Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Rainbow Party...

Many thanks to all of your well wishes for Little Flower as she turned 4! Her birthday weekend was full of fun, and thankfully, everything went smoothly and she is happy as can be.

The festivities began on Thursday, her actual birthday, when we brought rainbow cookies to pre-school.

These were very well received and not terribly fussy, if you enjoy baking.

Sugar cookie dough, divided equally into six parts, dyed with gel food colouring, rolled out into rectangles, stacked, cut, baked, eaten! 

I made a few big rainbow arcs for her birthday cupcakes, which the four of us enjoyed that evening.

You'll remember these from my last post, but I wanted to show a closer image from above - I piped on the buttercream frosting in big cloud-like dollops, then dusted them with icing sugar for an even cloudier, powdery effect.

And the hidden secret was coloured sprinkles in the batter, for more rainbows inside!

On Friday I started to prep for Saturday's birthday party. Let me tell you, this was definitely one of funnest parties we've ever had. Nothing is cheerier than rainbows! The weather was miserable and grey, but I was pottering away inside with the brightest, sunniest decorations and baking ever! 

The rainbow theme is so versatile, it can suit any age, many occasions, and the sky is the limit with the creative elements...

We had a total of five party goers, including the birthday girl. I find a bunch of helium balloons has such a big impact on a room, the atmosphere is suddenly more festive, even if there aren't many more decorations. And each child can take one home at the end of the party. The console table behind the sofa was turned into a snack buffet, with swathes of rainbow organza fastened on and covered with a rainbow feather boa (which now resides in the dressing-up box, though I am so tempted to wear it on the school run...). 

The snack buffet included the rainbow cookies, some rainbow-coloured cracker snacks, and a rainbow fruit platter.

Loads of colourful fruits, and marshmallow clouds!

I bought the rainbow decoration and made a "Pin the Cloud on the Rainbow" game (I'm stitching something to fill that gap on the wall, btw...).

They had a mini-disco in the sitting room, then it was time for lunch.

This is the kitchen table before it was laden with lunch, juice and children! I had 10 pom poms total, the other four were hung in the sitting room windows (and one went home with each child). I am really, really reluctant to take these down! 

I'm sure you saw this coming...rainbow vegetable platter, complete with purple-sprouting broccoli and mozzarella-ball clouds!

Then it was time for cake...

Thank you for the personalized cake bunting, Jooles! 

I am rubbish at slicing cake, but you get the idea...

We ended with a treasure hunt around the house, with cloud clues eventually leading the little ones to the girls' bathroom: 

Bunny listened to the clue from upstairs and turned on the shower on cue to make the "rain".

And at the end of the rainbow:

A pot of gold! (Well, gold chocolate coins, rainbow chocolate coins, goodie bags full of rainbow-themed sweets and treats, all nestled on "cloud" toy stuffing!)

I had as much fun at this party as the kids! If you've made it this far, thank you for reading, and I hope this brightened some of the grey skies around the UK this weekend!

Chrissie x

PS Please feel free to link up your Stitching Sundays projects - I'll be posting about mine after I clear up all this party stuff...


  1. That looks like the best party EVER! you are so clever.
    I love everything and i bet those little girls were VERY excited!
    Have a good rest tomorrow
    love jooles xxx

  2. You are an amazing mum to have thrown such an amazing party for your little one! I'm sure that a great time must have been had by all. I say keep the rainbow pom poms up until the christmas decorations come out! xx

  3. Oh. My. Gosh.
    Please do my birthday next year ;)
    Everything is perfect!!!!
    I jope you have a great Sunday,
    Tammy xx

  4. Wow, just wow. That party is sensational. I absolutely adore the decorations and the cookies. Well done, what a lucky little girl she is x

  5. Sounds like prep for the party was lots and lots of fun as well and with a rainbow theme you can't go wrong! Beautiful bright colours makes it all so festive. The kiddies must have had a great time.....Mummie put a lot of thought into this party!! Nice to see the veg and fruit platter which added to all that colour.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. Well, what can I say Chrissie, you really excelled yourself with this fabulous 'do'! I love every bit of it - such imaginative brilliance! I bet the kids at school loved those rainbow biccies - I hope they don't start eating plasticine by mistake, haha! The rainbow pompoms looks great, as do those balloons. And the treasure hunt worked so well with Bunny's help! Oh Happy Birthday Little Flower, you are so well loved!
    Warm hugs, Joy xoxo

  7. Wow they looked amazing!!! I love the rainbow biccies, genius and your cake looked incredible. It was such a sweet touch to add the gold to the end of the rainbow, I bet they loved it!! As for wearing that organza makeshift to school, I think it's a great idea!! Go on live on the wild side for one day!! ;-). Well done you it looked and sounded amazing!! Xoxo

  8. It's all just sooo lovely - bright & cheery, just perfect for a grey day. Well done you, Little Flower & her friends are so blessed by your lovely creativeness.
    Happy Sunday,

  9. How fun! You've given a party to remember :-)

  10. Aw what a brilliant party love the fruit rainbow idea. Some very clever baking going on :)
    What a clever mummy xx

  11. Wow - that was a lot of effort! Fantastic! x

  12. What a wonderful party! I love everything about it. The girls must have loved it too. I have made rainbow cupcakes before, with the different layers of batter in each cup; they were a bit of work but I loved how they came out. Thanks for sharing!

  13. That was a party to end all parties. What fun, would have loved to have been there too!
    You did a beautiful job!!! xoRobin

  14. Anonymous6:00 pm GMT

    What an amazing party, your daughter and her pals must have loved it. Those cookies look scrummy!

  15. Hi Chrissie what a fabulous party - I would love to have been there for all the fun, wonderful. A great post Chrissie, thank you
    Big hugs

  16. Wow Chrissie - what a brilliant party you created, perhaps it could be a new career ! All your little touches are so well thought out. I just love the cookies. Don't ever take the pompoms down, they must make you smile every time you look at them.
    Kate x

  17. Your house looked fantastic - I loved everything! What a lucky girl! Keep those rainbow pom poms up - they're ace. X

  18. Beautiful rainbow birthday party. She is gonna remember it forever!!
    Everything just looks wonderful :)

    Lluisa x

  19. Oh my goodness! This looks like the best party ever, I love all the little details and how your home looked so bright and colourful. A fantastic idea for a party!
    Marianne x

  20. Oh my goodness what a perfect party, so fun and colorful. Happy Birthday to the very special little girl.

  21. How imaginative! Your daughter is so lucky to have such a creative mummy. Happy Birthday to your little girl. Best wishes, Pj x

  22. This party sounded like so much fun Chrissie! I love how you kept it simple but everything still looked great! Those cookies and cake looked so good!! I also love how some of the food was fruit and vegetables - I'll have to remember them and maybe make some mini rainbow platters when I babysit - the little girls I look after some times are so well behaved and love fruit so they don't need enticing but I like to have fun with their food from time to time to keep it interesting for them :-)

    Sarah xx