Thursday, 30 January 2014

Retail therapy, crochet stylie...

I don’t know about you, but I have HAD IT with January! Finish already, for cryin’ out loud!

Yesterday I faced yet another morning of:
Waking to darkness;
Grumpy child, reluctant to get out of bed;
All of us running late, rushing out the door to school;
Rain, rain, rain. Chilling me to the bone.

I reached my limit. Absolutely fed up. Something had to be done. I ignored the cluttered kitchen table, the pile of stuff on the stairs that needed to be carted up and sorted...instead I hopped into the car and drove through the dreary rain and giant flood-puddles to a nearby village with a beautiful yarn shop.

I know I’m nursing my crochet-strained arms and shoulders, but I really want to make this shawl. I fancied it when I first saw Annette's design at My Rose Valley, and fell fully head over heels in love when I saw it again, not once, but twice: in beautiful pastels on Sandra’s blog, Cherry Heart, and then again in happy colours at Coco Rose Diaries. I purchased the pattern, printed it out, and took it with me to the yarn shop.

I spent a lovely half hour playing with the selection of colours whilst nibbling a pain au raisin from the bakery next door. I had balls of yarn laid out in rows on the carpet as I searched for the perfect colour combination. Like a kid in a candy shop I was, sampling this sweet colour, swapping for that bolder shade...

In the end, I came home with this:

I’m sure those of you who have been around long enough to see some other WIPs will not be surprised by this. I thought I was being rather clever, not buying a complete range of pink yarns (I am a very pink person). But when I got home, I noticed that some of the yarns are variations of the colours I chose for the Blossoming Bag...

...and they’re not all that different from my hexie blanket choices...

And the taupe which will be the main colour of the shawl is pretty identical to my living room

Well, at least I am coordinated! (But I may ask for some advice with my next impromptu WIP, get out of this comfort zone...but it is such a *pretty* zone!)

So another WIP. The purple scarf is very nearly done, the hexie blanket has a new batch of purple blooms this week, and I spent Bunny’s harp lesson crocheting the first few rows of the scarf! This is beautiful yarn to work with, soft and smooth and indulgent.

I ended the day with a rehearsal with the chamber choir, a few hours of beautiful music and singing. Talk about turning around a bad day!

January, you can kiss my...hand and take your leave! I have moved on!
Chrissie x  

PS Share what you’re crocheting to battle the January blahs! Link up below...


  1. Love your style Chrissie! that is one sure way to turn a bad day good.
    How exciting .... love love love your colours, i can't wait to start mine!
    love Jooles x x x

  2. HI Chrissie
    Love it - Take that January !
    And do you know what that is exactly what I am planning on doing today - heading straight to Bath to buy wool ! I love the Nordic Shawl pattern too, but as much as I want to be I just don't think I can carry off a shawl so I have decided to go for a wrap instead. Almost certainly will be a bit of grey in it !
    Love, love, love your colours , isn't it funny that however much we try we always home in to familiar colours. I'm no good at all at being a bit 'out there' with my colour choices. And isn't Sublime wool just the most heavenly yarn to work with ?
    Have fun with your new WIP,
    Kate x

  3. Love the colours you have chosen - a great way to deal with a very miserable January! Chin up... it will soon be spring! Julie x

  4. I know how you feel Chrissie. An early morning battle trying to get them out of bed is bad enough without everything else! I am going to take your lead and I'm off to the fabric shop later.
    Love your wool.
    Melanie xxx

  5. I know exactly what you mean about January - very depressing! Just right to take a trip to the yarn shop and what a lovely selection you bought. Roll on February, Ali

  6. Your front room looks gorgeous!! And the lovely yarn, oh yes perfect to rid one of the January blues. I'm really going to have to start my nordic shawl soon....

