Thursday, 6 June 2013

A perfect pick-me-up

I fell into a bit of a slump earlier this week. I was on a roller-coaster high during half term, having my mother here, adventures with the girls, sunnier weather, lots of time to be crafty and creative...topped off with the completion of my first quilt top.

But roller coasters come zooming down those high points, and after everyone went back to their routines, I was faced with an empty house, full of mess, piles of stuff to do, but sunshine outside taunting me as I went about clearing up after the party that was our half term.
Grandma and her fan club

I had nothing much to blog about, because at the moment I’m working on not one, but two, secret gifts that I can’t show you until they are given. I have felt very blah for a few days, but this morning I had enough. I dropped off the kiddies at school then went straight to the gym (which is a miracle, as I am not a gym person, but I’m making a bit more effort so I don’t go up a dress size. It’s exercise more or bake less. What would you do?). An hour later I was feeling uplifted (the endorphin rush hadn’t yet kicked in, I was uplifted because I actually made it there and did something!).  I came home to find a parcel outside my door, opened it to find...

...feeling a bit giddy...

...and now elated! Ah, how a bit of jolly print can raise one’s spirit! Perhaps it’s the combination of beautiful patterns and the anticipation of what to do with it? I love a creative challenge to boost my mood and give me new focus...

Doesn't Little Flower's fancy heels go well with the wallpaper? It's holding the paper in place.
The photos don't do justice to the liveliness of the colour and design. This is my very first purchase of vintage wallpaper, from the doyenne of vintage patterns, the lovely Ada from Vintage Sheet Addict. You would think it was Christmas morning in my house as I unrolled sheet after lovely sheet of this gorgeous stuff, I was literally squealing with excitement! Why on earth did anyone stop using these happy wallpapers?

I must confess to you that at first I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about. I mean, really, such rhapsodic reactions to some old wallpaper or sheets? Well, I am eating my hat now because I am totally addicted. Stunning.

I bought these from Ada’s Etsy shop, after seeing her blog about fun uses for vintage wallpaper. I had in mind decoupaging some wooden hearts I bought at a craft fair ages ago. I might still do that, but the first thing I did after I stopped ooo-ing and ahhh-ing was to hold the patterns up to this

I’m thinking my cookbooks would look much more appealing on some brighter, prettier shelves...
(Ada, I might be ordering some more wallpaper soon!)

Happy crafting all, here’s to being happy!
Chrissie x



  1. Hello :o)
    Sorry to hear you've been struggling along x but WELL DONE on getting yourself to the gym ..... thats impressive!
    love your new purchases and such gorgeous colours too, oooh that book shelf won't know whats hit it!
    love jooles xxx

  2. Glad this 'picked you up'! I think your books would look lovely covered in those wallpapers! Yes they are very addictive aren't they! :) x

  3. Yup - I'm with you on the slump but can't quite talk myself into going to the gym yet! Love the colourways here - they'll look great on your shelves x Jane

  4. Its so horrid when family has to go back. My family live on the other side of the world too and I so miss my Mum, its tough, so happy hugs coming out to you! Well there is little else to offer a little pick-me-up like these gorgeous wallpapers and I think those shelves will scrub up just fab with a bit of vintage magic. I too had a splurge a month ago and I have used some, but still could spend a small fortune to buy some more. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them xo

  5. I always feel a little sad when the routine starts up again too, hope you feel better soon, those vintage wall papers are so very pretty and I am sure you will do omething gorgeous with them,
    M x