Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Late to the party...

The Easter holiday has made me late to Daisy’s Sew-A-Long, but better late than never!

You may remember my good fortune with the chosen pattern from this post, so I bought my fabric – a happy springtime floral – and set out to make a good start the other evening. I didn’t assume that I’d finish the entire skirt, I haven’t sewn clothing since I was, like, 14, but I imagined a decent amount of progress.

So with the pattern instructions on my left, and Daisy’s Part One tutorial on my iPad to the right, I pinned on the pattern pieces my grandma had cut out years ago.

All was going well, but I noticed I had four little tissue facing pieces rather than just the two pictured in the instructions. I grabbed the phone and rang Grandma; she assured me that all was fine, there just happened to be two of each facing piece, probably from a duplicate pattern she had for my mother.
I told her I had pinned all the pieces and was going to cut the fabric into pieces. Then she asked me a question.

“Chrissie, is the floral pattern all over, or does it go in one direction?”

I stared at the fabric. “Erm...all over. No, wait. There’s a big pink flower that’s in one direction. Oh, drat!”

I was grateful that my grandma had saved me from a Great British Sewing Bee-type gaff, but then I felt the frustration of a project interrupted. Why couldn’t I have chosen a simple solid colour? Why must I make things more difficult for myself?

“Grandma, I don’t have enough fabric to pin the panel the other way. I’ll have to go buy some more tomorrow.” Cue pouting and grumbling.

Then my mom, who was on the other phone at Grandma’s, chimed in: “Go crochet something.”

So I sat in the corner and did what my mother told me.

The crochet corner
Next morning I had a crochet lesson to teach, but straight after I zipped to the haberdashery and bought more fabric. Now the pieces fit in the right direction.

This time I was confident to cut the fabric.

I now have my skirt pieces ready to start sewing, I have a good amount of leftover fabric to use for other projects (I bought extra because it was inexpensive and I feel more secure with some back-up fabric)...

...and I have a jolly colourway to use for a crochet blanket someday! This strip is from the selvedge, which offers wonderful little dots of yarn inspiration!

Next step: Get sewing! More on that soon...

Chrissie x

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  1. There's nothing like a calming bit of crochet to make everything right. The fabric is pretty, looking forward to seeing it finished.

  2. Oh your skirt is going to be so pretty in that fabric! I love the selvedge's on fabric there are some really pretty ones. Great idea to keep them as a crochet colour inspiration S xo

  3. I think your grandma deserves a bouquet of tulips :-) !
    Lucky you, such beautiful fabric, imagine if you would have already cut it before hearing your grandmother...

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again Chrissie ..... I LOVE your Grandma ..... she is an angel. Your skirt is going to be amazing, I just know it! Such pretty fabric too.
    love Jooles x x x

  5. Can't wait to see your finished skirt! Bet it's going to look great - I hope you'll model it for us! Maria x

  6. What pretty fabric, & how wonderful to still have your grandmother to help. A fabulous looking blanket in your crochet corner too.

  7. Well firstly I just love your fabric....if it was plain you might not like it as much! And secondly, thank goodness for Grandmas and Mothers! :) x

  8. awe its going to be lovely Chrissie, the fabric is gorgeous! :)
    V x

  9. The fabric is so pretty! love it!
    It's going to be lovely I'm sure. Your crochet is looking lovely too. Have a lovely week x

  10. Wow Chrissie - that fabric is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished x Jane

  11. So far so good! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

  12. Gorgeous fabric, glad your family saved the day, look forward to seeing the finished skirt, the crochet looks lovely too
    Clare x

  13. Ah lovely Grandma - she's a wonder! I'm so glad everything was sorted before the scissors came in on the act, Chrissie, and you'll remember that one next time too! It's such a pretty floral, and will make a gorgeous summer skirt - take your time with it and enjoy the process! Your shawl is coming on a treat - I do so love those colours! A happy week to you and yours, with love, Joy xo

  14. There will be no stopping you now Chrissie! The fabric is so pretty. I've always tended to get a bit extra too so that I can add what's left to my fabric remnant stash :-)
    Tracey xx

  15. What lovely fabric. I'm glad you were able to get more

  16. A good lesson learned phew...where are you up to now? i am here if you need me.
    Love that your Mum told you to encouraging?
    Great idea for selvedge colour to rescue mine from the bin!
    D x
    Ps just checked out the tulip tip..fab...x

  17. See mum's and grandma's are always right and give the best advice just at the exact time it is needed. All your projects look to of worked out well.

