Thursday, 20 March 2014

Of mandalas and madness...

I finished my second mandala – a beautiful and remarkably easy pattern designed by Wink. I love the seaside palette. I could make a dozen of these!

In fact, it was the pattern of choice at my crochet group meeting on Monday evening. A few of the lovely ladies who come along to the monthly meet-ups were interested in trying out a circular pattern, and the mandalas fit the bill. I came along armed with my giant supply of Drops Paris and the hooks started flying...

Here are some mandalas in progress. I love the different colour palettes, the icy blues and greys, the bright greens and turquoises. The group learned more about crocheting in a round, changing colours (tip: make sure you join a new colour in a different place with each round to avoid one big ridge of woven-in ends), and the most important skill of all: keeping track of your crochet stitches while you participate in conversation!

Hmmm...perhaps that could be the focus of my next crochet masterclass?

I’m fast becoming addicted to mandala making, and I know some others who feel the same way...I feel a project coming this space!

I am officially addicted to crocheting shawls. Getting close to the point of madness, really, especially considering that I never wore shawls and was never interested in doing so.

It kicked off with the Nordic Shawl, then I bought this gorgeous Louisa Harding Etoile yarn, and a sparkly shawl seems an absolute necessity in my life.

I am hooking away at a spring-into-summer shawl, based on a triangular scarf design by Erika Knight but altered by me to make a piece that can be gathered into a scarf or worn open as a lacy shawl. The taupe shade combined with the sparkle make it perfect for in-between seasons, as it can sober up brighter summer wear that looks a bit out of place in April or September. That’s my thinking behind it, at least.

But that’s not all, oh no siree!

Sandra at Cherry Heart has created another doozy, the Ricicles Shawl. Of course I just couldn’t help myself, I must have one! A most divine item for summer, and it gives me the opportunity to indulge my pastel love. I’m playing around with the prettiest pinks and blues in soft cottons, trying to decide which five shades will work best...

Shawls and mandalas, mandalas and shawls, it’s all mad, but it’s all good!

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Chrissie x


  1. I love your mandalas and can quite see the attraction, and the attraction of the shawls too!! I love the Nordic and ricicles!! Happy crochet days!! xx

  2. ooh lovely lovely mandalas I really fancy having a go at making one, love the yarn for the shawl.
    Clare xx

  3. SUCH a pretty, sparkly shawl and an absolute necessity for your Spring/Summer 14 wardrobe. Looking forward to seeing the end product as your pattern sounds very intriguing.
    Loving all your pastel shades too, think I'd find it hard to choose too.
    Have a good Thursday
    Kate x

  4. Another beautiful mandala, and that gorgeous shawl is growing - you're madder than I am, methinks, lovely Chrissie! I think I need to finally get stuck into a mandala after putting off for so long - you've inspired me again - never mind the quilt, or the bags and all that fabric, or the three crochet blankets on the go, give me a mandala pattern and let's get cracking. Your group are so very fortunate to have you in their midst to teach and encourage them along m'dear, you're a blessing! Lots of love, Joy xo
    PS Thanks for making the link available, I'll try and get Peter Rabbit on there, many thanks!

  5. Lovely mandalas in such gorgeous shades, they do look fun to make - I must add that to my list of "to makes"!
    Those new yarns are just so beautiful, they will make a lovely Ricicles shawl - just popped over to look at Sandra's and its lovely! Bet you can't wait to get started!
    I used to love wearing shawls as a teenager in the 70s (whoops. showing my age here!) with jeans and cheesecloth shirts (why havent they come back in - i loved them!) but havent yet caught the bug as I'm not sure I would wear them......getting sorely tempted though, and can certainly appreciate their loveliness.
    Nothing to link up with this week sadly, but hopefully will by next Thursday!
    Have a great weekend Chrissie!
    Gill xx

  6. C
    I love that recycled cotton, I use it for dish cloths!!
    it washes like a dream...will be lovely to use as a shawl too the colours are so subtle...
    speak soon
    d x

  7. Your mandalas are beautiful and your shawl will be...
    Have a Happy First Day of Spring !

  8. Oooooh lots of delicious yarn and I love the mandalas, great colours! :)
    V x

  9. Love the colours in the mandala and I think I've got that pattern - just need to choose my colours now. Loving your shawl too - that yarn is just so gorgeous. x

  10. Ooh, that sparkly shawl is such a lovely colour. I too loved Sandra's Ricicles Shawl, especially the latest one in those beautiful variegated pastel yarns, and thought "definitely making one of those" but alas, my Nordic is barely out of the starting blocks so I am being strong!! Those pastel colours are going to be lovely. Have a great weekend.
    Jane x

  11. So much yarny loveliness today Chrissie! Loving the colours for your Ricicles and the Nordic are both on my to do list for when I get a bit more experienced......I may just have to try a mandala this space. Linking up with my latest efforts. Sarah xo

  12. The sparkly shawl should be necessary in everyone's life I think hehe. Lovely mandalas too. xx

  13. Love the mandelas and that shawl is beautiful.

  14. I do so love a hint of sparkle. And I'm intrigued by the "Simply Recycled" yarn, such beautiful colours and a great idea. I shall look out for it.

  15. Oh your mandala is beautiful!! I do love the sea/ocean tones to it. The groups mandalas are all beautiful as well!

    That yarn is beautiful in the shawl pattern, and all of the pastel yarns will look beautiful too!! I see plenty shawls being made, but I am a scarf girl!x

  16. You've been so busy! The mandalas are gorgeous, I want to make some too. The sparkly yarn is sooo pretty! That will be a perfect shawl.

  17. All very luscious here! the mandalas are fab and that sparkly yarn ..... ooooohh
    love Jooles x x x

  18. Oh Chrissie, not another shawl! (shares same madness for them). Now I have to make that one - loving the sparkles! Jane x

  19. Well it will keep you out of mischief if nothing else.

  20. gosh haven't done any crocheting for a while now, your keeping up the end for me! a true burst of spring energy. I like the sea blue mandalas, almost a work of art there altogether, must be fun all of you, Heather x

  21. I made a crochet mandala once and it was nice to do, but I don't know what to do with it now it's finished....
    I wonder what your project will be :-)
    And you can never have to many shawls, can you? Like that yarn you are using...
    Love from Mirjam.

  22. Your Etoile shawl is off to a great start. The mandalas are lovely, too.

  23. Your Etoile shawl is off to a good start. The mandalas are lovely, too.

  24. Oh Chrissie, I do love your sparkly shawl. I love a shawl, I love the cosy nature of them even if made in lace they feel like a hug around my arms .Your mandalas are so lovely

  25. Lots of pretty mandalas!!!!!! Drops Paris is one of my favourite cottons. Oh my gosh your beaded shawl is beautiful. Have a great weekend. Deb x

  26. Yes aren't these mandalas just so addictive, can you believe I'm busy king another, this time for mum. I have bought my yarn for my shawl, well actually I started by what I had and then added as pennies are few so it's in the list to do very soon. Enjoy your weekend and will email soon xxx

  27. The mandalas are gorgeous. I love Wink's designs. Your shawl is beautiful also.

  28. I've never worn a shawl before yet I'm obsessed with looking at patterns for them. I have found so many gorgeous knit patterns, and that crochet one you're working on is lovely!
    I've been wanting to make some mandalas, I think I'm going to have to start stitching!

  29. Love your sea-side coloured mandala. It's good to hear you and your crochet ladies had a great time making these. You can never go wrong with a bit of sparkly yarn too! X