Thursday, 1 August 2013

Stitching season

I’m still stitching away at various embroidery projects, and if I haven’t finished them by next week then I will at least post WIP photos to show I am making progress with them!

I wonder if there tends to be a ‘season’ for particular crafts? Obviously, when the weather gets warmer we tend to put away the wool and crochet hooks – who wants to make a blanket in the hot summer sunshine? (Baby blankets don’t count, I had to work towards my friend’s due date!) And there’s nothing better than to huddle up next to a fire during the dark days of winter, hook in hand, crocheting the cold away...I’m not sure if there is a season more conducive to sewing – I’m still too much of a newbie; I’m happy to get any block of time to get the machine out, no matter what day of the year!
Embroidery is very suited to lazy summer days, whether it’s sitting outside in a shady corner of the garden, or indoors on the sofa watching the rain through the window. Little Flower agrees – she decided to snuggle up next to me and do some of her own stitching!

I received a little treat the other day that will get me started on another project from The Hand-Stitched Home...

I have been teaching a friend to crochet, and she has taken to it like a fish to water. She also happens to be married to a very skilled woodworker, so she asked him to cut some triangular blocks so I could make the bookends! A little present for me so I can start a new project. Yippee!
Chrissie x


  1. Those book ends look delightful. Are you going to have a go? Jo x

  2. I personally do think that seasons make a difference, but right now in life for me I just grab whatever moments I can to do what I can next, whether it is sewing, crochet or embroidery. I so love the look of those book-ends, I have my eye on them too. How lucky for you to get those made especially for your little project, extra special. It will certainly be home spun living, that's for sure! Much love you lovely xoxo

  3. Oooh, lucky you! My book arrived and I'm enjoying pouring over it and deciding what I'm going to try. Those bookends are lovely - look forward to seeing yours done :-)

  4. Oh yes Chrissie - I'm looking forward to seeing those covered and maybe even decorated - of course - what else could we expect from your magic hands!
    Your little one is doing well with her little piggy, isn't that gorgeous! Taking after her talented Mum!
    Joy xo

  5. I wished you lived near to me! Still sooooo much to learn! :) x

  6. Hello Chrissie
    Piggy stitching looks fun greAt practice for little fingers.
    Loving the bookends great when we can do favours for each other using our individual talents x

  7. The little piggy stitching is such a cute idea and a great way to learn. How lovely that you had the bookends made especially for you....I look forward to seeing how you decorate them. Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen x