Sunday 9 February 2014

Stitching Sunday: Slow and steady

To counter the maniacal pace of my crochet this week, I stitched whatever I fancied, whenever I fancied, and didn’t worry about finishing anything. It was lovely.

I’m at the piping stage of the sewing machine cover. This is the trickiest bit for me after the tiny patchwork at the beginning. I’ve only done piping one other time, and it was under the watchful eye of a seamstress friend, and I was basically doing as I was told!

I’m pleased with the results of my first attempts at piping solo. Don't look too closely - I still haven't sewn on the side panels that will even up the piping line. I used the pink fabric that I will use for the lining of this cover, fabric that was leftover from my Happy Spring Quilt.

It should come together quite swiftly now, just ironing on some interfacing and sewing all the parts together. Then it’s on to another practical sewing project, here’s a little peek at the materials involved:

I’m pleased to say that Sam has his eggs and ham, all ready to serve up to picky eaters:

The stitches have ranged from long-and-short stitch, stem stitch, back and split. Then I did the black markings in the ham with a scatterbrained hodge-podge of them all! I wanted thicker, scribbly looking lines, like the illustration in the book, and I found sticking to just stem stitch was too neat and orderly, so I simply stabbed away until I got the look I wanted. You don’t always have to follow the rules!

In other stitching news, yesterday Bunny and I discovered the latest pattern from wee little stitches – Elsa and Anna from Frozen!

We downloaded it faster than you can say “Do you wanna build a snowman?”, and Bunny started practicing her cross stitch on a scrap of fabric, because she herself wants to make this sweetly sentimental cross stitch for her and Little Flower! I'm going to buy her some Aida fabric tomorrow so she can get started.

So I set Sam aside – he’s waited this long, a few more days won’t bother him – and I started this awesome dragonfly kit I’ve had in my stash a little while:

I know, I know, I’ve only ever cross stitched this tiny rose, but I couldn’t resist the sparkly thread and peacock colours! I dipped my toe into the cross-stitch waters, and like so many other crafts I enjoy, I proceeded to dive in head first!

And it’s so fun to have a craft to share with Bunny that we can do side-by-side, and chatting as we go along. Slow and steady, calming for both of us.

Happy crafting! Please share your stitching below!

Chrissie x


  1. The cover is lookind so lovely Chirssie, with the patchwork and buttons it's very pretty, have fun with Bunny and the cross stitch, lovely you can sit and stitch together
    Clare x

  2. You're doing so well with the cover Chrissie - in fact I think it's a 'smasher'! The fabrics for your next project are gorgeous and those buttons are so sweet - all very posh! Sam has progressed really well and isn't it nice for him to be patient and wait while you have some good times with Bunny; so lovely that she is keen to get into cross-stitch with her Mum. Enjoy all your makings and I'll be looking forward to seeing what becomes of those lovely fabrics. Well done, always such exciting things to see here, and always inspirational, thank you! Love and hugs, Joy xoxo

  3. Loved the patchwork on the cover, really pretty.

  4. Awe how lovely, you've got a little cross stitching team going now! :)
    V x

  5. Anonymous3:29 pm GMT

    love the sewing cover.. is really beautiful :D

  6. Hi Chrissie
    What a totally scrummy sewing machine cover, love the little tape measure detailing. Vould I place my order now please ?!
    Kate x

  7. Happy Sunday Chrissie. The patchwork quilt is coming along well. I have fabric for a machine cover to do in the Spring, I love yours. Jo x

  8. Chrissie Loving the stitching, I am a huge fan of piping too, but I always wonder how it will turn out!
    I think its one of those daunting task that are much easier than you think....
    May I ask or have I missed it what pattern you are using?
    bestest love
    Daisy x

    1. Thank you Daisy! The pattern can be found here:
      I can envisage you making one with fabulous vintage fabrics in bright colours...Cx

  9. That piping is looking super neat and this machine cover is going to be quite special my dear friend. Love what you are doing with it. I am sure sam will be more than happy to wait a little longer in order for you to start stitching this gorgeous dragonfly, I mean how can you resist. I better not mention the frozen cross stitch to little Es as I will be summoned to start yet another project. Enjoy your Sunday evening lovely. Ps email really overdue, will get there soon. Sending much love xoxo

  10. Green eggs and ham is looking great. Love the patchwork cover. Your little owl pincushion is great. I need something like that. Nice dragonfly cross-stitch.

  11. Loving your sewing machine cover! Just gorgeous.
    Marianne x

  12. All of your projects are looking great, I hope that Bunny enjoys her project, as you say it will be lovely that you can sit and work together on your different pieces. Sewing machine cover is looking good too - very impressed that you are doing piping!! xx

  13. You are a busy bee! I love the sewing machine cover, very pretty.

  14. I love the fabrics you've used on your cover. The cross stitch is lovely too - I'm really enjoying cross stitch after not doing any for a few years. x

  15. You blue dragon fly is going to be gorgeous! I absolutely adore you pin cushion by the way it's so kitsch and lovely xx

  16. Wow, I'm really loving how your sewing machine cover is coming along, it looks so professional. Your stitching is so neat and tidy I'm sure the dragonfly will be beautiful. And yes how lovely to share the experience with your daughter. Sam xx

  17. Dear Chrissie
    You have been so busy! All your projects are looking fantastic - how do you manage to fit it all in?!
    Best wishes

  18. Love your stitching, it would be a true gift to have a daughter to do a craft with, cross stitch, knit, crochet, anything would be thrilling.

  19. Well done to all you Sunday stitches. A family celebration didn't leave time for any stitching myself. I love seeing what everyone is making, great inspiration.
    S xx

  20. Anonymous11:05 am GMT

    Your piping looks fine to me, I guess these skills become easier the more you practise them.
    Your dragonfly will be so pretty, love those blues and greens.

  21. Nice projects...
    Have a great week !

  22. The machine cover is so sweet. That is a great project to practice your skills on! How fun it must be to be able to stitch together with Bunny. It's wonderful seeing children getting into crafts. :)

  23. Your sewing machine cover looks lovely. And how sweet that you and your little girl are cross stitching together.....lovely for you both! Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xx

  24. Hi Chrissie, your sewing machine cover is lovely, what a great idea - so much nicer than the standard plastic covers that sewing machines come with these days. I hope that you and Bunny enjoy your cross-stitch time together. Have a lovely week.
    Jane xx

  25. The green eggs and ham is look terrific, Chrissy. The only type of stitching I can manage is the cross stitch. Look forward to seeing the dragonfly completed!

  26. the sewing machine cover is looking wonderful! Your piping will most likely sort itself out when you get to the final stage

  27. Love the sewing machine cover and all your cross stitch. My daughter has ventured in to a bit of stitching, but we're going fro the modern art approach...stick the needle in and see where it takes you and use as many colours as possible in a 3" square. Thrilled you loved your goodies!! Sarah xo

  28. I really, really like your sewing machine cover. It's just lovely. And your piping looks fantastic to me! x

  29. How sweet that she's doing that Frozen cross stitch on her own! I can't wait to see how it'll turn out! How old is she? I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to cross stitch patterns!

  30. I really want to get into cross stitch. I did it when I was in school and my aunt has been doing it, just seem to get caught up in knitting or crocheting! The little pixel people are awesome, I'd love to make one of me and my partner :-) Thanks for sharing, feeling very inspired now! x