Wednesday, 18 September 2013


We all need a little recognition sometimes

Bunny leaves little notes around the house for me

to know that our efforts are appreciated

Little Flower told her pre-school teacher, "I love all my mum's meals!"

that the little things we do mean a lot

all it takes is a little gesture

to know that our hard work every day, our brainstorming, our crafty efforts are all worthwhile

that these are the little things that make a home

a sweet home.

Today I give recognition to Jooles for her beautiful buntings, including the one in my kitchen pictured above,

to Heather for her lovely vintage hearts that make me smile,

and vanilla squirrel for the dear little owl that brings Bunny sweet dreams at night.

Who deserves your recognition today?

Chrissie x


  1. You do my sweet friend! thank you for being an angel.
    Love love love those cute notes, especially "talk about quick crochet!" priceless!
    love jooles xxx

  2. I love you blog Chrissie xx How about that! Jo x

  3. Aw that's so sweet the little notes show your little one is amazingly thought full. I think my partner deserves recognition today for looking after me so well while I'm ill. Lovely post xx

  4. How lovely to get little notes left for you! So sweet. You and all of the other crocheter's get my appreciation today for inspiring me through your blogs to start crotcheting, I love it, so I appreciate all crochet bloggers!!

  5. Recognition is so important. I think I'd like recognize the guys at the shop who helped me with a flat tire yesterday, because I was dealing with it on my own while my husband is away for work. They went above and beyond to help me out and I sent an email to the company already to thank them but I'd like to recognize them here too. :)

  6. Just beautiful, your family love you very much! :) x

  7. What a sweet little post, with so many lovely things.
    Clare x

  8. thank you Chrissie! and thank you for your support, glad you are enjoying them, Heather x

  9. How cute are the notes!
    I love the bunting too.x

  10. Such a lovely post Chrissie - you deserve recognition for all the wonderful things you do for others (myself included), for your sweetness, helpfulness, and readiness to encourage others in blogland is quite amazing - and obviously your gorgeous girls are picking up on your lovely ways!
    Joy x

  11. What a lovely post!
    Marianne x

  12. Such a gorgeous post Chrissie, super special. I personally think appreciation is really important and during my journey Ive come across Deepak Chopra who encourages you to each night before you go to bed, think of three things that you are grateful for and it's amazing the difference it makes in appreciating the little things. Emailing you soon xoxoxo

  13. A beautiful post that brought a little tear to my eyes - happy tears though :-) I just love those sweet little notes from your precious little ones. It's good to take time to say often how much we love and appreciate the peeps in our lives, so thank YOU Chrissie - your blog always makes me smile.
    Hugs, xx

  14. oh chrissie that's so lovely - thank you very much for this lovely post....brought a little tear to my eye......adorable family roll their eyes a lot and call me the 'silly squirrel'!!!(which makes your kind supportive words all the more treasured... thank you ) x

  15. Love this post - so celebratory and generous-spirited! Xxx

  16. Hi Chrissy a lovely post as always, you always make me smile when I read your wonderful blog. Thanks so much
    Lots of love

  17. ~ Hello found you through miss squirrel...( LOVE her blog)
    ~ This is a lovely post and brought lovely thoughts back to me...I have the pictures from the children from small. I treasure them so very much! I am pleased to fall upon your lovely blog too! Leaving 'twinkles **** and hugs Maria x

  18. What adorable little one's you have! Those crochet hearts had me gasping I love them so much!! In fact I love IT ALL really. Have a lovely weekend. XX

  19. What a lovely post, straight from the heart. My daughter makes little cards for us all the time and I treasure them. Jooles bunting looks fabulous (she is so talented) and Heather's hearts are so pretty. x