Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Knitting & Stitching Show Part II: Yarn Love

How’s that for some yarn bombing? That taxi could drive me to Fairyland...

The Knitting & Stitching Show didn’t disappoint with its yarn offerings. Stall after stall had beautiful skeins hanging from pegs, filling baskets and piled on shelves. I can’t tell you how many shades of magical blues and peacock shades I fawned over. The textured neutrals, the various blends for comfort or warmth...

And I finally got to see the incredible selection of Drops yarns in person! This brand is going to be a big contender for the crocheters’ choice accolade (watch out, Stylecraft). They have a very wide range of blends, in really beautiful, soft shades that I haven’t seen at these prices (lots of DK, 4-ply and Aran yarns hovering between £2-£4).

That stunning blanket above was on The Crochet Chain stand, made with Drops Delight and Fabel yarns – and check out the price per ball on the tag. That blanket would fit in nicely with the Bloomin’ CAL...

But what about us? 
Aw, don’t worry, my little sweeties, I haven’t forgotten about you!

I bought some Drops Big Delight in the Rose Garden shade. I couldn’t wait and started a snood

From this book

Crocheting this is so much fun, it whips up very quickly, and it will perk up my new cream-coloured winter coat. I am loving the shades and how they magically change row after row (speaking of yarn magic, how is it that these variegated yarns knit and crochet perfectly into fancy designs, regardless of pattern? It must be some complicated form of engineering, or frankly some mystical powers at work...) If the snood turns out well, I can make more for Christmas gifts – I have my eye on the Mint Chocolate and Autumn Forest shades, too.

I bought this inexpensive tweed from Abakhan, for this project

Eeeep! How enchanting is this little fellow? He is one of a range of the cutest little dollies from Lalylala.

Janie Crow had a bright, happy stall

I love the crochet bird and flower design that is used like appliqué, see the black cushion on the shelf below

That's got the cogs turning...

Like the stitching aspect of the show, there was some artistic uses of crochet on display

But not nearly as much as the embroidery galleries. I’ll admit that, while I loved everything about The Knitting & Stitching Show, I found the stitching bit more interesting. It was easier to get into stalls and get up close to the delicate stitching on display. 

The yarn stalls were a bit more chaotic. One stand, I think it was Black Sheep Wools, literally had a giant pile of bulk-buy yarns in the middle of the floor, with dozens upon dozens of ladies rummaging through looking for a bargain. I teased my friend that I was going to climb on her shoulders and cannonball into the middle of the pile and shock the daylights out of everyone...

I think with these types of shows you definitely must have some projects already in mind, especially for the knitting/crochet side. It is easy to pick up a few embroidery or cross stitch kits for a few pounds, but with a skein of yarn, you really must know what you are going to make or you will have wasted a load of cash on some beautiful, hand-dyed yarn made from the wool of free-range virgin sheep fed on a diet of milk and honey (believe me, there was some precious wool on offer!). You don’t want to buy yarn at a show then realise you need one extra ball when you’re home checking out a new pattern!

Now I’m off to catch up on my hexies, then I’d better get the toadstool doll going for Bunny...oh, but that snood is just so pretty and sooo quick...!
Happy crafting!
Chrissie x


  1. oooh such lovely yarn....I particularly like the Drops Big Delight..........and the taxi..........my car could do with brightening up!

  2. Looks as though you saw some great things Chrissie! Looking forward to seeing all of your makes as and when you get them done. Great advice about buying things, I would have probably bought things I liked and then had too much or not enough yarn. You are clever! xx

  3. Got to get there next year, by then I'm sure to be able to crochet! (Joke - I'm a hopeless case!) xx

  4. I think the trip would have been worth it just to see that car!!! What a blast!
    Have a great week,

  5. Great post - love the Drops yarn. I've got the Muskat and Paris cotton...can't wait to get stuck into blanket making. Cute dollie too! I don't think I'll be going to the Harrogate knit and stitch this year, because (oh dear) I am that person who impulse buys beautiful (expensive) yarn which then sits untouched in a basket for a whole year... I'm hanging my head in shame as I type this ;-( x