  7. It's beautiful shawl and the colours you've chosen are gorgeous. I always end up picking similar to what I always buy but saying that I did go wild last time and bought some purple and mustard colour yarn. X

  8. Choosing new yarn is so blissful. And that lovely bag with yarn poking out of the top - wonderful. I love your colour choices, always beautiful. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  9. Hi Chrissie I love your yarn such beautiful colours just what you needed to improve your day. I am getting so excited about a yarn trip I have planned for next week. My friend is coming to stay for a few days and we are going to Black Sheep Wool which is the equivalent of the best toy shop in the world. They have amazing wool at such great prices including your lovely sublime. Hope you have a great crafty day x

  10. Well you certainly put a bit of colour into January, don't worry January is almost gone!
    I love your colour choices, not sure you need to be taken out of your colour zone actually, if it's what you love then stick with it!
    V xxx

  11. ooh I have some of this wool and it's gorgeous to knit with. Your choice of colours are beautiful. look forward to seeing the finished shawl. Jx

  12. I am so with you on January. Lets kick him (because it just has to be him being this boring....) out and welcome February wide open arms. I need some light, some color and some energy to make it through this winter in grey. Phew!

    Thanks for all the link love and your color choices are adorable! It is funny how we at the end of the day often seem to end up with the same comfortable color theme... I have tried so hard at times to step out of my "multi color" range but somehow all those WiP's in pastels and pretty naturals just ends up unfinished and quicker than a ferret I'm back into the multi color range. Sigh. One day I will accomplish something in just ONE solid color or maybe a color theme of three... Enjoy your Nordic Shawl journey and please keep me posted on how you do.
    My Rose Valley

  13. Your shawl will be beautiful ... and yarn shopping is the perfect way to chase the January blues ... Bee xx

  14. Oh dear, I too did some yarn retail therapy. Late last night not only did I do the same as you and that was to buy and print off Annette's shawl, but I bought and printed off Sandra's Quite Contrary wrap from Cherry Heart. Then I proceeded to buy the yarn. So hopefully come tomorrow, my yarn will be here and I'll have to make the difficult decision of what one to make first. So as far as January goes, what January, I busy with my crochet.
    Take care
    Sally xxx

  15. You go gal!! This exact pattern inspired by cherry heart has moved the pattern to my basket in etsy and it's going to be my next project too. Yay we can compare notes. First I want to finish my blanket. Hopefully I have time later to blog about it and linking in. Love your colour choices xxx

  16. I love that shawl and it is going to be perfect in those colours! (That yarn is quite aptly named - it does indeed look "sublime"!) (Being in the Southern Hemisphere we are dying of the heat at the moment - so if you don't mind I am going to link something I made during our winter).

  17. I completely agree - sometimes we all need to drop everything in favour of some yarny retail therapy to make us feel better. Can't wait to see the finished shawl the colours are lovely. I'm fed up with the low levels of light too...I'm trying to photograph my work for a tutorial and I think I've just wasted the whole afternoon cos they are too dull. NAFF OFF January!!! X

  18. What a brilliant way to kick the January blues.

  19. Well done you for taking matters in hand and banishing those January blues! Love, love, love the yarns you've chosen - and perhaps it's not so much a comfort zone as a happy zone, so if these colours make you happy, no need to move :-)
    I'm so over January now too... just two more sleeps though.. yippee..
    Looking forward to seeing your shawl as it progresses,
    love & hugs xx

  20. Soft them...your shawl will be beautiful...
    Have a nice day ! Have fun !

  21. Those colors will be so beautiful. I really love them. I hope this does the trick to rid you of the January blues! Our weather has been really good here, but I'm still tired of this month myself. I feel like it's been January for about three months already!

  22. Well you like what you like right? Can't wait to see the shawl: I have some of that yarn and it is indeed such a pleasure to work with. Kind of spoils you for anything else!

    Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

  23. Your comfort zone is such a pretty place...I love the colors that you have chosen. It will be beautiful when you are done. I have made myself wait until the end of January to order the Nordic Shawl, trying to finish up sooo many WIP's. I have plans to download it tomorrow and go shopping on Saturday. So excited. Not quite sure what I will end up with, but that is half the fun! Thanks for the link-up. Have a great day.

  24. Adorei seus trabalhos.



    Lígia e =^.^=

  25. Your shawl will be beautiful in those colours and that yarn is really lovely to work with too. I always tend to be drawn towards the same colours too ~ blue and green tones ~ inspired by the sea. Will try and link up my latest project but can't promise that it will work :O)x

  26. I'm with you go away January!
    looking forward to seeing how your shawl turns out lovely colours xx

  27. I absolutely love the colours you have chosen, I know the shawl I have seen it on the blog My Rose Valley, it's just gorgeous, I will give it a try when I have more time for myself...

