Friday, 19 April 2013

Take a broken headband...

...and some coordinating yarn

...and a sweet, super-easy tutorial from Tangled Happy, which is my daily dose of crochet happiness, and

Bunny's new bow!

Ta-dah! Upcycled is the trendy way to say that I refused to throw out the pretty ribbon from this not-entirely-cheap headband. It was accidentally stepped on about a week after it was purchased. Of course.

The pattern is great for beginners to crochet, as it only uses a double crochet stitch (single crochet for US peeps) in five rows. Done before you know it! The pattern called for a 4.25mm hook and worsted weight yarn, but I had the leftover purple from another project, and it worked better with a 4mm hook.
The pattern works just fine with little tweaks - Sara of Tangled Happy fastened her bow to an alligator clip, but my girlies prefer elastics, so I wrapped the yarn around a ponytail holder instead.

Don't look too closely - I noticed I still have some thread to snip! I can picture these in birthday party goody bags, as stocking stuffers – I may even attach a bow to a bag. The possibilities.
In other news...

Yes, I’ve bought another fabric bundle. Sew Retro from Makower. Look at this! So cute!

How could I say no? My name is Chrissie, and I’m a fabriholic. (hi chrissie.)
But I already have a purpose for these jolly fabrics, which I will work on this weekend and give you a peek next week.

These fabric pens and paints are for another secret project this weekend. Ooo, I am a woman of mystery today! You’ll just have to be patient, m’dears!
Enjoy the weekend, and hopefully some sunshine. Happy crafting!
Chrissie x


  1. Such a gorgeous little bow and may I just say ..... you have a very wonderful model there x
    Can't wait for the update!
    happy weekend to you all
    love jooles xxx

  2. Love the old cotton reels fabric. I look forward to seeing what you are making, very intriguing.

    J xx

  3. Love this - it even looks like something I could pull together! :o) Can't wait for your project to be revealed!

  4. What a great idea. Every headband we buy seems to be snapped within days, will have to start 're-purposing'!

  5. Oh I love the little crochet bow! It's gorgeous! We also have problems with hairbands being stepped on in this house! Love love love your new fabric too.
    M x

  6. Another fab post - perfect for party bags in the future and I bet Bunny was pleased as punch :-) xxx

  7. I love your sweet little bows! Adding this to my T.H. Inspired Pin Board. :)