Thursday, 17 October 2013

Bloomin' CAL: Progress report and a book review

It will come as no surprise to many of you that I haven’t made progress on my hexie blanket this week, as my crochet energies were devoted to the Knitting & Stitching Show and getting to know my new yarn purchases...

The colours seem to change with every photo, sometimes bright, sometimes smoky...

*sigh* Ain’t she just a beauty? This type of project is just so portable; I’ve been tucking the yarn and hook in my bag this week as I zipped to a meeting, to a get together with friends...I even completed four rows as I waited the half hour of Bunny’s harp lesson (yes, harp. Her second lesson. Because obviously a piano isn’t big enough...). I do love the social aspect of it, the other musical mums waiting at the school were keen to talk about the snood and seemed quite interested in my crochet (perhaps next week I’ll let them know I’m teaching some more classes in a few weeks, drum up some more business!).

Do you take your crochet out and about? Have you struck up a conversation about a project?

I had some queries about the book from which this snood pattern originates, so I thought I could show you a bit more.

Erika Knight is one of my crochet heroes. I have a few of her books – this one is aimed primarily at beginners, but it is so gorgeous that the more experienced might well want to add it to their collection. It is an excellent reference book to have on the shelf.

Here is what’s on offer inside. Erika Knight offers some of the best tutorials for crochet that I’ve seen. Her stitch descriptions and illustrations are crystal clear, and she goes a step further to show detailed hook sizes and swatches of stitches so the reader has a visual guide.

The book features page after page of these types of swatches, as well as a multitude of yarns and textures that lend themselves beautifully to crochet. I love Knight’s books for the contemporary use of materials. She specializes in earthy, smoky palettes, with the texture of the fibres enhancing the appearance of the crochet.

The projects in this book could easily be adapted to pastels or brights, like I’m doing with the snood, but it is lovely to see them in these more neutral tones, and they would suit those of you with more male-dominated homes (stripy cushions for your boys’ rooms!).

What’s on your hook this week? Check out the links below and join in the fun! I hope to have a gang of hexies invading the CAL post next week...

Chrissie x

PS Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post, I loved reading what the season has offered you! 


  1. The idea that the piano isn't big enough, so a harp needs to be added to the mix made me laugh Chrissie! The crochet is looking lovely too, and I'm sure that the hexies will come along in due course when they are ready to. xx

  2. Hi Chrissie! Your crochet is looking beautiful! I love the pattern and those colors are just scrumptious! That book sounds like a really good one to have on your shelf. I think I'll look for one myself. :) .... How nice that your daughter is learning to play the harp. They sound sooo beautiful. We bought a piano when we first got married, but we had sons and neither showed any interest in learning. Boo hoo! Have a fun weekend Chrissie! xo Paulette :)

  3. Hellooo those colours and do you know that is one book I don't have.. I will keep an eye out on amazon for a bargain buy.... as our library is so rubbish...bestest daisy j xxx

  4. This wool is so gorgeous. Me thinks I have to get onto the Internet and hunt it down..I take my crochet with me everywhere and have struck up many conversations around it and made new friends. Just cant while away the hours and have nothing to do. I have up to 3hours of music a day in my house: both boys play piano and one plays clarinet and one guitar. Its my secret dread is that the music is going to go when they go one day...enjoy the harp!

  5. Every time I see that yarn, I'm taken aback by how stunning it is. Yes I do take my crochet out and about mostly to craft club and I alway take some on holiday when we go away.
    Clare x

  6. Love the colours of that yarn...your cowl will be so gorgeous. I have never crocheted in public before as I very rarely take it anywhere with me except maybe when I visit my parents. A good idea to pass the time though when waiting for Miss M at her various activities! Love the look of that book too.
    Marianne x

  7. Beautiful yarn, is it very soft against the skin, love this cowl. I've got this book hidden away somewhere, I've forgotten how lovely it is, I must find it out. Deb x

  8. That looks like a nice book, I'll have to have a gander next time I'm in the book shop.....very neat stitches there my dear! :) x

  9. Your crochet is gorgeous Chrissi, lovely colours....
    I have two Erica Knight books which I love, but must add this one to my wish list. She is so talented and all her projects just spot on, tasteful and covetable!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Gill xx

  10. Beautiful purple yarn. I love it. I have something that looks like it in "blues". Blue is my favourite colour but I don't actually generally use it in projects that is why I decided to do my hexies in blues and grays. The book looks really good with nice clear photos and instructions.

  11. Hi Chrissie I love the colours on your present project, just gorgeous. I have this book and it is just fabulous when I can get my head around how to read the patterns, not sure why but I do stumble on these although I am fine with knitting patterns - it is a complete mystery to me which I wish I could solve. A lovely post as always Chrissie, thank you.
    Lots of love

  12. Hi Chrissie, I've popped over via Gilly Makes and have joined in with the What's on your hook.
    I'm definitely sighing, I love that purple wool, so gorgeous! Suzy x

  13. Hello Chrissie,
    Lovely purple yarn! what a pretty colour. I love that book my neighbour let me have a look at hers its full of lovely ideas xx

  14. That sure looks like a fabulous book. I have an Elise Shawl on my hook, my fifth, I love the pattern. None of them have been for me, maybe one day I will make one for myself.

  15. That purple yarn is just stunning. I would love to find something like that. The book looks great, I will have to look for that one. I'm still working on my granny stripe for my son but I'm about to start a few smaller things soon.

  16. I love the sound of the harp - all the best to Bunny! I am also loving the sight of your beautiful crochet in that fab yarn - that colour 'sends' me!
    I had forgotten about that gorgeous book being in the back of my mind Chrissie - thanks for such a lovely review, I should have another look at it.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Joy xo

  17. Your snood looks gorgeous, the colours are amazing.
    The book........ Oh no, now you've shown me, I'm going to need that. I have one already by her and love nearly every scrummy project in it, I can't see this one being any different.
    Sally xxx

  18. a beauiful snood indeed! yes I will crochet in most places now! thanks for showing the book, it does look good, i will have a look on amazon and see how much it is, gosh so many temptations! have a good weekend, Heather x

  19. Hello Chrissie
    I am a new follower and found you via Meredith's blog mereknits. I am a crochet addict and in my opinion crochet is a great ice-breaker!! I take a little bit of crochet with me where ever I go and practically always someone strikes up a conversation about it. Crochet also helped me to learn Spanish!!! If you are invited to a party,barbecue or picnic and you don't know many of the other guests get your crochet out! LOL!
    I do love those shades of purple and lilac it is going to be a gorgeous snood!
    The harp an amazing instrument to be able to play....I hear it is quite difficult to learn.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  20. Hooking in public is definitely a way to get people on your lessons, I do it all the time and it really draws people in without you feeling you are doing a full on sales pitch. I similarly take mine to ballet on Saturday mornings and get half an hour of crochet while watching cute little girlies skipping up and down and trying their very best. Jo x

  21. Your project looks good, love the texture! I always have a project I can travel with, one that I take to work as well! I have ended up taking requests from people to make things because I take my crochet out :)

  22. How funny as I have just added this very book to my wish list on Amazon on Dottie's mention. Enjoy your pretty crochet and look forward to seeing your progress. xoxo

  23. The yarn is stunning, what beautiful colours, it made me want to have some :) xx