  18. Thank goodness for grandma's and mother's.I have been bitten by the sewing bug and have bought some lovely fabric .I have not used my machine for over 25 years, if I am honest I am a bit frightened ,I have been spending lots of time cutting patchwork squares. I am going to try and make a kindle case.
    Your shawl is really working up very quickly and it looks wonderful cant wait for the big reveal.
    Have a lovely day

  19. Oh I am loving that fabric Chrissie, it will make a beautiful skirt. How helpful and knowledgable your grandma is! Good luck with the rest of the project.
    Marianne x

  20. Pretty fabric - I'm looking forward to seeing the finished garment. Best wishes, Pj x

  21. Lovely fabric ! Your skirt will be beautiful !
    Have a nice day !!!

  22. Your new skirt will be lovely, Chrissie! How clever your grandma is to ask just the right question just in time!
    Btw, I was pleased to hear you have one of the Emma Bridgewater mugs the same shape as mine....they might be quite unusual early ones!
    Good luck with your sewing and have a happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  23. I love the fabric and I know your skirt is going to be really beautiful. Your grandma is such a sweetheart! I'm so glad you have her for guidance and inspiration, and your mom too. Good girl listening to them, it helped you a lot. :)

  24. Oh my, I wouldn't have thought of fabric going in the right direction, etc. How lovely, thoughtful and helpful your grandma is and your mum too, for suggesting you do something else to take your mind of it! I love your fabric, it's very pretty and will make a lovely summer skirt - looking forward to ta dah. The ricicles shawl is looking rather gorgeous too - looks like it could be almost there? Have a lovely stitchey weekend!
    Jane x

  25. I love your Grandma's advice to go and crochet something instead! Your fabric is beautiful, so I am sure that your skirt will be lovely when it is finished - as will your crochet! xx

  26. Anonymous7:21 am BST

    Thank goodness for Grandmas! Your skirt is going to look great.

  27. Glad you decided to call your Grandma! I'd have made the same mistake too so thanks for telling us about your near miss. Looking forward to seeing the final skirt - lovely fabric. x

  28. Have fun with your sewing Chrissie. That is SUCH a good idea to use the colour dots on the fabric edge as colour inspiration, you're a clever thing !
    have a lovely weekend,
    Kate x

  29. Phew! Just in the nick of time! It is going to be ready for a lovely summer day and you know we are all expecting you to model it now that we know what you look like!!! Jo x

  30. Yay for Grandma, and Mum :-) Love your sweet fabric, and what a great idea with the selvedge. Going to keep all mine from now on too!
    Happy weekend,

  31. Hello Lovely Chrissie apologies for the lateness in replying to your fabulous post but life has been too hectic recently (this will have to stop!). I love the fabric you are using Chrissie and cannot wait to see the finished piece. What a good idea with the colour strip I wouldn't have thought of that. Always a pleasure to call over to see you Chrissie, hope you have a fabulous weekend, big hugs and loves

  32. Gorgeous fabric ... it will be a beautiful skirt ... Bee xx

  33. Well done! So pretty! Lots of use! It does feel satisfying when you have made something like that! I made a couple of skirts earlier this year also first ones from scratch since school, a bit tricky but funfun!! And looking at your pretty fabric I wonder if I have not a floral skirt in me somewhere just waiting to be made... Anna x

  34. Well done! Love the fabric (and the colour dots, how cool are those!) and it's going to be a gorgeous skirt. And you've probably learnt loads too. x