    Lluisa x

  28. Oh doth my goodness Chrissie, the yarn you have chosen looks gorgeous! I know that your shawl will be just beautiful. A yarn purchase seems like the perfect way to brighten up a yucky January day!
    Marianne x

  29. Anonymous7:35 am GMT

    So glad your day turned out well and hope today started better. No crochet done this week - just struggling on with the knitting!

  30. I love this shawl, it is so pretty, your colours are lovely too. Hope that you enjoy making and wearing it. xx

    1. Hi Chrissie, I have finally added a link having only just done my post! xx

  31. I love these Nordic shawls and am tempted to have a go myself if my crochet skills are up to it. I like the colours you've chosen and that soooo soft Sublime merino is going to give you such a lovely hug. The blossoming bag is really lovely, the little flower motifs look as though they're joined-as-you-go? Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane x

  32. ~ Dear Chrissie, LOVE and love some more your beautiful shawl...You'll be the 'bees knees' wearing this, I'm sure...~ We are nearly there my friend....Old January nearly over for another year!
    Take time to dream and create....You have a beautiful space to set your desires and dreams into action...
    Hugs and twinkles ******
    Maria x

  33. Well, if it ain't broke... a lovely twist on a successful colour combo is I good thing I think. Love your living room too, with that lovely wall of books!

    S x

  34. I'm so in need of some retail therapy after a poorly week and some of your gorgeous yarn would be just perfect. Your bag is a complete stunner - I'm in love! x

  35. oooohhh... thanks for sharing your yarny goodness :) the colours are beautiful. You can't beat a bit of retail therapy, especially in January ha ha :)

    Your bag is lovely :)

  36. Chrissie I really adore your bag and would love one for the spring, it is so pretty and I adore the colours you have used, just perfect. A great post Chrissie, thanks so much
    Lots of love

  37. What a beautiful colour choice. Soft and warm and cosy - perfect for keeping winter chills away. Choosing colours is a funny thing. Your mind is kind of geared into leaning towards what it knows and recognises, well and when you create stuff - towards what it knows works. Nothing wrong with that. If I feel I need a change, I usually look for images and patterns with a colour scheme that appeals to me and then have those images right next to me while making my choices.
    BTW adore your living room - what a great space!
    Anna x

  38. Beautiful... my kind of shopping trip :) xx

  39. Those are beautiful! I haven't picked up yarn in a few weeks, but we've been getting a lot of snow lately so I think it's about time! Working on my big granny square blanket seems like a good way to spend a snowy weekend!

  40. Thank god it's February now though, hope you had some sun like we did today :-) I can completely empathise with your crochet aches, I had them before xmas and my advice is stop! It sucks but if you have gotten RSI from knitting or crochet then the best thing to do is stop til it goes away and then ease yourself back in. I kept going and made it so painful :(

    I like your colours and it's nice that everything is co-ordinated, but I think tempting you out of your comfort zone sounds like fun!

  41. Amei conhecer o seu blog,achei maravilhoso.Visite-me:
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  42. Oh yes, a yarn purchase and a new WIP is definitely the way to go. I like the colours you chose very much - I tend to stick to a similar palate without meaning to. I've seen that shawl on two blogs this week and admired it both times. It's a lovely pattern. Also - I like your sitting room very much, you have nice taste. And we share the same Ikea TV cabinet! x

  43. Loved reading your post. And I really like your colour choices.
    Happy crafting.


  44. Olá amiga,vim retribuir sua carinhosa visita ao meu cantinho.
    Fiquei feliz por seguir-me!!!
    Obrigada,volte sempre e pegue o meu selinho de agradecimento!

    Beijos Marie.

  45. What a perfect way to get over the blues, and how I love your chosen colours - I want some of those, yesterday!!! I'm looking forward to seeing your next work of art! Love, Joy xo

  46. Chrissie Dahhlink! I think we may also have the same sofa!!
    lovely bag......D xxx