Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The joy of cake...

Bunny’s birthday is fast approaching – 10 years old! – and party plans are underway. Cinema theme this year, so I’m sorting out the cake.

I love love love making birthday cakes! It’s always a secret what I’ll do; I scour my baking books and the internet for inspiration. The fun is seeing such happy faces, the surprise “wow” moment when the cake comes in with candles lit.

This was the treasure chest cake when Bunny was 4 and wanted a pirate birthday party. It’s a two-layered yellow cake, with enough sweets on top to send pre-schoolers bouncing off the walls. The sand is crushed digestive biscuits (US: graham crackers). What a hoot!

These cupcakes were from last year’s panda-themed party (her favourite animal, plus turquoise, her fave colour). Based on a design from Hello Cupcake!, a terrifically fun cookbook. Base cupcake topped with crushed Oreo cookies for fur, mini cupcake turned on its side for the panda heads, Cheerio ears covered in black buttercream frosting...it’s important that they taste as good as they look!

But my all-time favourite birthday cake for Bunny was when she turned 8

Lovely, isn’t it? Oh wait, let me show you a better angle


The rainbow cake was the best surprise I ever pulled on Bunny. She really had no idea, poor thing thought I was so tired looking after her little sister that I just made a plain cake! I’ll never forget how her eyes lit up when the first slice slid out...

This was by far the most fun I’ve ever had baking. It was very involved, it took ages to make, but I enjoyed every step. I had a huge amount of cake batter to mix, then divided equally into six bowls and dyed rainbow hues. I baked two layers at a time, hoping they rose evenly, that the colour turned out, that nothing burned! And that it all was finished in time for me to hide it and fetch her from school...

Then I made a year’s supply of buttercream frosting to stick it all together. Thank goodness for my Kitchenaid; my mountain frosting was whipped into cloud texture by the mighty pink mixer!

I have never been so completely happy while baking. Perhaps it was the nature of the cake, the jolly rainbow colours, happy. Perhaps it was because I baked it with love in every step, happy happy.
(BTW, you can get your own jaunty cake bunting here, made by the lovely Jooles!)

This year’s cake will be a more silly offering to go with the cinema theme, again inspired by Hello Cupcake! – can you guess?

Chrissie x



  1. Wow - I'm hungry! I still make the cakes for me girlies but my favourite was a hedgehog one when Big Sis had a wildlife themed party using - you guessed it - umpteen matchmakers! There was also a three bears one using patchwork icing, a marzipan pillow and some unsuspecting Sylvanian families! Jane Asher had a party book out where she recommended a theme for each age with suitable games, costumes and food - I wonder if she does one for adults? Well done on yours - they'll remember them for years to come x Jane

    1. Isn't it so much fun to make wacky cakes? The hedgehog sounds deliciously darling, and I think Jane Asher should indeed publish a grown-ups party book! Cx

  2. Wow, they are fantastic. Bunny is a very lucky girl. Bet all her friends love coming to her parties.

    J xx

  3. Gorgeous cakes! You are indeed a very talented cake maker! My daughter made the rainbow cake for my granddaughter's birthday - such a lovely surprise when you cut into it!
    Angie x

  4. Such fantastic cakes! Absolutely love the rainbow cake, it is truly amazing!
    M x