Monday, 3 June 2013

Getting back to normal...

Ah, the end of half term, struggling to return to a normal routine. It takes the family nearly a week to get back into the rhythm, after a week of staying up later, sleeping in, fun day trips, fun stay-at-home pyjama days...and especially having Grandma here to spoil the girls silly!

My mother is on an airplane back to the States right now, and after I got Bunny to school on time, and Little Flower happily doodling at the kitchen table, I started clearing up the chaos. Toys, books, craft kits, clothes, fancy dress costumes to tidy up...and don’t get me started on how much vacuuming and scrubbing is waiting for me all week! Am I the only one who turns a blind eye to daily household chores during half term?
Ugh, all this talk is terribly dull – want to see what I did instead of laundry this weekend?

A *bit* of a ta-dah with my Happy Spring Quilt! The top is all sewn together! There is still a way to go, I know, but this is my very first quilt and I’m so excited to have pieced the top all together!
I am love love loving the colours, so very feminine and happy. I knew my first quilt would be a challenge, because I’m still rather new to sewing, so I wanted to make sure I worked with fabrics and colours that made *me* happy. Very self-indulgent, isn't it? But it keeps me interested and keeps me focused on the goal.

I’m learning a lot as I sew these lovely bits of fabric together. See the wonky edges? Two times I ripped out the seam of a long strip, because the strip came up a whole inch short at the end. I measured the fabrics, reassured myself that I hadn’t skimped on the length by accident, then re-sewed the strips on, but with a bit of tension/holding the fabric tight so it would stay flat and even. And they made it to the end, pretty much. What is that about?

Anyway, I didn’t let it get me down, I learned from the experience and everything seems ok. The edges will sort themselves out – I’m just glad the blocks all stayed even as I went along, because I learned with the first two rows how easy it is for them to be off, too! (Gosh, this quiltmaking stuff can be so tricky!)
These were moments that I was plenty glad to be working with girly pinks and florals, so I didn’t grit my teeth and rip seams with my bare hands...

Will it get easier with practice? I find that right now I only have the time and energy to sew at the weekend, because there is a lot of measuring, ironing and lining up and pinning seams to contend with – not the most relaxing of hobbies to do on a weeknight. At least not yet!
Next step, the quilt sandwich. Luckily, I have a friend down the road who is an accomplished quiltmaker, and she has promised to hold my hand during this process. And what pattern/technique will I use to quilt the whole thing when it’s together? Decisions, decisions! (Advice gladly accepted...)

One more photo to show you before I go fold some clothes and clean up dinner dishes (*yawn*). I managed to make a bit of progress with the Dr Seuss embroidery

The yellow fill stitches are taking a while, but it’s pleasant work, and like the quilting, this bit is rather new to me. I’m enjoying the process. I’ve not done this amount of fill stitching before; I’ve mainly done doodle stitching outlines and whatnot. So I’m learning as I go, how to manage long and short stitches, how to handle stitch direction...I’m just anxious to get him outlined in black and add the cartoony black shading lines! Then it’s on to those green eggs and ham...
Happy crafting!

Chrissie x



  1. Oh my, your quilt looks gorgeous already! Love the fabrics you are using.
    M x

  2. What a crafty lady you've been! Gosh you have done an amazing job with your quilt top .... so professional and totally beautiful, you clever thing, I shouldn't let the slight wonky side worry you, i'm no quilter but i am sure they can be evened up and will never bother you again, I am sure it must happen to even the most experienced quilter. I award you 10/10 . WOWEEEE!
    and your green eggs and ham is looking amazing.
    Good luck with all that housework ..... YUK!
    love jooles xxx

  3. Adorable...stitchery....we are Dr s fans fave is 'the places you'll go"
    bestest d x

    1. That's one of the greatest books ever! Perfect for teens leaving school for the great big world...thanks for visiting! Cx

  4. Hello lovely Chrissie. Thank you for stopping over at mine today and for your lovely comments. I feel a little speechless here as you are so talented! I love your first quilt and girl I am sitting with plans brewing for my first quilt, but I just can't decide what I want to do. I LOVE what you have done. Did you follow a pattern? Also what white fabric did you use for the backing?
    Now moving on to Green Egss & Ham, well that book is a massive fave in our house and your little embroidery project is soo sweet, it is going to be great when it is done! Well done you xo

    1. Thank you so much for all your lovely words! I plan to do a detailed breakdown of my quilt when I finish it, but that may be a while, so let me just say now that the blocks are a "disappearing nine patch" - in other words, sew nine squares together into one big square, then rotary cut a cross into it - you are left with four squares that feature a big square, little square and two sides. The white fabric is just an off-white cotton I bought at the local haberdashery, I would have used plain calico but it was a bit too beige for the light colours of the squares. Next comes the border and backing fabric, and trying the quilt sandwich...wee bit nervous! Cx