Saturday, 6 July 2013

Crafting al fresco

Crafting in the garden...being inspired by one's surroundings...Buzzy Bee perfectly covers the hole in my slipper. 
Ta dah!
Thank you all so *very* much for your funny, supportive and friendly comments on my last post. I will soldier on in the face of my "condition"! :-) 

That's all for now, let's get back out to the sunny garden! 
Happy crafting!
Chrissie x


  1. Dear Chrissie
    What a very creative and lovely solution to the hole in your slipper! It looks great.
    Best wishes

  2. My kinda ice cream! Love what you've done to those slippers! :) x

  3. Love the slipper solution, it looks great! I reckon you should write off to Birkenstock with a new design idea!! Enjoy this lovely weather and that very delicious looking ice cream :-) xoxo

  4. Hey Chrissie - your slippers look fantastic - so glad you solved the wee problem!
    The ice-cream looks great too - and without calories!
    Joy xo

  5. I so love that crochet ice cream cone! Fabulous. And I love what you have done with the slippers, they really look fantastic.
    M x

  6. Chrissie that ice cream is too cute! What a clever idea, the slippers look fabulous x

  7. Excellent idea with the slippers. Could start a new trend in the make do and mend market. Yummy looking ice cream.

    S xx

  8. The perfect solution. I love 'em. Jo x

  9. I love the applique on your slippers - super cute and you managed to include a little flower too ;-) xxx