Friday, 12 April 2013

A work of art...

I've had some more fun with paint

For years I’ve collected postcards from art exhibitions I visit. A postcard is a small, nice (cheap) souvenir...but I could never figure out what to do with all of them. I don’t like to keep them stuffed in a box, and I’m not a scrapbook person, so they’ve served as fancy bookmarks for my cookbooks. Until I found an old, damaged frame.
I painted the frame a matte, chalky grey shade a tone lighter than the wall (very tricky to photograph, with one teeny, north-facing window and lots of shadows). I didn’t want a decorative backing, I wanted the wall to show through. I chose some postcards, added some Blu-Tack and ta-dah! Art!
The fun with this is that I can change the postcards whenever I fancy, so it’s like my own art gallery.
Except that, um, it’s in the ground floor loo. I’m all class.

But this also could work in children’s rooms, painted pastel or bright colours for family pictures, it could frame children’s artwork in grand fashion (hmm, perhaps I should add a few to The Wall on the stairs? What do you think?), a craft room to frame inspirational magazine cuttings, etc.
I do like those pretty fabric-covered pinboards with the ribbon and whatnot, but I wanted something different. I think I'll go to some charity shops this weekend and try to find some more...
Happy crafting!
Chrissie x


  1. So clever, and it matches your blog heading image. Might make a smaller one for myself.

    J xx

  2. nice idea, thanks for that, ali

  3. How FABULOUS! It looks amazing painted that colour. LOVE IT.
    and i love your tiles too ..... swoon ...
    happy frame hunting!
    love jooles xxx

  4. And what a lovely downstairs loo you have! Love the colour - and the idea that you can chop and change whenever you want to. Well done x Jane

  5. Love the colour and your postcards look great it in. Fab idea.
    M x

  6. Love this idea - and love your other ideas for places to put a frame like this, too!

  7. I'm loving the idea of changing the images as and when - and also about translating this into a concept for a child's bedroom - little Gosling is in for a treat! x x