Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Colours, colours everywhere...

...but which ones should I choose?

Hello to my newest visitors, and thank you to all of you who left such lovely comments on my last post – y’all make me smile!
I’m glad everyone seems to like the colours of the Blossom Bag I’m crocheting, because choosing a range of colours for one project is nearly impossible for me.

Three rows done!
I tend to play it safe with colour. I love my neutrals, soft blush shades, pale greens, greys and taupes. I love ivory and shades of white.

I gaze longingly at the happy brights found throughout Attic24’s crochet world. I drool over MemeRose’s Kaffe-inspired hot colours. The vintage and retro-style blogs, with their candy-coloured papers and fabrics – I’m captivated! But alas, when it’s my turn to start a multi-coloured crochet blanket...
I have stood in yarn shops, arms full of sunny colours, but then I have total brain melt. My eyes hit a completely unrelated shade, and I start adding colours in that range...and then get frustrated with the mismatched lot and leave. I have filled online shopping baskets with eight striking shades of dusky plum, only to turn off the computer after being distracted by the equally beautiful intense aquas and acid greens. Indecisive.

Oh, how I envy the carefree crafters who reach blindly into a yarn basket and hook on whatever colour is chosen by chance! I’m afraid I would reach in again and again until the ‘right’ random shade appeared.
I have managed to complete a multi-coloured granny stripe blanket, mind. For Bunny, about three years ago

Juicy, eh? I *loved* this colour palette, and working on it was a joy. I selected and combined the yarn shades, but the palette was based on Bunny’s favourite colours, so I can’t take total credit. I followed up this project with a little dolly blanket for Little Flower’s baby
Three colours, safe and sweet!
So. I couldn’t wait for Cherry Heart to release the pattern for the Blossom Bag, it is just so darling, but I really wanted to choose my own colours. Action was needed.

My lightbulb moment happened in the local DIY shop. I spotted those paint colour strips, with everything lined up in a neat little row. Then I grabbed some home decorating mags and found their mood boards and colour wheels.
I know it’s obvious, but it’s taken me this long to figure it out – I’ve started a new Pinterest board – Colour Palettes. I do a search for various shades that strike my fancy - hydrangeas, pinks, rainbows - and good ol’ Pinterest gives me loads of beautiful variations on the theme.
My Blossom Bag is from the ‘Autumn Hydrangea’  pin on my board – go over and take a look! I can see me going a bit bonkers with this every season – I already have about a dozen projects that I want to make based on pins alone! And yes, I have plenty of neutral loveliness on there, but oh the shades that accompany the photo of a log pile...
As I took a break from writing to check out what’s happening in Blogland, lo and behold the Colour Collaborative came to my rescue! As if they knew I was flailing in a sea of colour choices, this group of creative bloggers are writing about seasonal colours and providing inspirational palettes – a lifesaver. Ah, this is why I love blogging – we’re all in the same boat, and we lend a hand to those who seem a bit lost at sea. (I have no idea how or why the whole nautical metaphor is on my mind, but it’s evocative so I’m going with it!)
Ahoy, maties!

Chrissie x



  1. the choice of colours for your bag is stunning....nothing to worry about there...im most inspired to have a go at this bag as its very pretty, ali

  2. Beautiful colours for your bag.

  3. Love the colours you've chosen for your bag, it's going to be beautiful. And I can SO identify with yarny-colour-indecisiveness!!

  4. The colours you've chosen are beautiful, they work together so well, and what a pretty design :) xx

  5. I adore the colours you have chosen for your bag, they are so so lovely. I tend to stick to a soft colour palette too, brights just aren't really me!
    Marianne x

  6. I think those colors are perfect. Color is tricky, I have trouble getting it right every time. I assume it's just practice and that I'll get better with time, or so I tell myself when I feel frustrated with it. :)

  7. I like the colours you have chosen... it is a lovely pattern. Watching an old youtube video of Kaffe Fassett, I remember him saying "use every colour you can get your hands on and make something as garish as you can and then learn from what works and what doesn't". That's what I am trying to do at the moment as I felt I was stuck in a colour rut x

    1. That's great advice, isn't it? And I am loving your Kaffe phase with crochet, everything so bold and bright, I should just go for it! Look out yellow, orange, purple and turquoise, here I come! Cx

  8. As I read your blog I was thinking I will point Chrissie towards the colour collaborative -but hey! you found it all on your very own. I think they are a great colour combo. I am actually frightened of yellow! Jo x

    1. Ha ha! I know what you mean - I think I've gone so far as to use yellow for the centre of a flower. Perhaps a Proven├žal-style mini crochet project? :) cx

  9. Ah, but you got the combo just right with the Rhubarb Crumble blanket! I should stop worrying and just copy you... ;-} cx

  10. Your bag colours are so lovely Chrissie, and both little blankets are so gorgeous - I absolutely love Bunny's colours, all my faves are in there!
    I have the same problems with colour choices which is probably why I roam from the soft pastels to the bright rainbows - then back again - I THINK I prefer soft and gentle but then there are days when I just MUST have COLOUR!
    A colour wheel is a good thing to use and helps give a better understanding of the different types of colour combinations. Be brave and try 'different' Chrissie!
    I too am very wary of yellow and have difficulty in finding nice yellow shades in yarn! I must try your link to the Colour Collaborative, thank you for that!
    When all's said and done Chrissie - everything I've seen on your blog has been so lovely and I'd never have guessed that you were doubtful of your colour choices! Give yourself a big pat on the back!!!
    Joy xo

    1. Thank you Joy! The girls have requested flowers like I'm making for my bag, so that might just be the perfect opportunity to play with bolder colours! Some yellows, some crazy combinations...watch this space! Then I'll have to make a cream and taupe blanket to settle me down... Cx

  11. I love your colours so much and I think you've got it spot on. Hey, we all need help and inspiration with colour choice sometimes and I think it's something that becomes easier with practise. I know I worry about it less now than I used to. I used to agonise over choices but now things (mostly) come a little easier. So you're certainly not alone in that!

    S x

    PS Thanks so much for the link up and shout out about the Colour Collaborative too! :D

    1. Thanks Sandra, and I'm happy to link up, it's a fun and interesting venture! Cx

  12. Chrissie the colours are beautiful, I would never guess that you had such a struggle. It's lovely to hear of the process you used to pick them. Colour is such a personal thing. I did a floristry course a few years ago and learnt all about the colour wheel then, it's nice to know the technical stuff then you can go break the rules ... I'm loving the bag can't wait to see it completed thank you for popping in at the Factory it's so nice to see you there ~ Sarah x

  13. Well having tried to leave a message on my ipad last night, without joy (grrr), here goes again. I completely share this dilemma of colour in the sense that I ALWAYS stick to the same pallet, but you know what I think I have made peace with that because I want it around the house and somehow bold colours don't always work for me. They definitely have a place and I do admire those who can just use them here and there. I too love the colour collaborative project, it is just such a great idea. I love the colours you chose for your bag as you have a very similar pallet (colour that is) to mine. I have also referred to the old Farrow and Ball paint chart in the past as it can be quite useful at times. Looking forward to the end result of this bag. Happy week to you lovely Chrissie xoxo

  14. I think your colours are fab Chrissie. I also struggle from time to time. Your crochet looks beautiful to me. I like the idea of the paint chart x