various types. The colours of one skein match these curtains *perfectly* - and they aren’t even my “typical” colours!

What to do with these harmonious materials? Any ideas?

After a few days of crochet workshops, I’m hoping to pause, take a breath and let life slow down a bit this weekend. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Chrissie x


  1. Hello you :o)
    Oh how lovely to re~live our wonderful trip again!
    Wow the fete sounds exciting ..... wish I'd gone, your goodies are fab and Sarah Moore's granny's curtains hey!!
    Enjoy some calm x
    lots of love jooles x x x

  2. Sounds like the perfect day.I always visit the art exhibition it is such a creativity place to be. Your sushi looks scrummy.I cant wait to see what you will make with your fabulous fabric .Enjoy the rest of your week

  3. Aaah you went to Liberty's !!
    My next visit to London is in july, and I am so looking forward to going there... There is nóthing here in Belgium that can compare to Liberty.... (And Fortnum & Mason, which will be my second stop ;-)))
    That summer exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, is it a permanent summer exhibition ? Because looking at your photos, that looks like it is worth a visit !
    The only thing I will be missing in London in july, is that dulce de leche cake... Hmmmm that looks soooo yummyyyy... Maybe you can borrow me your friend ;-) ?
    Xxx, Ingrid

    1. Thanks for your comment Ingrid - the Summer Exhibition has been an annual show since 1769! It is well worth a visit, and Fortnum & Mason is right across the street! And the dulce de leche cake delivery can be arranged... ;-) Cx

  4. So nice to see your part of the trip too!
    I bet you two had lots of fun together... :).
    I don't know Sarah Moore, but that book looks good; and so do her grannies curtains ;-)!
    Love from Mirjam.

  5. Huh? I guess I dó know her! I googled her, and she has a very familiar face!
    I am so tempted to buy that book....
    xxx Mirjam.

  6. Sounds like a great day out Chrissie - Art and Liberty's with a blogging friend - perfect!
    Sometimes local Fairs can be little gems, sometimes a let down - glad yours was a good one graced with a well-known face - great purchases, especially Grandmas curtains!
    Gill xx

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time and picked up bargains in the process. What more could you ask for.

  8. What a busy but lovely time you've had. I've not been to Liberty for many years and have been itching to go recently. I love the fabric you bought. As for meeting Sarah Moore, I'm such a fan. XX

  9. Hi Chrissie, what lovely treasures you have accumulated on your trip. I especially like the vintage curtain, but at first I thought it was a crochet hook holder roll thing - I think it is the pencil pleats that made me think that! Gorgeous print anyway! What fun you've had with your friend, sounds like the perfect day!

  10. Ooooo you have been already surely you don't want to go again??!

    Ps. I have her book and The vanilla squirrel gave me a sara moore pin cushion BUT your curtains beat that hands down! How could she part with them?

  11. What a great trip, I haven't had a trip to London for a couple of years. Always great to pick up some bargains. Hope you have a restful week.

  12. Anonymous7:43 pm BST

    Oh lucky you, I really want to go to Liberty for a look round soon. Love your photos and purchases x

  13. You're so funny. The London outing looks wonderful, you're such a great friend. I love your bargains and I know you'll make something gorgeous with the textiles.

  14. I'm so glad that you had such a great time. The fabric that you chose is beautiful. I liked the picture of your lunch, interesting to see it from the other way round that Jooles showed! xx

  15. OOh, next time you two have a jolly to London, I want to come too... that delicious cake would make any journey worth the while! ;-) Sounds like just a fabulous day out... ooh, and those curtains.. sigh.. sooo pretty...
    Happy rest of the week to you too,
    hugs xx

  16. Looks like you've had a great few days, wow love thcurtain fabric, I'm sure you'll find the perfect project to use it
    Clare xx

  17. Ahhhh, Liberty's, somewhere I have on my list of places to go, but I fear I live too far away. Perhaps one day.
    S xx

  18. And breathe and relax ..... all sounds like it was enjoyable busy though, and lots of lovely goodies to show for it !
    Have a restful weekend,
    Kate x

  19. Wow, now I 'know' someone who is crafting with Sarah Moores granny's curtain! ;) lol
    Sounds like you girls had a great day out!
    V x

  20. How lovely to share your friend's birthday in such happy ways Chrissie - I enjoyed it all too, thank you! The ex-curtain fabric reminds me of a William Morris design .. .. .. gorgeous colours .. .. .. and you found some French linen - I wonder what you'll do with that then! What wonderful times you have - keep up the good work! xoJoy

  21. Hi Chrissie,
    What a nice trip and great discovers!!
    I nominate you for a liebster award, so have a look here

    Thank you.
    Miss, xx

  22. Anonymous7:23 am BST

    It sounds as if your time with your friend was very enjoyable- good company, good food, good exhibitions - a perfect trip!

