Friday, 28 June 2013

Off the hook: Ice Cream Scarf

A quick post to show you my quick WIP completed!

The colours of Neopolitan ice cream...
I first wrote about this scarf in my book review of Crochet One-Skein Wonders. This was a lovely little project, very simple stitch pattern and very fast to crochet. And it used only one ball of yarn.
That being said, if I make this as a gift for someone, I will buy two balls of yarn. This is a short scarf, it crosses over in the front to tuck into coat lapels but is not long enough to wrap right around the neck (I have a sneaking suspicion that one of my girls will be sporting this with a winter coat next December...). Perhaps it was the yarn I used; a finer strand might come out longer. But I loved this yarn, so if I buy similar I will buy double.

One more modification depending on the wearer: a wider scarf. This pattern chained 26, which is perfect for me, but someone taller might prefer a wider scarf. I would play around with a 40 chain for a few rows to see how it looks.
But all in all, a successful project that I plan to do again, making minor adjustments as necessary. And I would recommend it to others – it would be a great project for learners, too. I’m actually considering using the stitch for a table runner or placemats, with a solid-colour cotton or string or something this space!

Have a happy, crafty weekend!
Chrissie x


  1. Lovley colours, I want a knickerbocker glory now :) ~ Sarah x

  2. Pretty scarf! and how did i miss your peach cobbler post??????? i will be making that for sure when Sweet B is back home ..... yummy
    happy weekend!
    love jooles xxx

    P.S i LOVE the butter photo, just made me giggle, bless her heart!

  3. Just like neopolitan ice cream, yum! I've ordered that book, think it will be very interesting- thank you! :) x

    1. This scarf would be a great project for you! Let's keep each other posted on what we try from the

  4. So beautiful!! Love the colours and it looks so very comfy and inviting, I just want to wear it now! Thanks for sharing it with us and also for the book review, so useful! Thank you also for always leaving such lovely comments over at mine. Happy weekend lovely Chrissie xoxo

  5. Quick project with great results. Jo x

  6. This book is really appealing, I must say. That scarf is gorgeous, the colour really are like ice cream. I bet it's really soft and cosy. x

  7. Very lovely scarf Chrissie - just love the soft colours - must take another look at that book, thank you!
    Joy x

  8. Looking lovely Chrissie. Must give that book a go looks good :) x

  9. Hi, really love those colours. Very ice creamy, I agree.
    S xx