Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Crafting comfort

Today I was all set to do a review of Cute & Easy Crochet with Flowers. But it will have to wait until tomorrow.

I lost my mojo this afternoon. Something about the dreary greying of the skies, the chill-to-the-bone wet weather, combined with the early darkness of evening...around dinnertime I suddenly felt like a deflated balloon. And I’m talking about the balloon that is all lovely and buoyant when all of a sudden it’s let go and the air comes fizzing out of it, then blah. Blah.

Never mind. I’m sure all will be well tomorrow. Just a bit ho-hum now. So I’m going to take solace in some crafting.

I’m nearly done with the bright and happy floral placemat from Crochet with Flowers. The mat whipped up so quickly, mainly because I’m using the T-shirt yarn and a 9mm hook. It took one evening while watching a film. A set of four could be a quick gift for someone...

I haven’t blocked the mat or sewn on the flowers yet. The blossoms are so dinky and cute; the pattern calls for 16 of them, which won’t take long at all. I’ve adapted the flower, though, because the yarn I was using was leaving a big hole in the centre of the flower.

This is your typical chain and join with a slip stitch, but then the pattern calls for 14 double crochets into the circle – this large number can stretch certain yarns. I’m using remnants of cotton yarn I used for another project, and I wasn’t about to buy a new ball of yarn for these little flowers. So I changed the chain circle to a magic ring, with much better results.

So I’m off to crochet more flowers. Time for a big hot chocolate, my cropped poncho I made a few months ago to keep my shoulders warm, and the Great British Bake Off – things are looking up already!

Chrissie x
P.S. Quick tip: When you’re just too tired to finish the cookie-cutter sugar cookies for kids’ lunchboxes, the gourmet writing pens really come in handy...



  1. Love the cookie! Just finished watching GBBO, those biscuit towers were something else. I was terrified just watching them. The weather is very strange at the moment isn't it, it makes you feel very odd I think when it changes from hot to cold. Looking forward to seeing the finished crochet, but there is no way I could use those as coasters - far too cute!!

  2. Hope your mojo returns really soon! I think we all have these 'blah' moments sometimes. Your placemat is looking fab, love the bright pink colour. Also those cookies....they are fabulous!
    Marianne x

  3. The cookie is adorable. I really want to try some of those pens.

  4. Love the placemat! Such a great gift idea - I've been wanting to make my own with raffia but I think I prefer these. Really enjoyed GBBO too although it was sheer torture for me as I'm fasting today : - ( Better weather coming this weekend (allegedly!) x

  5. Hi Chrissie just got this wonderful book today and showed a few pics - love it. Your project is just wonderful - my crochet skills are still very basis at the moment so have not tried to do anything in a circle or a straight line - only granny squares! Am keen to get going on something else now and your post has inspired me - thanks so much Chrissie, a fabulous post as always

  6. Oh Chrissie, I hope that after a good night's sleep your mojo has returned - not very pleasant when it decides to up and leave with no warning! I love your beautifully pink placemat, and also prefer to use the magic ring whenever possible - I think that habit comes from my amigurumi makings time. What a delight for your girls to open their lunch boxes to find those happy little faces smiling up at them - well done!
    Looking forward to your review - when you're ready - you do such a fantastic job with them; and also anticipating lots of good things on 'Stitching Sundays'.
    Happy days to you lovely Chrissie!
    Joy xo

  7. Oh dear ..... I hope you are feeling perkier very soon.
    love the placemat and WOW to the apple cookie!
    love jooles xxx

  8. Everyone seems to be feeling the colder days and it's mood changes. Soon we will be all cosy, warm fires and hot chocolate. It is just transitional I suppose. Chin up, great mats. Do you think the flower in the middle will make the plate wobble? Worth an experiment before you put them on all four. Jo x

  9. I'm sure your craft mojo will return soon, we are all adjusting to the changing seasons! I for one would be so happy to find one of those biscuits in my lunch box! :) x

  10. You're not a lone in the mojo front my dear, mine's gone and golly knows where to, but at some point I might get a little impatient if it doesn't at least let me know when it will be back, I mean manners and all that! Anyway, your place mat is looking bright and cheerful and if that cookie doesn't cheer you up dear, I know it certainly put a smile on my dial. Hope mojo is back soon. Your poncho is lovely and oooh I so enjoy the bake off!! Much love xoxo

  11. Wow you made them, they are looking great,I think I'm going to make some as Christmas presents. I hope you get you mojo back soon.
    Clare xx