  23. Sounds like a great trip. Have fun making things with the curtain fabric

  24. It sounds like you had a really good day with a friend ! And you made beautiful pictures !
    Have a peaceful rest of the week !

  25. Sounds busy but thoroughly enjoyable Chrissie. Liberty is a wonderful place isn't it? Glad to see you got some crafting in on the train to London - love that yarn, what is it? The Liberty fabric is gorgeous, so too are Sarah Moore's granny's curtains! Am looking forward to seeing what you decide to make with them. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jane x

  26. Wow! It looks as though your feet haven't touched the ground but what an enjoyable few days.
    I really enjoyed the picture show and am very envious of your trip to Liberty of London.

  27. Great post as ever Chrissie. What a treat of a day. Jo x

  28. Sounds like my perfect day. Visiting the RA Summer exhibition is on my bucket list but so far I've had to make do with the programmes on BBC2. This year I've been watching the extra videos on the web site - the room with all the small works is my favourite. Don't know if anyone has told you yet but marshmallow fluff is one of the Aldi special buys on Thurs 19th - I'll be stocking up to make your fudge! x

  29. That fabric is amazing, I can think of pillows, skirts, a window valance, hot pads, gosh you could use it for anything it is so perfect. Glad you had a nice day out.

  30. What a wonderful time you've been having. Your day in London sounds especially amazing, I'm very envious! Glad you've had such lovely outings, and some good finds as well. I shall look forward to seeing what you make with Sarah Moore's granny's curtain!

  31. What a delightful post Chrissie. I've not been to London for years but I do fancy a trip to Liberty's :-)
    Tracey xxx

  32. What a great day out. I love Liberty, the TV documentary about it was fascinating. xx

  33. Lovely post and both the days out you had sound amazing! Your London trip with Jooles sounds fantastic...I haven't been to London for years, since G and I got engaged actually which was some 14 years ago now! Must try and go back soon. I love all the treasures you bought too. Sounds like a perfect couple of days!
    Marianne x

  34. What a lovely post and two great days out! Your time with Jooles sounds fantastic! I would love to go to Liberty one day. Love all the treasures you bought too.
    Marianne x

  35. Chrissie I am so envious as I have always wanted to visit Liberty and hope to do so one day, plus I am a big fan of Sarah Moore. What a wonderful day for you both and you filled it to the brim with lots of fun. Sorry for not visiting for a while the old day job has been keeping me very busy! Wonderful to read your blog Chrissie, always good fun. Big hugs and loves, Dorothyxxxxx

  36. Looks like a fab way to spend the day ! Love Love LOVE that curtain fabric, cant wait to see what you do with it :)

  37. This all sounds amazing. Liberty, cake, exhibitions, sushi, summer fairs and vintage fabric - I always guessed we had a lot in common! I really love that piece of fabric you bought at the fair, the colours and pattern are really beautiful. I wonder what you'll use it for. x

  38. I think I must be peckish because I lingered most over the picture of your sushi lunch!!!

    Sarah Moore isn't a name I know but, blimey, I would adore those two chairs in my lounge. The curtain fabric is stunning! Could you perhaps cover a little stool or chair with it?

    Heather xx

  39. What a perfect day out, Chrissie! It looks as if you and Jooles had a wonderful time! Hope you have some time to relax this weekend after all your busy things. Looking forward to seeing what you create with that amazing floral fabric!
    Helen xox

  40. I would turn the fabric into a skirt, but then I'm a bit obsessed and I'm turning anything I can get my hands on into skirts haha!

    Lovely pics of your trip, next time I'm in London I should go to Liberty but will my bank balance survive?!

  41. I'm just a tad envious of your recent jolly to London, and all the delights it had to offer you. Looking forward to seeing what you make with that gorgeous fabric. x

  42. Cake on a train... Liberty... exhibitions... sushi... vintage shopping. Sounds like you've had my idea of a truly wonderful time!
    I too am looking forward to seeing what you do with your celebrity curtains!
    S x

  43. Wow that certainly sounds like one fabulous day out. I'm just a tad jealous!!! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and it sounds like you were in the perfect company. I'm loving all your Sarah Moore purchases and being a fan I think you lucked out big time finding her at a fete and then leaving with her grannies curtains, I mean what are the chances???! Looking forward to see what you make with it. Xoxo