Friday, 21 June 2013

Craft hangover

No unveilings today of recent WIPs, as intended, because nothing got finished. Not for my lack of trying, mind – I managed some progress on everything, from a few scarf rows crocheted, nearly all of the Dr. Seuss Sam character outlined in black floss, another fun crochet teaching session Wednesday morning...but not one thing completed. Not even a photo of my small accomplishments.

Today I had planned to put the finishing touches on at least one project, so I could show you here and start the weekend with the satisfaction of a WIP done. Last night I had my quilting friends round to help me design the back of my quilt (“design” being a clever way of saying I hadn’t bought enough of the backing fabric, so could we figure out a way to piece together scraps without spending another penny) and get me started on the border and quilt sandwich. The four of us had a jolly evening catching up, discussing crafts...and I enjoyed making a fruity Pimms cocktail, complete with fruit, cucumber, and a sprig of fresh mint from my garden.
I only had *one* refreshing glass, so why the “Craft hangover” title of this blog? Why indeed. I had such a productive day with all of my WIPs, even my very first quilt. I felt so enriched and happy after the gals left, I decided I’d stay up a bit later and make Bunny’s lunch for today, tidy up the kitchen a bit, catch up on a few lights out just past midnight, past my normal bedtime.

Then Little Flower decided 4:20a.m. is a fine time to start the day. Ugh.
She is a terrific sleeper, normally. Never a fuss at 7p.m. bedtime, sleeps until around 6:30 each morning. Maybe I stayed up too late, maybe I had too much fun last night, because the Powers-That-Be are punishing me today! I feel like I drank a pitcher of Pimms and partied all night. I’m rubbish without a good sleep. I wish I could function on a few hours’ shuteye, but I’ve been in a fog all day.

You know the feeling? Earlier I walked upstairs, then stood in the hall for a good 30 seconds wondering what on earth I came up to get, then shrugged and went back down. Never mind. I made a feeble attempt to make progress on a WIP, but stitched the scarf stitch sequence into the blanket I’m working on (put down the hook, Chrissie, and slowly back away from the crochet...).
Mama Woodpecker has it figured out. She stayed in bed when young Woody woke early.

See him there, having breakfast all on his own? Part of me feels like she’s being a bad parent, sending him out into the world all by himself when he is so very young. But another part of me feels she’s one smart cookie, and I’m jealous that her little one can manage on his own while she gets some more sleep. And a big part of me is worried because I am pondering the parenting skills of a bird.

Darling Husband has been away on business all week, back tomorrow, so I’ve put Little Flower to bed (as usual, quite happily, though she’d better not try an early morning again tomorrow!) and Bunny and I are having a sleepover. Cuddly pajamas, hot chocolate, magazines and lights out early. That will make up for the muddled delirium I felt at 5a.m.!
Tomorrow is a new day...Chrissie x

P.S. Welcome to my new followers, thank you so much for visiting, and I promise to have more creative posts this weekend! :-)


  1. Bless you! Hope you get a good nights sleep! I need a baby woodpecker in my garden too, so cute! :) x

  2. I know those feelings too Chrissie - lack of sleep causes all sorts of problems - but I did enjoy reading your entertaining post and wish you a good sleep and a much clearer brighter day tomorrow (it's already tomorrow here)!
    All the best with the next step forward on your quilt and I'll be looking forward to seeing updates on your other wips and finished objects!
    Joy x

  3. Hope you get a good nights sleep. The longest day really was a long one for you.
    S xx

  4. Oh deary dear ..... I am hoping you had a better sleep last night, we can't have your craft WIP's getting mixed up!
    Love Woody
    happy weekend with your man
    love jooles xxx

  5. Well a very well written post for a blurry eyed gal, mine would've been far from coherent :-). It's sounds like a wonderful night with quilting friends, and it puts a smile on my face to know I'm not the only one who hasn't got enough fabric to finish a job. I'm just in the process of planning my first proper quilt and by that I mean one I put some thought and planning into. I'm really looking forward to see what you've made. Hope mr shut eye was kind to you last night and you feel fresh and revived today for some WIP progress xoxo

  6. Oh those early mornings. It is the light mornings that do it for us, we have black out blinds which help a bit but they still seem to get up earlier in the summer. Jo x

  7. Oh I do remember those days of being woken at the crack of dawn by small children, especially after you've had a late night.....torture! It's so hard to do anything creative when you feel tired, too. I wish you lots of nice sleep to catch up!
    Helen x

  8. Hope you've had a decent nights sleep by now. Lovely woodpecker photos. The feathers are lovely up close x

  9. Loved this post - I feel your pain! Hope the fog has now cleared... :-) xxx