Thursday, 24 April 2014

Days like weeks

We had one of those rare breaks where it felt like we’d been away for three weeks rather than one.

The days were reminiscent of childhood, where time slows and stretches and lasts forever.

My Darling Husband is half Norwegian. He was born and raised in the UK, but his mother hails from Oslo. We have lots of family there, which makes for an easy holiday destination, with lots of relatives to visit and play with the children.

Visiting nearby parks along the fjord
We stayed for a few days on the outskirts of the city, at the family home, which overlooks a fjord. Idyllic.

(Of course, I look at the little islands dotted around and wonder if Tone Finnanger, of Tilda fame, lives somewhere nearby, creating ever more beautiful patterns...but I digress...)

My brother-in-law came skiing with us, and it was wonderful having an extra person there to help with the girls. They absolutely adore their uncle, and were more than happy to stay and play and ski with him, which gave hubby and I the occasional moment to ski together...

The mountains are so absolutely still, completely peaceful and quiet; I felt like I was on another planet, far away from all cares. It was glorious.

We stayed in an apartment at the base of the mountain, an ideal location just a short stroll to the ski lift. I prefer to stay in an apartment so that we can come and go as we please, and we have a kitchen so we can eat at our leisure and not rely on restaurants. Perfect accommodation when travelling with young children.

I had some time to myself, which I spent sitting in the sunshine at the lodge on the mountainside, drinking hot chocolate, eating scrumptious Norwegian pastry (what that country can do with ground almonds! Yum!!!) and just *being*.

I really don’t do that enough. Just be.

Back at the family home we had some fun exploring local shops – including Ikea, which is a 15-minute walk from the house. Given that it takes about an hour-and-a-half at least to get to one from our home in the UK, I wanted to pop in here to see what’s new. I fell in love with pink shelving units that are worth the trip back here in England, and I bought a few goodies to squeeze into the suitcase:

These little votive/vase cuties will serve all sorts of purposes, such as holding the pretty Ikea napkins here (I’ll use those to prettify the girls’ lunchboxes). The fairy wand on the wall behind is not from Ikea, it is mine.

We also popped into Panduro Hobby (I’ve only ever drooled over their catalogue and ordered online in the UK) and paid homage to the Tilda section:

Taken on my iPhone, in lousy shop lighting, but you get the idea. I had to refrain from buying everything until I use up the other Tilda fabric I already have at home...

I managed to sneak some craft projects into my luggage to work on in the evenings.

I wasn’t able to pack multiple balls of yarn, so that ruled out the Ricicles Shawl for the holiday. I’ve never made a crochet jumper or cardigan, but after seeing the multiple versions of the Rosa Cowl Sweater on Coco Rose Diaries, I decided that I *needed* one myself! So a few balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in a dusty mauve and a hook, and I’m just about halfway through it. More on that later...(and I’m happy to report that crochet hooks are once again permitted on airplanes).

I also packed some embroidery which has been neglected for aaaaages!

Sam had some progress, but nope, he’s not finished yet. I chose long-and-short fill stitches for the letters, which makes them rather tedious to do, especially at the end of a long day, but I like the effect so much that I’m sticking with it.

I've started ripping out the black border around the 'H', I'm not happy with it. 
I know that, at this rate, I might end up giving this to my first grandchild.

My third cross stitch project, the dragonfly, is coming along nicely. But darn that metallic thread! It is so tricky, splits, frays, and isn’t smooth to work with at all. I use much shorter lengths to avoid the floss fraying and tangling completely (a hard lesson learned, so I’m passing along the tip), but just like Sam, I love the look of it so much that I’m soldiering on.

For some fun stitching in between these two projects, I’ve just whipped up an initial for Little Flower’s best friend... go on a ballet bag. Remember this one I made for my youngest? Well, I’m making another for her buddy and fellow ballerina. 

I based the design on an alphabet in Aimee Ray’s Doodle Stitching: Embroidery and Beyond, but I added a few of my own flourishes and used variegated thread for fun. I’ll post more about this when I get the bag stitched up!

The best part of the holiday: every one of us wants to repeat it exactly next year. We are already planning and looking at buying some proper ski wear for Easter 2015!

That’s it from me for now, thank you so much for reading, your comments mean so much to me, and I’m glad to be back!

Chrissie x


  1. Awe that sounds like the perfect holiday Chrissie! :)
    V x

  2. It looks like you had a great break. We've never been skiing - due to my fear of heights. Matt feels he has missed out, forgetting all the other things he does!

  3. Chrissie how wonderful this all looks how fresh, happy, peaceful and restorative above all.
    bestest wishes Daisy xx

  4. I crocheted a small project with very thin metallic thread - never again ! But the dragonfly is so nice, once finished, you'll forget the problems with that thread :-)
    Very pretty pictures ! Looks like that was a perfect holiday !

