Wednesday, 2 July 2014

One thing lead to another and ta-dah! It’s Coco!

Yesterday I had an hour to spare after teaching a crochet workshop, so I unfolded my Coco pattern:

I’ve been waiting to make this for a long time, and I planned on simply cutting out the paper pattern. I did that rather swiftly, so I weighted it down to my fabric and cut out the pieces.

Then I read Tilly’s clear instructions for the first bits of sewing and, having a bit of time left in my hour, set up the machine and got started...and then, well, I kept going...and then, um, I rejigged my schedule (put off some other work) so I had another free hour...I just couldn’t stop myself.

Strike a pose for us, dear:

Ta-dah! Before I knew it I had Coco 90% finished. Then it was time for school pick-up, and I *really* couldn’t get out of that!

Let’s see Coco again, complete with up-do to show off that snazzy neckline, and giant sunglasses, because that’s how I roll:

I hope you're enjoying this, Miss Lazy Daisy Jones!
Bunny was my photographer, encouraging silly poses. It didn't take much to get me going...

Could you please smile, you old ham?
Much friendlier.
But I’ll tell ya, my sewing abilities are as changeable as the weather. Today, when all I needed to do was sew on the cuffs and stitch the bottom hem, could I manage it swiftly? Uh, no.

The seam ripper was my little buddy today. He’s worked very hard, poor little chap.

Folding and stitching the cuffs somehow became an act of geometry for me, and I’m rubbish at mathematics. Even though they are pretty much smaller versions of that funnel neckline, I repeatedly folded and sewed them the wrong way. Ever have a day like that? Normal people would set it aside and try later. But I was desperate to wear Coco!

So I made a cup of tea, decided to perseve, and got there in the end. Just don’t look too closely at those cuffs!

Next time it will be easier, I know...and there most definitely will be a next time! (Aren’t you proud of me, Grandma?!)

Happy crafting! 
Chrissie x


  1. Oh you are making me smile from ear to ear darling Chrissie.
    where to begin...?
    Firstly thats sooooo you and cant believe you are a beginner its fab fab fab!
    Secondly I left off the cuffs and just turned up hem!
    Thirdly I am proud of you
    bestest d
    Ps camera loves ya!!

  2. How cute! The top really suits you!

  3. A sheer delight, the fabric and pattern are beautiful.

  4. So cute Chrissie Coco! Sam xx

  5. Wow, it looks brilliant Chrissie! Your pictures look great too - love the poses, and your skin is amazing!
    Maria x

  6. You look like a 60s model Chrissie...what fab photos! And of course your Coco is perfect and fits so beautifully.
    I'm sure Miss Lazy Daisy Jones will be much impressed and your Grandma very proud :-)
    Tracey xxx

  7. You are SO clever - loving the poses too!! X

  8. It looks fantastic Chrissie!!!!! Way to go you!!! I am sure that Miss Lazy Daisy Jones will be very proud of you indeed. Bunny's photos are very good too! She must take after her Mom in her photography skills. xx

  9. Lovely garment and such a lovely fabric too. It really suits you.

  10. The cuffs look just fine from where I'm sitting as does the rest, it's really lovely Chrissie! Lovely fabric - is it cotton or a bit stretchy? Well done you and Bunny takes great photos too. Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Jane x

  11. Your coco is fantastic ! You chose the most perfect fabric !!

  12. LOVE! It came out beautifully and it looks so nice on you. Well done, Chrissie!

  13. Fantastic, spot-on, beautiful - you look like a teenager Chrissie - and the top is very cool too! Seriously though, that is one gorgeous top and you did a fab job, and quick too. It's a bit strange how sometimes we can breeze through making something then for the very last part everything seem to slow up and prove tricky - I had a similar prob yesterday just trying to place two pockets evenly! What's next? xoJoy

  14. WOW! you clever thing you! It looks utterly amazing and if it might add ..... so do you!
    Love that fabric too x
    love Jooles x x x

  15. Looks so pretty Chrissie!:::Silvia

  16. Chrissie you look fantastic! What a fabulous top and you are a natural model! Alison xx

  17. Oh Wow! I adore this. Coco is my favourite pattern, it enabled my sewing confidence to grow and grow and I'm so pleased with what I can now achieve on a sewing machine!
    I love the fabric, the colour and oh you do strike a pose!! Well done x
    PS - what is the fabric you used?

  18. Hey you go girl striking a pose! Lovely classic top Chrissie, well done. X
    p.s. I've been having a few duff crafting days lately so you're not alone ;-)

  19. I think you look fabulous in your Coco! Love the whole look.
    Well done you.

  20. Beautiful, beautiful top ! My congratulations !!!! And congratulations to the photographer !
    Have a nice day !

  21. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!! :) S xo

  22. You will be hooked on making your clothes now. I have a coco similar pattern from Ottobre cut out from before that pattern even came out and I still haven't sewn it up - maybe mine will be a bit more of an Autumn number. Yours is fab, pastel and very you. Great work Chrissie. Jo x

  23. oh wow Chrissie, it's fabulous! You look great in it. I want to make clothes but I keep telling myself i need to lose weight first...

  24. You look gorgeous in your lovely new Coco! Well done, it's really fab.
    Marianne x

  25. Anonymous7:58 am BST

    That looks very good on you, fun poses too!

  26. Its such a pretty top Chrissie - and so you ! You're a clever little thing for sure ♥
    Have a happy Friday,
    Kate x

  27. it's great, you look fantastic. I could see you dressed as lady penelope from thunderbirds! do you remember her?! maybe it was before your time! anyway, well done. Hope to see more. X

  28. Wow, I'm so impressed - a lovely top and you made it so quickly. I bought a pattern weeks ago and it hasn't made it out of the packet yet! Love your poses too :-)

  29. Oh what a gorgeous top, I love your Coco! And it looks so good on you Chrissie!
    Your Grandma will be so proud.
    Gill xx

  30. Wow great job Super Cute Coco
    Clare x

  31. Well,done, what a cute top.
    S xx

  32. It looks gorgeous on you! You are very clever! Bee xx

  33. Oh hello gorgeous and wow welcome you mrs spiffy on the sewer. I'm super impressed not just by the sewing but also by that glamourous posing, it's clear that the camera lurves you!! You look fab in it. Well done you!! Sending much love. Must get around to an email sometime soon. Xoxo

  34. I love Tillys work, I don't have her book but I've heard she's written out brilliant instructions. Send her a pic, she's got a few on her website and said she loves how everyone's Coco looks different and yours is so pretty :-) It's a shame you had to do the school run, sounds like you were on a real roll!

  35. Wow! Very impressive - and it so suits you! Well done!
    Caz xx

  36. It is really, really gorgeous. As are you! I just love that collar, it has a nice 1960s feel to it. I could never hope to sew anything like this and I am very impressed with your talents. xx