Sunday, 21 July 2013

Crack the WIP!

The Blossom Bag was pushed aside and stitching was left in the hoop as I frantically put the finishing touches to the baby blanket I’d been sort-of-secretly working on for a while.

Can you guess why? Yes, my friend’s baby boy couldn’t take this summer heat anymore and arrived early! (Which puts to rest any fancy ideas that I was, maybe, just maybe, making the blanket for a certain royal ‘friend’...c’mon, didn’t you think it for a brief moment when I first showed the WIP? Nah, I didn’t think so...)
I really like the picot edge, this little detail gives the blanket a baby sweetness.
All that’s left now is gift wrapping. I don’t know why I’m rushing, with this heat it’s not like mummy will be using it anytime soon!
I used a soft green shade – Sirdar Snuggly 0403 – and the size is perfect for a pram or a buggy. I enjoyed making the raised shell pattern, where every odd row was worked Back Loops Only.
But wait, there are more babies about!

Here is the second baby robin this year; I guess the fine weather has stimulated a baby boom in the bird world! This fledgling hopped up along the feeder...

Then made himself comfortable sitting squarely on a seed ball! He pecked away for a long while – imagine sitting on a giant chocolate chip cookie you have all to yourself? *Mmmm*

These are the latest brood from the Blackbird Clan, who arrived during our first summer in this house, nearly 10 years ago. I love the friendliness of blackbirds, like robins. They all know me, and most mornings one or two will stand outside the French doors in the kitchen, looking sideways at me as if to say, “Breakfast, please!” Then they sit on a branch, hanging around while I put out the seed.
For a special treat, the girls and I put out handfuls of sultanas or raisins, then sit and watch them scoff the ‘candy’

Steady on, piggy!
Little Flower is fascinated by how close they allow us to be. Our back garden has a little area that you can see here – about 15 patio tiles just plonked down by the previous owners, probably for their barbecue, but for us it’s a spacious bird feeding station!

Here is daddy bird, with distinguished patches of grey feathers...

I’m afraid there are no more photos of The Woodpecker Family, at least not this summer. The last time I saw Baby Woody, he looked well into his teens, all slimmed down feathers, sassy look in his eye – even the red tuft of feathers on his head looked gel-styled! I grabbed the camera as quick as I could but, alas, he was gone. I’m not sure he even ate that much – perhaps he was just coming to say goodbye. Best of luck to the fella! 
I will end this post with a big swathe of jasmine flowers for my new friends and followers, welcome and thank you for visiting!

Happy crafting!

Chrissie x


  1. beautiful work...lovely!

  2. Well done Chrissie this very gorgeous baby blanket. I really am quite fond of the shell stitch and especially in blankets. I am sure your friend will be so happy to receive this and with the drop in temperatures where we are, I am sure there is a good chance it might be used soon. Its such a lovely time of year with new babies, and chicks, you are truly spoilt with all the birdlife in your lovely garden. Love that jasmine, its looking amazing! xoxo

  3. That blanket is a beauty, bet the baby is too. I really like that colour for unisex blankets, I'm not one for lemon! Jo x

  4. That is a beautiful stitch throughout that blanket, do you mind me asking what it's called? I'm going to ask my mom about it...
    I'm only just learning to crochet and I'm really not good at all, but I love it so much I keep at it! That blanket is lovely, just super lovely!

    1. Hi Tammy, in US terms, the pattern used only sc and dc stitches - the shell pattern results from hooking five dc in a single stitch. Please do keep at it - I found the first few goes at crochet quite tedious as I learned how to hold the hook and the yarn, how to manage tension, all the boring bits - but you'll have a moment when it suddenly all clicks and there will be no stopping you! Cx

  5. This blanket is absolutely STUNNING!! You have outdone yourself! I love it.

  6. Oh wow, it's beautiful! The picot edge is perfect for the raised shell pattern. I'm fairly new to crochet and think that pattern looks incredibly complicated so it's nice to hear you say it's not so hard. What a lovely gift for a new baby, your friend will be thrilled I'm sure. x

    1. Thanks Gillian! I find that the majority of crochet is simply the ability to count and manage your tension. Even complicated stitches are a variation of 'yarn over hook' and 'pull through loops'! And lots of counting in your head, so stitch markers and row counters are invaluable if you have lots of distractions

  7. What a beautiful, beautiful blanket it really is. I 'm sure your friend will be over the moon to receive such a gorgeous and thoughtful gift. I love the colour of the blanket too, it's a nice change from the usual baby shades.
    Marianne x

  8. Hi Chrissie.
    Wow really pretty blanket the pattern you've used is so delicate, sure baby and Mummy will be so pleased.
    Aw the Robin fledglings are so cute! x

  9. You did a stunning job on the blanket Chrissie - and I love the picot edging!
    What lucky little birds to be so well fed and watched out for - and, baby robins - that is such a treat!
    The jasmine is beautiful - the perfume must be so lovely on a summer's day!
    Have a great week lovely Chrissie!
    Joy xo

  10. beautiful blanket and the edging is just crocheting skills would not be up to that, ali

  11. Wow Chrissie that blanket is gorgeous - looks so soft. Glad you're enjoying the birds - we've got the scrattiest mummy robin at the moment being run ragged by her two chicks - I love the way that they come right up to you though. Love the jasmine - I bet it smell divine x Jane

  12. Oh my...this is SUCH a beauty!!! What a lovely gift this beautiful blanket is! I'm sure both the baby and it's mama will love it, Chrissie! - I enjoyed reading about your backyard friends, and the pictures too! xo

  13. That is one stunning blanket! Lucky baby.

    Not a single bird nested in our garden this year, and we've seen no fledglings. I was rather sad about that so it's lovely to share your birdy pics, thank you.

  14. Beautiful baby blanket, what a pretty pattern. Your local birds are thoroughly spoilt :) xx

  15. Such a beautiful blanket! it must have been lovely to make and hard to part with!! I'm sure your friend will adore it. That's a wonderful large bird feeder you have there, you can't wrong with that! Heather x