Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bloomin’ CAL: The Hexie Factory

Following on the heels of my statement that I prefer to crochet one hexagon at a time, giving me the satisfaction of a pretty little blossom hexie each time I pick up the hook, I am retracting that proclamation. I figured this would happen; the honeymoon period with my Hexagon Throw is starting to wear off. Oh dear!

It’s not that I don’t love this blanket. I am besotted by the gentle pastel colours, the curving petals of each hexie, the tiny thrill every time I finish another flower and place it next to the group.

But like so many other aspects of life, more urgent matters have distracted me to the point that I am seriously neglecting my blanket. And I am ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED NOT TO LET THIS ONE SLIP TO THE BLACK HOLE THAT IS THE BACK OF MY CRAFT CUPBOARD FOR ALL ETERNITY!

So, based on the comments and advice from my “How do you hook?” post a few weeks back, I have started a Hexie Factory, where I will run an assembly line to boost my progress on this throw...

Already I have about 20 centers completed, and I haven’t even worked on them a complete hour! A few minutes here and there and I have a nice handful of hexie middles.

I know the next level will take longer, but I like trying out this method. It is providing some instant satisfaction so I don’t feel so overwhelmed by the scope of this project.

Yesterday afternoon I took along my crochet bag to Bunny’s harp lesson, and I whipped up at least 10 little centres while I sat outside the music room, listening to her play.

Now that was one lovely crochet session!

A few months ago, Bunny asked – completely out of the blue – if she could take harp lessons. “Yes, dear,” I replied, like most would, assuming this was a fleeting thought in her head. Then during the summer holidays she asked again, and then again, and I realized that she really was interested.

Because we’re a musical family, I vowed to myself that if my children wanted to try out an instrument I would do my best to make it happen. I know it’s not always practical or feasible, but I would try.

And indeed this was one of those moments of great serendipity, because the music school where I have studied singing on and off for 10 years just so happens to be run by a professional harpist. A harpist! So I rang her up and arranged a little trial lesson to see if Bunny would enjoy the harp.

She came out of the lesson grinning like it was Christmas morning. Yes indeed, I’ll make this work, whatever it takes!

So now there is a beautiful child’s harp, rented from the school, sitting pride of place in her bedroom. She practices while I’m making dinner, and it sounds like fairies are visiting our house. It is a beautiful sound, even if she’s just plucking various strings learning techniques. (And I know we are *very* lucky in that respect, not many instruments sound like fairy music when children are learning!)

And it does make quite a dreamy accompaniment to crochet...

What’s on your hook this week? Link up below!

Chrissie x
PS I was overwhelmed by the lovely comments about my first quilt, thank you all so much, it really boosts me to get this next one going! 


  1. Hi Chrissie
    Ooh how satisfying - there's something very pleasing about a production line. If nothing else it has spurred you on with the blanket.
    I love the sound of a harp too, I remember my sister learning the violin -NOT good !
    I'm having a day of sorting craft drawers - aaah ! But again, very pleasing when its done.
    Kate x

  2. That production line will certainly boost your pile. I never do it because I am always finding wool as I go along but I can definitely see the satisfaction in it. The harp, you lucky thing, we have been squeaking along to the recorder for a while now! Jo x

  3. Well done on your little hooky production line, pretty colours.
    How lovely to have the sound of fairies in your home and how fabulous for bunny, beats the recorder i bet?!
    love jooles xxx

  4. It's nice to get a production line going and feel as if you're making progress on the hexie throw.

    I bet it's nice listening to the harp practise too. I'm guessing it must be hard to learn how to pluck a harp properly.

  5. Hi Chrissie! I could almost hear that pretty harp as I read this lovely post! How wonderful that Bunny is enjoying learning to play. :) ... I get a bit crazy when I have a project that repeats over and over, so I'm all for whatever it takes to make it go by a bit more quickly. They are beautiful, those little hexies, with their rounds of happy colors, but lots and lots and lots of work!!! xo

  6. The harp makes the most beautiful sound! How wonderful that Bunny has the desire to learn! Your hexies are so sweet. I hope to pick up crochet someday to be able to make such pretty pieces that can be used in so many ways.

  7. I think your hexie factory is the way to go. Next blanket I make with squares or similar is going to be done the same way. A harp! How wonderful. I am so excited to hear more about this. My son takes guitar lessons and has done surprisingly well with it; he's not necessarily a musical child (doesn't sing much, etc.) but this is working for him. I have no idea whether my daughter will be the same way but she sings and dances the day away so I have hope. :)

  8. I love your little production line, such pretty colours. How lovely that your daughter is learning the harp, we went to a wedding recently, where there was a harpist, it was beautiful. Deb x

  9. It looks like you have a pretty sound operation going on there and it possibly seems like the best way to go about it to. Oh my a harp, how lucky are you???? I would be over the moon if one of mine wanted to play this beautiful instrument, it is such a joy to the listen to. Long may this interest last!! xoxo

  10. Oooh I love your little production line, what a fabulous idea! I'm working on my first granny squares at the moment, but I think the blanket will be a long time coming!! What a beautiful harp...lucky Bunny :)
    Caroline xx

  11. The factory is certainly turning them out! I am going to try it this way next project. No crocheting done this week, but wish I had some fairy music to inspire me...

  12. love the hexagons - and the harp is beautiful!

  13. Aww a what cute little production line, must be lovely to hear a harp tinkling away while you work, such a lovely way to put it 'fairies are visiting the house' maybe they'll help with a bit crochet while they are visiting . xx
    Clare x

  14. I love this story, how lucky you are to have a little one interested in music. Yes you have a musical family but it isn't a given your kids will like it too. I wanted my boys to take piano lessons and they would not have anything to do with it. Big Sigh! Love your hexi's, I am still on a African flower Baby Blanket vacation, I really must get back to it.

  15. I think the production line is a great way to keep yourself going Chrissie - and you can always make changes later when you become a bit 'over it', and go back to your original way! Why not!
    I do hope that Bunny keeps up her interest in the harp - I so love that sound, for me there's probably nothing compares or comes near to its beauty!
    Almost weekend, enjoy it lovely! Hugs, Joy xo

  16. I have just discovered your blog and find yet more gorgeous crochet loveliness to spur me on!! I love the sound of a harp, so beautiful. Sarah xo

  17. Hi Chrissie
    The hexes are looking great. I must admit I usually like you like to make them whole one by one but I opted for the factory method with my granny squares for the last cushion, it seems to work well. Wow harp lessons looks so lovely the sound from a harp is so relaxing good for her so great to have an interest xx

  18. The factory method is the most convenient way, it means you aren't switching colours too often either!! I hope this keeps you from throwing the project into the cupboard of doom for eternity! I think its beautiful that your daughter is wanting to learn to the play the harp, such a lovely hobby/talent to have :)

  19. Loving your hexies! Like the factory method, the little centres look very cute! Fantastic that your daughter is learning the harp, such a beautiful instrument.
    Marianne x

  20. I really like those hexies, what a gorgeous pattern. I tend to make a batch of one colour, then another, then another - it saves switching colours so much. Hang in there! x