Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bloomin’ CAL and Happy Halloween!

I’m afraid my hexies have gathered a few cobwebs this week...

A combination of half term and Halloween meant that I only got three more hexies completed. Oh, but I did manage to finish this lovely project:

My snood is finished! I tend to finish a scarf or cowl-type project by trying it on partway through and not by following the pattern. Usually the pattern is designed for someone a bit taller than five feet, so unless I measure it to me as I make, I’ll end up with a scarf that could double as a blanket...

So I pinned the snood last night and tried it on and it just seemed to be the right size for me. Ta dah! And now that I know it’s a very easy project and turns out well, I can make some for gifts. (Luckily, I still have enough of that gorgeous Drops yarn to make a pair of mittens or a hat!)

In the meantime, we’ve just come back from the first Halloween party of the day, for the little ones...

Talk about a feast! They dined on witch’s broomsticks, pumpkin-shaped sandwiches and cheesy puff pastry bats, amongst other goodies. A friend and I joined up to throw a party for our young ones – thankfully she offered her home as I have a trick-or-treat party and sleepover happening here later...
We both had lots of decorations to share. I was in charge of some veggie snacks, which took the shape of a pumpkin head

...and lots of sugar cookies to decorate and gobble up! There were cats, rats, bats and creepy spiders!

I also made larger pumpkin cookies and a few ghosts for the children to decorate with orange icing and all sorts of sweets!

Now I’m off to prep the food for the next party, a decidedly scarier affair for the older kids! Happy Halloween everyone! Please share your latest hooky WIPs below, I’ll enjoy reading them when I’m up late tonight listening to sleepover giggles down the hall...

Tomorrow I’m dusting off that pink hook and getting back to hexies!

Chrissie x


  1. Have a super spooky halloween that veggie pumpkin made me smile, I've just finished making some of the Spider biscuits to take to my sister Halloween party later.
    Clare x

  2. Oh I love this post, all of that party food looks amazing!! I love how you have put your hexies with the cobwebs he he, very nice effect.

  3. Your snood is beautiful. I love the colors and the twist you put in. I'm working a cowl right now, winging it with my own plan, and I was thinking about doing the same with a twist but wasn't sure how it would look. I think I will do it since yours looks so good that way. Your Halloween food looks so good! The veggies look wonderful, you did a great job with that. I have Halloween goodies planned for dinner tonight.

  4. Your cowl is lovely Chrissy. Looks as though the party went well too, hope that the older ones don't keep you up all night!! Love your cobwebs too!! Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!

  5. Happy Halloween!!!!!!!! �� I'm loving the spooky setting, three is better than nothing. Beautiful cowl, the colours are gorgeous. X

  6. Great post! I love the crochet with the cobwebs and the cookies look delicious! xoxo

  7. Hi Chrissie what a fabulous post, loved it. Happy Halloween to you have a great time tonight.
    Big hugs

  8. They even look good covered in cobwebs....enjoy the party! ( I'd join in the crochet along only I'm not very good at the techno stuff and wouldn't know how to link in, sorry!) :) x

  9. lovely post - happy Halloween x

  10. OH no haha poor hexes. Your snood is very pretty lovely feminine colours. Happy Halloween hope you have a good one xx

  11. Happy Halloween!

  12. Hi Chrissie
    Brilliant post - love all the halloweeny touches. Hope you get some sleep tonight !
    Kate x

  13. Love your's gorgeous and looks really cosy. The Halloween party this afternoon looked as if it was a lot of fun...hope tonight's is going as well!
    Marianne xx

  14. Love that snood! Love that snood! Well done Chrissie - and three hexes is still progress, especially considering all else that you've been up to you've done very well indeed! I also love your cobweb - that makes a great 'set', and all that yummy Hallowe'en food and fun. I'm wondering if the sleep-over is truly a sleep-over or whether those little excited girls are going to be giggling and gee-heeing all night long. All the best with it! Spooky hugs, Joy xo

  15. What a fantastic spread - the kids must have had a blast!! Gorgeous snood, it'll look fab with your cream coat. Happy Halloween Sleepover! Nighty- night xx

  16. Your snood looks amazing, the colours are beautiful. The hexies are coming along nicely, since crocheting I find I'm drawn more to pastel shades, so I'm liking them very much :)
    Sally xxx

  17. Good morning ..... I hope you managed to get some sleep!
    Your cowl is GORGEOUS and that spooky tea looks so tempting.
    love jooles xxx

  18. the snood's lovely, looks snugly. halloween food, wow! love your pumpkin head carrots! great fun, Heather x

  19. I hope the sleepover went well and you managed to get some shut eye?! Your spooky house looked wonderful and I love that cobweb. Your cowl has turned out beautifully and it looks gorgeous on!! Those pretty pumpkin cookies looked far too lovely to eat, what a fabulous looking Halloween party, I am sure the girls had an absolute ball. Hope things are calmer over there now, I know ours are still a little hyper, just Mum is lacking the energy! xoxo