Friday, 11 October 2013

The nose on my face

Thank you all for helping with my colour conundrum in my last post – the result was a dead heat between the pale green and the aqua. So I whipped up a hexie in each colour

And the solution was obvious – use both!

Really, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. I suppose I was so enchanted by the picture of the hexagon throw in Cute & Easy Crochet with Flowers that I wanted to copy it as closely as I could. The flowers in that blanket use the same colour patterns throughout.

But now I’m thinking outside the box – thanks to all of you who commented with ideas! – and I’m going to treat these hexie blooms like granny squares, and just use whatever patterns strike my fancy. I tell ya, I’m living on the edge! I’m a bit of a wild child like that...

Tomorrow I’m off to the Knitting & Stitching show in London – yippee! I can’t wait to get there...I’ll give a full report for Stitching Sunday!

Have a lovely weekend!
Chrissie x


  1. Yes my dear, just go with the flow, don't think too much about it! :) x

  2. They look perfect, have a great day tomorrow. X

  3. There looking great! Lovely colour combos! Keep living on the edge hehe xx

  4. They all look beautiful. I think this kind of blanket looks best when it's really mixed up, but that's just my personal preference. Keep up the good work, you wild woman. :)

  5. Your hexies are indeed looking rebel you!! Have a great time at the knitting and stitching show.
    Marianne xx

  6. Love them all and the best way to solve the problem. Enjoy your weekend, it sound absolutely wonderful. Just a tad green here! xoxo

  7. The blue and green ones both look great. have a great day tomorrow. Jo x

  8. Looking ver good Chrissie - lovely result. Keep on living it up and enjoy the show; I'll be looking forward to hearing about it.
    Love, Joy xo

  9. I love how you have used the different colours, you made a great decision!! Can I join the CAL? It's not too late?

    1. Please do join in! Link up anytime, I can't wait to see your latest project! Cx

  10. Very pretty. Hope you have a great time at the show!

  11. Hi Chrissy hope you have a fantastic time - wish I was coming with you - the hexies are fabulous. Can't wait to hear how you got on in London. Big hugs

  12. They're looking so pretty! My copy of this book just arrived so I now have another load of projects to add to my list of want-to-makes!
    Hope you had a great time at the show - I was hoping to go with a friend but couldnt make it, so look forward to hearing about it here.
    Gill xx