Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Back to life, back to reality...

Just popping in quickly to say a belated hello and Happy Easter to all in Blogland! We arrived home late last night from a week skiing in Norway.

A much, much-needed little break, lots of sunshine and warm April temperatures atop snow still ripe for skiing.

Above you can see Little Flower on the left, and Bunny further down the hill on the right, having their first skiing lessons. By the third day both were whizzing down the baby slope...

...and Bunny even joined me on the bigger slopes! It was so warm that winter jackets were shed at the top of the mountain.

But now I must attend to the unpacking, the sorting, the food shopping, and these unquestionably less exciting mountains:

I am winding my way through the Post-Holiday Mountain Range. I definitely prefer the mountains in Norway!

Back soon to tell you more, and to catch up on all your blogs!

Chrissie x


  1. Lovely to have you back! So glad you all enjoyed your break...the photos are lovely.
    Marianne x

  2. Looks like you had a much needed break and a great time with your family. Unfortunately there is always the downside of piles of washing once you get home.

  3. Great to hear that you had a wonderful break, looks really stunning scenery. Feeling very envious but certainly not of the washing and post holiday blues.....

  4. Lovely clear, bright photos. It's good to have you back x

  5. Lucky You to have This Sun.
    We had a terrible Winter This year and no sun gère in Canada.
    What a wonderful country Norway.
    Miss xx

  6. Sounds like a lovely family holiday glad you all had fun - hope you get sorted out soon. Post holiday catching up can be exhausting xxx

  7. So glad you had a lovely time.
    Hugs and welcome home,

  8. Looks amazing ! Welcome home, you'll have the unpacking sorted in no time.
    Kate x

  9. Welcome back! This sounds like a wonderful way to spend the break. Good luck with the new mountains. :)

  10. How wonderful, sounds like a gorgeous break. Hard to come back to normality with a bump but at least you'll have lovely memories to day dream on as you load the yawning beast (washing machine).

  11. Nice pictures !

  12. AAGGHH so jealous. Andy and I used to ski every year, maybe even twice when we were both working and child free. We were going to go this year for our 40th birthdays but chickened out on taking the children and thought it would be too much hard work while they are small. i would love to here more please.... Jo x

  13. Welcome home, from lovely lovely Norway, we went on a fjord cruise a few year back and it was wonderful, so lovely to see a bit of snow.
    Clare x

  14. HI Chrissie, welcome back, I've missed you but so happy to hear you all had such fun and excitement! Much love, Joy xoxo

  15. Hi Chrissie, welcome home :-)
    Tracey xx

  16. Anonymous7:44 am BST

    Glad you had a lovely holiday, and I do agree about all the washing!


  17. 'Post-holiday mountain range' - I love that!

    Glad you had such a super time. Isn't it wonderful how quickly children take to skiing? Oh to be able to bottle that confidence.

    Heather x

  18. It looks fabulous Chrissie, glad you had such a wonderful time and hope you feel rested, despite the 'post-holiday mountain range'. Brings you back down to earth with such a bump doesn't it?
    Jane x

  19. What a wonderful skiing trip, Chrissie! Glad you had a lovely time and a refreshing break. Hope you soon get the laundry mountain conquered!
    Helen xox

  20. Looks like a fabulous trip and VERY pretty too.
    Sweet little skiing girlies x
    Good luck with the boring mountains!
    see you soon, love Jooles x x x

  21. It looks so beautiful over there!
    So good you had a great time...
    Love from Mirjam.

  22. So glad you are back.....let the chatting commence.....D x

    Ps I used to love that song in your title?
    Pps i love your snow pics..x

  23. Oooohh - you were in Norway?? How exciting! I would love to go there (but not to ski - I can't ski but would quite happily sit in a nearby bar and drink hot chocolate while watching). I'd love to know what you thought of the place. It looks like a fab holiday, anyway. We haven't been away but I still seem to have a washing mountain, how is that possible? xx

  24. Gorgeous views. I'm with Gillian on this one though - nice to look at with a hot cocoa but not to whizz down! x