Thursday, 23 January 2014

Crochet Happy

I started this week with a Crochet Clinic on Monday evening. I came up with this title during my last Crochet Workshop series – the lovely ladies of the group wanted to meet up again following the workshop, so I suggested a monthly crochet evening, where they can bring their projects and I’ll be on hand to offer advice, assistance and cake. Not just a craft group, but a place where these beginners can learn more, share experiences and advance their technique.

I managed a few more rows on my purple scarf that evening, but I’m afraid I suffered a crochet-related injury. Yes, I explained to Darling Husband, there is such a thing (he, who is veteran of marathons, cycle races, mountain marathons, even an Ironman, cannot believe that the quiet craft can result in a terrible strained shoulder!).

I’ll be fine in a few days; I was being careless. I followed up the crocheting Monday evening by walking home with a huge pile of books in a bag on my shoulder. As soon as I set the bag down, a sharp pain shot along my shoulder and into my back. What a donut!

Luckily, I know a massage therapist and a physiotherapist (craft groups bring people together from all sorts of backgrounds!), so I’m getting advice and treatments and will be back to normal soon. In the meantime, here’s some bits of crochet happy:

Remember Little Red?
A fabric and wool shop in a nearby town has approached me to teach crochet workshops for them! It’s a wonderful shop, in a beautiful setting (anyone know Petworth? So lovely...) and we’re planning dates to teach daytime classes. The owner wants to put some of my crochet makes in her big window display, she especially loves Little I need to get the Wolf finished!

I won’t bore you with yet more photos of stacks of hexies, but I am loving this floral blanket project again! For my new followers, you can see the beginnings of this project here and here. You are welcome to join me and make one too!

I try to resist the Cath Kidston catalogue, telling myself that the ubiquitous brand lacks its early, truly English-made allure, but then I am faced with pages like this

*gulp* that pink spotty bag...

And this

the weighing scales...

Oh but this, I can do this much better!

Granny square blanket – I’ve seen so many prettier examples of this blanket here in Blogland - we are just so on trend!

I leave you with a gratuitous photo of chocolate cake.

I have dubbed this the “Life-Saving Cake”, because I was having a one of “those days” with the kiddos, they were bickering and whining and being generally horrid...I was about to run screaming from the house forever, but instead I rummaged through the cupboards for ingredients and made us all stand together and bake. By the end we were giggling and licking batter off spatulas and generally all in love with each other again. The power of cake.

Share what’s on your hook below, and don’t forget to stretch those arms and shoulders!

Chrissie x


  1. Lovely scarf...and post !
    Have a nice day !

  2. Fantastic news about the crochet workshops! You will be great. Your purple scarf is looking gorgeous and I look forward to seeing the wolf to go with little red!
    Marianne x

  3. Oh - I think my comment disappeared! Your post echoes what is happening round here ( I even have a matching poorly shoulder!). A hexie project is next on my list. The Cath Kidston brochure arrived at lunchtime, I have left it open at the apron as a "birthday suggestion"! :) But I agree with you about the Granny blanket - we can do better than that!
    On my hook at the moment - the "as-we-go-stripey-blanket" - which is fun, so far.

  4. Great news about the workshop, sorry to hear about you're shoulder hope it's on the mend soon
    Clare xx

  5. the craft club sounds great, and great news about the new workshops.

  6. Oh I've had that injury too...not nice!
    I'm afraid I can't ignore CK, I find that impossible! ;)
    Congrats on your crochet classes, that is brilliant news!
    V x

  7. Sorry you've got a crochet-inhibiting injury, I do hope you have a speedy recovery. Cake does indeed have magical properties.

