Sunday, 27 October 2013

Stitching Sunday: Framing in a hoop

Happy Sunday everyone! A brief Stitching Sunday post today, as we are in full Halloween decorating mode here and I have to get back to my little goblins!

After mulling over ways to display my organza flowers I made at The Knitting & Stitching Show, I decided to frame them simply in a hoop and hang it in the hall.

Full English Grey Effect...

But I wanted something with a bit more style than the plain wooden hoop, so I covered it with a grey metallic spray paint. I only sprayed the visible outer hoop.

I centred the embroidery in the hoop and secured it tightly. Then I cut a felt circle to cover the back of the piece.

Next step was to secure the fabric at the back of the frame. Here’s where I ran into a bit of trouble – the fabric wasn’t large enough to wrap around the inside hoop. Usually I use a larger piece of fabric, then cut a circle wide enough to either sew in a gathered bundle at the back of the hoop (like a covered button) or glue evenly to the inner hoop wall.

But because this piece was a make-and-take project at the show, the fabric I was given was only a bit larger than the embroidery. I made the best of it by trimming the squared edges and gluing what I could to the frame.

To cover the screw and hang the hoop, I chose a simple linen ribbon, which I fashioned into a bow and glued to the front (I am loving my little glue gun, it makes me feel proper crafty!). I then secured a length of ribbon to the back.

I like how the hoop and ribbon provide an understated frame to the embroidery. It looks quite sweet on the bit of wall by the understairs closet – but it also looks a wee bit lonely...notice I left some wall space for a few more hoops...

Hope you are all having a cozy weekend! Happy crafting!
Chrissie x


  1. Very lovely indeed. I think it's amazing what a bit if paint a glue gun can achieve. I lovey glue gun too, I won't dare to over think the reasons why ;-). Your embroidery looks so pretty and I can already see that space filled with more gorgeous stitchings. Enjoy your Halloween fun with you goblins. Xoxo

  2. That is just the perfect frame for your project. I like the idea of spraying the hoop with metallic paint..inspirational.

  3. It looks so pretty, and the perfect place for it....hmmm, you're giving me ideas, we have a wall beneath the stairs too...
    I love my glue gun too, you're so right, there's just something intriguing about it!
    Have fun prepping for Halloween & be safe in the storm.
    Hugs xx

  4. This looks really gorgeous! I love the silver frame, it looks great against the soft colours of the stitching...very pretty indeed. Enjoy your Halloween decorating, we are planning some of that here today too!
    Marianne x

  5. I would say "don't you just love a glue gun", but we know that you do!! I love mine too - it will come out today for a bit of halloween costume making. Your little stitching looks lovely in it's hoop and it's new home, I am sure that it will welcome a few companions too!! Stay safe and warm and dry with the nasty weather. xx

  6. GORGEOUS! I love the linen bow too, looks mighty professional and very pretty.
    Happy Sunday to you and your little goblins!
    love jooles xxx

  7. I think it looks perfect in that spot. You are brave to work with a glue gun, darn if I don't always get glue all over the place when I use one. Happy Halloween to the goblins.

  8. It really lovely it looks so pretty hanging in the hoop, I have a glue gun but I've never been brave enough to use it! Have a fun filled halloween with your goblins.
    Clare x

  9. It looks beautiful. I have always liked this look and I have a couple of embroidery kits to work on for practice this winter and if they come out well, I'd like to frame them this way.

  10. Oh well done Chrissie - being a bit short on fabric surrounds poses a few problems but you've mastered them beautifully. I love the way you've tied your bow and think that really sets off your gorgeous flower piece - I hope to try that with my next hooped frame, thank you. Now I'm looking forward to seeing some friends come to join your pretty flowers in that ideal hanging space. Have a happy Hallowe'en with your little 'goblets'. Hugs, Joy xo

  11. It's lovely! I saw recently that so done had put a running stitch around the edge and then just pulled the fabric tight, no need to glue gun then....can't remember which blog it was on! :) x

    1. Exactly - that's what I usually do, but had to resort to the glue gun because the fabric wasn't big enough! Oooo I do like using the glue gun though, as long as I don't seal my fingers together... ;-) Cx

  12. Looking beautiful! Really fab idea xx

  13. Nice idea to spray the hoop....I cant live without my glue gun but have burnt my fingers soooooo many times!