Sunday, 6 October 2013

Stitching Sunday: More ways to display

Hello to you all and a special welcome to my new followers! Before I start musing about embroidery, I want to say a special thank you to everyone who sent emails, hit the ‘Like’ button and commented on my “Reader of the Week” accolade on Simply Crochet’s blog and Facebook pages. That was an unexpected and very pleasant surprise for me!

And while I’m still on the topic of crochet, I happened upon a very sweet combination of crochet and embroidery...

A crochet border for embroidery hoops! How happy is this? I just did a bit of the hoop to test the pattern. This beautiful idea came from Sew Chatty. She offers a clear and easy tutorial for hooking a scalloped border around a hoop.

This is the scalloped edge – but once you tackle her instructions for the first row, I think you could use any number of borders. I envisage a cute picot edge, perhaps a granny chic ruffle, colourful stripes to echo the embroidery...hmmm, I see a wall of wee little embroideries for children, with candy-coloured crochet borders...uh oh, I can tell this could become an addiction!

In my online travels I also found some simple magnetic discs which will clearly frame embroidery on the fridge, the microwave or anywhere you can stick a magnet.

Framecraft magnets come in various sizes and can be found in many places online. These could make great gifts for family members, teachers, those of you who collect fridge magnets...

Now to some unfinished business. My Hive Sweet Hive embroidery. I was all ready to frame it and dub it a Finished Object, but then I spied a little bag of fabric scraps, and the cogs started turning.

I have no idea where this is going, or how this will end up, but I decided I wanted little hexies around my beehive. I’ve chosen pastels and florals because this will end up on a wall in my kitchen, which is soft green and cream with pinks.

As I stitch these wee hexies, I’m not sure whether I’ll surround the entire hive, whether the hexies will just peek out at the edges, perhaps run parallel in two even rows...I could cut the hive into one large hexie and stitch it onto the small hexies...I’m just going with the flow and hoping something sings out to me. I would love any input, please brainstorm with me!

That's all for today; I didn't achieve as much embroidery this week as I wanted because, well, life just gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it? 

Happy crafting and enjoy the rest of the weekend! 

Chrissie x


  1. Very sweet crochet edging. I have had a to at this and the end result is very sweet. Yes I do think it can become an addiction, but fortunately for me I am easily sidetracked into something new. Your hive is looking lovely and your hexies very pretty. Will join in later today xoxo

  2. Ps welcome on winning reader of the week, little red is so sweet she deserved first place! Xx

    1. OOPS suppose to say well done and not welcome. Grrr joys of a phone xx

  3. I've seen that crochet edging for hoops, and have it in mind for future projects! The hexies with your embroidery are a great idea - I actually like them exactly how you've shown them in your photo. If they were like you've got them, but sewn onto the fabric and tucked into the hoop at the edges, then it would look great!
    Maria x

  4. Ooh I love that crochet edging, what a fab idea! I can't wait to see what you do with your hexies :)
    Happy Sunday!
    Caroline x

  5. Hi Chrissie! I love your sweet "hive sweet hive" stitchery and your hexies are so adorable. I think this piece will turn out beautifully, no matter how you decide to combine the two! xo Paulette :)

  6. The crochet edge is lovely, looking forward to seeing it finished, and also to what you decide to do with the patchwork and your beehive! I can imagine all sorts of things that you could do!

  7. Very lovely my dear, I really must put an edge to my hoops.....they would look great with my vintage sheets! :) x

  8. The crochet border around the hoop is too are your fabric hexagons they will be a beautiful frame for that embroidered piece, A.

  9. OMGeeeeeeee the crochet around the embroidery hoop is wonderful. I look forward to seeing the finished article with the hexagons x

  10. The hoop is so pretty! That was a great idea and I can't want to see what you do with the hexes. I saw your blog mentioned on Facebook, and I thought, "I know her!" I'm so happy for you. :)

  11. Hey Chrissie - congratulations on your well deserved achievement - SC will be wanting to interview you next, I'll bet!
    I do like that crocheted border around the hoop and am very taken with your idea of hexes around your lovely beehive - they will come together just perfectly for you when the time is right and I look forward to seeing it all 'done and dusted'!
    Joy xo

  12. I love the way the hexies seem to subtly reference honeycomb - and congratulations again on the SC accolade - how exciting (and much deserved!) xx

  13. Chrissie these projects are just divine, I love them. The hoop is fabulous, what a great idea, and I can't wait to see what happens with the hexagons, they look very special. Well done on your achievement - well deserved Chrissie - you are an inspiration. I always look forward to reading your blog, thanks so much. Have a lovely week
    Lots of love

  14. Your embroidery looks lovely and the hexagons are going to look great. XX

  15. Love the pretty hoop idea, and the hexies with the hive looks like a real inspiration! Well done on your achievement too, Chrissie!
    Helen x

  16. Lovely ideas! I love the crochet hoop looks so pretty. Hope that you have a lovely week x

  17. LOVE that crocheted border around the hoop, what a marvelous idea! x