Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Spontaneous TLC

I’ve been feeling a bit delicate the past few days...perhaps it’s the Harvest Moon and the Autumn Equinox affecting me...perhaps it’s the fact that Bunny has gone on a school trip this morning until Friday (she is going to have a blast, but I miss her so much already!)...perhaps it’s Little Flower’s trials and tribulations being 3...and Darling Husband is away this weekend, too...

In any case, I’m a wee fragile at the moment, not sad or upset really, just full of emotions. So yesterday I found solace in some spontaneous TLC.

Thank you Sue for the link to the pattern!
I planned on doing a lot of errands and getting the house in order (Little Flower is in pre-school all day on a Tuesday), but instead I met a friend at our village community centre for an hour-and-a-half of crochet and chatter. A while back she had mentioned a village knitting group, so we met up to give it a go. We had some fun conversation and I met some lovely women who are all excellent knitters. They probably thought I was a bit of a folly, showing up with my crochet acorns! But hey, it made them smile, and I now have at least half a dozen knitting experts who will help me when I decide to take up the knitting needles again!

I returned home for a bite of lunch and some general chores, but soon I was stolen away once again by another friend who took me out for cake. I did have a library book to return, and I needed bread and milk, so we went into town with the intention of at least accomplishing a few things...but we thoroughly enjoyed some lovely cake first!

At this point I was feeling rather self-indulgent, taking all this time just for me. I set about making some sweet potato ginger soup and prepping some supper salad ingredients...but then Darling Husband rang to say he’d be home late.

I was about to put everything away until the next day, but then I wondered why? I was feeling much calmer after taking some time for myself – and I still managed to tick some items off my To-Do List – so instead of having some boring leftovers for dinner, I finished the soup and salad and sat down to this

And I savoured every bite! Sweet potato ginger soup and braised lentils with avocado, goat’s cheese, carmelised onions, roasted tomatoes and basil oil. Both recipes from my favourite cookbook ever

And those of you who remember this post know that I have a lot of cookbooks!

It’s funny, what I consider to be self-indulgent these days. Before children, when I was on my own working full-time, the thought of an afternoon snack break and a supper of soup and salad would be considered a natural, daily activity. The morning visit to the knit-and-natter group would be the only indulgence, as I do group activities in the evenings. How times have changed.

But now I’m going to indulge you – I will be announcing a new giveaway and a free pattern in my next post...I am so grateful you are here, and I appreciate each and every comment. Watch for a treat soon!

Chrissie x


  1. Why do we feel guilty when we make time for ourselves? I'm just as bad. Well done for sitting down to that delicious supper on your own instead of eating leftovers. I'm so glad you are feeling perkier. Those crochet acorns are delightful. x

  2. Your dinner looks amazing, Chrissie! I hope you're feeling better now. <3

  3. I'm sorry to hear your not quite feeling yourself but very happy to hear that you are taking care of yourself ..... we need to loose our guilt.
    I'm rather all over the place at the moment too ..... maybe it's a local thing!
    BTW i am drooling over your dinner .....delish
    cute acorns!
    love jooles xxx

  4. Your acorns are so sweet and I am sure they must have been therapeutic to work. That soup looks delicious and that recipe book looks wonderful so I am off to amazon for a better look. I am a bit like you, not quite as bad, but ita a bit like wool and floss, one can never have too much. Hope you are feeling a little better soon, sending you a big hug and I hope that you manage ok without Little bunny. Three is such a tricky age, I know for me it wasn't the terrible twos but definitely the threes. I hope that somehow you get through this week and then the weekend without hubby, eek (not nice!). I think food and craftiness is good therapy, and it sounds like you have found a great group. I will need one of those when I start knitting again, but that's not for a while yet. Much Iove xoxo

  5. Sorry you have not been feeling great, I do really hope you feel better soon. Love your crochet acorns and I am very glad you made time to do some nice things...your dinner looks so good!
    Marianne xx

  6. Oh Chrissie, I do hope you're feeling brighter again now! You have so much happening around you all the time with a young family to care and watch out for, especially with DH away too, you're bound to have emotional turmoil at times: but so good that you managed to enjoy a couple of enjoyable breaks from routine, make a few good helpful contacts, AND have a beautiful healthy dinner! My that food looks sooooooo good!
    Your little acorns are very sweet and I think just the thing to work on at such times.
    Take good care of yourself,
    Warm hugs, Joy xo

  7. I don't know why we feel guilty when we have some me time but its very important to I think. Sorry to hear you've not been great. I don't think the time of year helps. You knitting club sounds great would love one to go to round here. Hope your little one has a great trip :) xx

  8. I love your little acorns and that soup and salad look divine, it's important to take some time for yourself, I hope you are feeling tip top again soon.
    Clare xx

  9. Sorry you were not feeling your best, hope that now your little one is home you are cheery again. Lovely acorns!!