Saturday, 13 April 2013

My stitchy must-haves

The talented trio that comprise &Stitches are hosting a competition
As a newbie to embroidery, I find the &Stitches web site so fun and informative. I’ve picked up some tips from those who have already posted about their embroidery kits, so I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring. I have the typical needles and scissors, as well as thread bobbins tucked away in their organiser case, but the following items have earned a place on my “life-just-wouldn’t-be-the-same-without-you” list
My magnetic Needle Frog, who stoically keeps my needles safe and close. Look at the fellow. He doesn’t judge.

I already featured this handy-dandy embroidery seat frame here, I love it, especially for silk ribbon embroidery.
And, finally, I’m taking it back old-school style with this

My Caboodle started life as a home for my glittery lip glosses and nail varnish when I was about 14 (check out the ultra-‘80s font of the brand name!). It has stayed with me all these years, serving as make-up case, as single-girl’s toolbox, and now as the perfect embroidery storage box.

Bubble-gum-flavoured lip balm has been replaced by a selection of embroidery needles, various hair accessories have been bumped by project threads and scissors (thankfully nary a scrunchie in sight, I’m not that kind of gal), and the frosty eyeshadow section now houses my silk ribbons and pretty violet magnetic needle disc. The base is large enough to hold a small hoop, fabric and pattern – though here I thought it only appropriate to showcase Sublime Stitching’s “Breakdance” floss pack...cuz I’m *fresh*!
Ok, time to act my age again and get some proper stitching done. Enjoy the weekend, and my latest crochet experiment is comin' right up!
Chrissie x


  1. A MAGNETIC NEEDLE FROG! How have I never come across one of them before - off to look it up right away! Jane x

  2. I need that frog... I had to show my hubby (he wasn't quite as excited as me). Love your blog and beautiful embroidery :) xx

  3. Sorry I didn't add the shop link where I got the frog: - I think I might have to start a collection, wait til you see the cotton reel, sleepy hedgehog and bunny ones! Cx

  4. Ooooh a non-judgmental frog ..... I definitely need one of those in my life ;o)
    your post made me chuckle!
    Happy Sunday
    love jooles xxx

  5. Loving the 80s font baby (and the 'breakdance' sewing silks) - brilliant! I too need a non-judgmental magnetic needle frog - perfect and gigglesome at the same time! Xx

  6. OMG, Yes! The Caboodle! I had one of those too, and now I'm wishing I still had it. It is totally perfect as an embroidery kit. Brilliant! :)

    1. Ha ha! Glad you can appreciate it, Rachel! My great granddaughters will display it on Antiques Roadshow someday, mark my words... Cx

  7. I keep meaning to look into embroidery seat frames. They look really useful.

  8. They are useful, especially if you're working a fiddly stitch that could use an extra hand. Plus it works at a table, on the sofa, etc. Thanks for reading! -Chrissie x

  9. Anonymous12:11 pm BST

    Love your magnetic frog! I used to have the same Caboodle case. Too bad I don't have it anymore - it looks like it makes a great stitching organizer.

  10. Perhaps the Caboodle company will introduce a range of craft saw it here first, folks! ;-) cx

  11. Anonymous11:33 pm BST

    I also used to have a Caboodle case, though mine is long since gone :D

    Love the magnetic frog! I wish I could find one with a turtle (being sold in North America...) Everyone seems out of stock. Sigh.