  8. You're really on fire with your crochet prowess lately! I'm so happy for you. I know you will be a great teacher and your classes will be popular. I agree with you about that CK blanket; I see them online and I'm always surprised by the cost. More people should learn to crochet and make those for themselves. It's fun! Your cake looks delicious and I'm glad it mended the fences. :)

  9. I love your scarf! Beautiful stripes. Hope you feel better soon! But nice having crochet classes/ groups, Great to meet up with likeminded. Anna x

  10. crochet loveliness. I am very new to crochet, just 3 classes in, so I won't be posting photos of my 2 granny squares or my single easy corsage just yet. Love the scarf as they are my favourite colours

  11. I have the pattern for the hexes from Simply Crochet. I tried last night but found it a bit confusing. I'm a beginner and this was the most challenging thing I'd tried. Maybe I'll just watch you instead :)

  12. Thanks for the blog party link, I am a little behind because the deadline was 15th January. Nevermind, great minds think alike! Jo x

  13. Sorry about the arm, i can recommend accupunture! Great news about the classes and that sure is a pretty scarf in the making. I see what you mean about the blanket! Heather x

  14. I think I would pay a lot of money for that pink polka dot purse. Love your crochet and I am so thrilled that you have been asked to teach at the store. Your future (and current) students are very lucky.

  15. Hi Chrissie, lovely scarf - such beautiful colours. The hexies are so pretty, I have this book and fancy having a go at these myself. Congratulations on the crochet workshop offer - Petworth is such a beautiful place; I've been through it many times but never stopped so now I know there is a fabric and yarn shop there I will definitely stop and call in. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Jane x

  16. I hope that your shoulder/back is better soon, that is so horrid. Congratulations on being asked to take the classes - well done you!! I looked online at that crochet blanket, and was not impressed! I didn't think that it was as well made as a lot of things that I have seen on blogs! Just think how much yarn you could buy for that hey!! Hope that you have a good week and that you get well soon. xx

  17. Poor you! Hopefully your should is getting better rather sooner than later! :( And I would rather invest the money into lovely wool than in that blanket. 75 quid? Is that made in China? xx

  18. I absolutely believe in the power of cake!! Makes everything better. Hope your shoulder improves soon. xx

  19. Love your crochet loveliness! Am trying to organise for friends and I to attend crochet classes... wish we lived nearer to you! Oh, and the power of cake... x

  20. Oh No Chrissie! that's not good, I hope your shoulder is back to full health VERY soon x
    I love little red so much she is going to look a treat in the window!
    love Jooles x x x
    P.S how i would love a slice of your cake!

  21. I do hope your shoulder is soon happy again Chrissie - but apart from that, what wonderful news and projects going on at your place, you must be so excited; I am certainly excited for you and wish you the very best with the classes and loads of fun to boot! Love, Joy xo

  22. Petworth, such a pretty little place. I wish I lived on your side of the Dartford Crossing, then I would join you for the classes. I. somehow, cannot manage a straight crochet edge. What a fool ;0) Love the Hexies and the cake.

  23. Just wanted to thank you for the kind words and the follow :) Loving your hexie blanket - I had seen that pattern on Marianne's blog too and was contemplating buying the book - but then it appeared in my copy of Simply Crochet magazine - hurrah! x

  24. Oh dear poor shoulder. hope you feel much better soon. Good luck with the classes x

  25. Hi Chrissie, I love this post and can relate to your day with the children - I might try the baking trick when things get bad! I hope your shoulder gets better quick so you can get on with your scarf, it's looking great! Good luck with the crochet classes, Sam xx

  26. What a lot of wonderful things you have going on at the moment! Congratulations and good luck with everything :)

    S x

  27. Wow that's amazing news honey!! Well done you. You must be chuffed to bits!! You are going to be amazing. Loving the scarf and that cakes needs to be popped on to my weekly bake, maybe later today xxx

  28. Congratulations on your classes ... you must be delighted ... and I hope your poorly shoulder is better again soon ... Bee xx

  29. Chrissie Darling! I know Petworth...many years ago when flying to and from Gatwick I lived in lower Beeding nr Horsham, somewhere near Petworth i think? my Brain is foggy tonight...pain killers and wine...marvellous.
    had not realised you too have a crochet related injury...poor you...feeling the pain...go shopping it really doea help but only online so no carrying required!!
    bestest to you just adding you to my side bar as i type long overdue!