    1. Oh don't! You and me both, I wrote that from experience - I have a beautiful, but very lonely, skein of yarn from about two years ago...Cx

  6. Sorry, me again! Hilarious - I know what you mean about cannonballing into the MASSIVE pile of yarn...I wanted to do the same last year...go on I dare you to do it next year!! X

    1. I would need at least three bloggy friends to be with me, cheering me on loudly...

  7. My mum and I go to the knitting and stitch show in Birmingham and I have seen one of those black sheep wools stalls and know exactly what you are talking about. I wrote down 3 things I wanted to make before I went with yarn amounts and then I was very successful so it is a good tip. The car was amazing, I have never seen that before. Jo x

  8. I keep hearing about the Drops yarn but I didn't know it was that price - what a bargain! Looks like a great show! Thanks for the top tip - I'm off to the Bakewell Wool Gathering this Saturday and am determined not to get carried away but once I'm in the 'zone' that's it - I must try and stay focussed! Love the little laddie x Jane

  9. OOoooooooh Ahhhhhhhhh ..... so much loveliness but your snood and the toadstool dolly have floored me!
    love jooles xxx

  10. Gosh I'd have been so giddy if I'd gone, looks like you had a great day! :) x

  11. Ohhh that Drops yarns so lovely, I look forward to seeing your completed snood, looks like you had a wonderful trip. The cab amazing.
    Clare x

  12. What an interesting post. That looks like a wonderful trip and event to attend! The Drops yarn is literally making me swoon, my eyes are feeling kind of swirly! The colors are PERFECT. Your snood is going to be fabulous!

  13. Oh Chrissie this was a lovely post which I really enjoyed. I hate missing the shows but it is so wonderful to see this one through your eyes and catch all the wonderful things on offer. You are so right about the yarn Chrissie, I have done this so many times when I went to Woolfest - impulse buys and then, once I got home I would realise that I couldn't do much with the bit of yarn I had purchased (sometimes at great cost!). Hopefully I have learned from these experiences and I am now trying to be a little more thoughtful before rushing in..............sometimes I do lapse though. A fabulous post Chrissie, thanks so much
    Lots of love as always

  14. You really are trying to make us jealous Chrissie - I am absolutely drooling here and it looks like I'm in good company judging by previous messages! That blanket is amazing, as is the car and the Drops Big Delight in THAT COLOURWAY has me swooning! And now I see that Jennifer has also used the word 'swoon' but I'm not changing it, for it's true!
    I came across Lalylala some time ago when I was deep into Amigurumi but never got around to trying out her patterns for it was at the time that my poor hands had become really sore with doing all the tight close work; I'll be really looking forward to seeing this little beauty done, as well as your lovely snood. Thanks so much for your lovely sharing!
    Hugs, Joy xo

  15. Lovely post. Beautiful yarn projects abound ;-)

  16. looks like it was an interesting day out. The snood is going to be gorgeous, I love it! Is the book good I wonder, should I get it? beautiful yarn and stitch. Heather x

  17. I love that yarny taxi! I am completely and utterly in love with those wee dollies you are hoping to make, they will be wonderful, I just know it. I like the idea of using crochet like appliqué too... It made me laugh thinking about you cannon balling into the yarn! When the knitting and stitching show came to Glasgow earlier this year, mum and I went and the Black Sheep Wools stand was exactly as you describe...it was bedlam!
    Marianne xx

  18. Love all your pictures of that wonderful show. I have some African Flower hexi's in a time out basket right now, they were not behaving.

  19. Hello Chrissie I loved seeing your wonderful pictures of the show! Love the look of the Drops yarn, and your new snood. Your advice re yarn buying at shows is very sensible indeed! Have made a few impulse buys myself in the past which didn't always work out.....
    Enjoy working on your lovely new projects!
    Helen x

  20. Oh oh oh - this post is making me sooooooooo jealous! I do wish I could have been there!!!
    That Drops yarn you bought looks absolutely divine!

    Sarah x

  21. Everything at the show was so beautiful! That blanket ... gorgeous!! Your snood is looking beautiful too, Chrissie, as are your sweet little hexies! Happy hooking! xo