  5. Sounds like an amazing trip...absolutely beautiful photos! And a trip to IKEA! Glad you were able to get away and enjoy just "being".

  6. What a lovely, relaxing trip you had. I'm so glad you had time to just be, it's so important. Your stitching and crochet is all looking beautiful. You're very talented.

  7. Great holiday pictures, looks truly amazing. Hope you've come back feeling rejuvenated. All your craft projects are looking divine.

  8. Beautiful pictures - I'd love to visit myself. Sounds like you had a relaxing time. X

  9. Anonymous5:32 pm BST

    So glad you had a wonderful holiday, I've never been to Norway but your photos make it look a magical place to visit.
    That metallic thread is a pain to stitch with, I always run it through a beeswax block before using and find that it helps reduce the tangles I would normally get.

  10. What a wonderful break you had - Scandinavia, time with family, snow and Tilda loveliness!


  11. Lovely Chrissie what a fabulous post - I am so envious as we have visited a lot of Scandinavian countries over the years and it is a place I would give my right arm to live - I could almost smell the pine trees and snow - gorgeous! You certainly packed in a lot of things as well as doing some creative work, well done you! I really enjoyed your post Chrissie, it is always a pleasure to call over to see you. Have a wonderful weekend, sending you lots of loves and hugs

  12. Welcome home. I feel so relaxed just reading about your trip stunning.Chrissie, you take such lovely photograghs .

  13. It does look like you had a most relaxing week, and how wonderful to visit Panduro Hobby in person ... I feel sure I wouldn't have had your restraint!

    Your crochet is looking lovely, what a scrummy colour!

  14. It looks like you all had an amazing time Chrissie, such a lovely place to stay. Looking forward to seeing what you're up to with that crochet hook...
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

  15. WoWeEe ..... what a fabulous trip!
    I LOVE all of your sewing progress and the new and very lovely 'E' and of course that new crochet project.
    happy hooking!
    love Jooles x x x

  16. Loving all your WIPs Chrissie and your holiday snaps. Jo x

  17. Looks and sounds like you've had a wonderful break Chrissie! And you still found time for a little embroidery and crochet, well done you!
    Loving all your WIPs!
    Gill xx

  18. Oh your holiday sounds wonderful...your photos are fantastic. Love those little Ikea votives, I must look out for those in Glasgow. I like the look of your new projects...
    Marianne x

  19. OH how wonderful, you've packed so much into this post, Chrissie, and I've enjoyed every bit of it, thank you! So good to spend time with family in such fantastic surroundings and to also cram in craft shopping as well as embroidery and crochet - well, you did very well indeed! I love the look of your sweater coming up!
    Lots of love, Joy xo

  20. It sounds like the perfect holiday Chrissie, time with your family, time alone with hubby, beautiful scenery and crafts. How lovely that, while you were there, it didn't seem that time and the holiday were whizzing past - a rare thing indeed these days. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane x

  21. So lovely to read about your family and your trip, Chrissie! What a wonderful time for you all! And what lovely projects you are working on too....the crochet yarn is so soft and pretty and I love all your embroidery WIPs!
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  22. Lovely pictures of a beautiful country !!! I'm glad your vacations were so wonderful !!!
    Have a nice weekend !

  23. Hello lovely and welcome back. So lovely to see some pics of your holiday and so pleased that you had such a lovely and relaxing time. I used that exact same colour for my shawl, which I still need to block (not sure I did it right though!). Anyway I am off to go and look at this cardi. Lolxxx

  24. Your trip looks amazing Chrissie - how extremely convenient to have relatives in Norway! Your embroidery is beautiful - I'm not sure I have the patience! Thanks very much for the tip on crochet hooks and planes though - I have a three hour flight this summer and assumed you wouldn't be able to take anything like that on a plane! I will just check now and then I can embarrass my teenage sons by hooking on the flight!!! xxx

  25. Lots of wonderful things! So lucky to have a holiday in Norway and go skiing....looks like so much fun! Your crochet is looking beautiful and a jumper is one thing I want to make this year...its a must!

    Your stitching is coming along great, and I really admire the patience you have for it!x

  26. What a lovely holiday filled with lovely things and memories ... Bee xx

  27. What Stunning scenery.Love all the goodies.

  28. Hello me lovely, so glad you had a great time away. Lucky you to have family in such a great location. I'm so envious - I had a fab time skiing with my husband (pre-children days), it was such a great laugh - mostly at my husband's expense...he's a crap skier, very much like watching Bambi on ice!! Can't wait to take my girlies. Such a pretty array of WIP's. X

  29. Wow, it looks wonderful! I also spotted that cowl sweater on coco rose diaries and am veeeery tempted - but I fancy doing a nordic shawl first. So glad you had a great time. x