Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Half-term holiday house

My home has been transformed...

The goblins have decorated for Halloween. The parties have been organised (lunchtime for the pre-schoolers, sleepover for the big girls!) and the scary foodstuffs have been planned. More on that later this week...

Pumpkin garland adorns the windows, and pumpkin window stickers stare out at passers-by.

The hall mirror is a holiday shrine in our house, decorated with bits and bobs for every festive occasion to welcome guests.

Oh, but there is more transformation taking place here, because in addition to Halloween, this week the children are off school for the half-term break. 

You know its half-term when...

Pajamas are the uniform of choice until nearly lunchtime.

Craft projects are seized (I just finished Jo’s hat pattern in some leftover Sirdar Crofter yarn, and Bunny claimed it for herself!).

Toes are treated to “pedicures” in questionable shades.

...you can’t walk a straight line through any room in the house for the entire week.

Bedrooms are transformed into dense forests – see the giant duvet mountain? It’s also a cave...

Staircases become raging waterfalls, and pillows are rafts that plummet down the treacherous cascade.

Craft supplies are just left out on the kitchen table, pushed aside to make room for plates and cups.

And there is glitter everywhere. Everywhere.

We tend to stay close to home during half term, venturing out for a few day trips or play dates but mostly just mooching about the house and having time together. The kids are quite worn out from the daily routines of school and activities, so this is their chance to recharge – we have lazy time, sofa nests, lots of imaginative play – and their chance to refuel – Little Flower is having a growth spurt yet again, so she is eating and eating and eating...

How is your week coming along? 
Chrissie x


  1. Oh my Chrissie, your life so mirrors my own. (talking of mirrors I love that hall mirror) We have the same tiles in the kitchen too and we are indulging in the same activities. I have to say the hat looks totally brilliant. Thanks for the link and for giving it a go. Jo x

  2. What fun you are having!! Love all the decorations it most certainly looks like Halloween in your house. Half term was pretty much the same here with chaos all week through and lazy days in pjs, just the way it should be. Love that pretty mirror/hat rack, let me know when you want to part with it ;-). The kids are back at school this week but we have friends coming round this afternoon after school for some pumpkin carving and maybe a spot of baking, we will see how the mood takes us. Enjoy the Halloween parties and sleepovers. Xoxo

  3. Looks as though you are all set for Halloween! and hey, a little glitter just adds some sparkle to life! Says she who keeps the glitter locked in a box in a drawer in a cupboard 'cause otherwise I spread it all over the place. Hope that you have great fun at the halloween parties. xx

  4. Your Halloween decorations look great........enjoy the rest of half term

  5. What fun Halloween decorations! Oh my with the disarray of having the children home. I bet it is a good time though. I love lazy time and pjs. :)

  6. You're having lots of fun, I see! I love the photo of the toys, you have such a girly house. Mine is half and half, but no less toy-bombed. :)

  7. I bet it feels so festive at your house. It is so nice to have time to just be, time to be a bit lazy, craft and unfortunately clean up glitter.

  8. Looks like lots of fun there. Love your bunting.
    Decorating for Halloween at mine today too. Lots of messy crafts here as well.
    The joys of half term. :)

  9. Well we've finished our half term so it was very quiet here today.....I've had a crochet day, bliss! You have a very spooky home there! :) x

  10. Happy times making lots of lovely memories.
    Kate x

  11. You have such a beautiful home, and you've made it look so festive. We are away so haven't done any Halloween decorating, but we're all very glad it's half term. Enjoy the celebrations! x

  12. Your home is fantastic, I love the pumpkins on your hall mirror. I love school holidays, we too have had odd mani and pedicures, baking, crafting and lounging in pjs as well as staying up a bit later at night time :) xx

  13. Anonymous9:41 pm GMT

    It all looks like a lot of spooky fun ..I love the spider
    Thea x

  14. My week has been very similar to yours. With each photo and paragraph I really did laugh out loud - looks like we're all doing pretty much the same thing. Although we are going to a Halloween party so no organising for me to take care of. I love the crochet hat - it looks so pretty on her with her beautiful hair. (Not surprised she nicked it for herself, I'd have done the same!)
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Autumn wreath, I'm so chuffed you like it.
    Hoping you have a great Halloween party day (and not too disturbed a night on the sleep over!)
    Amanda XXX

  15. It looks like you are having lots of fun!!!!!! I love your Halloween decorations. Deb x

  16. Wow, what fun Chrissie - you've got everything looking great and ready for a fantastic hallowe'en! Such lovely happy family times - you can't beat them! You did a lovely job of the hat and it looks so pretty on Bunny. Oh, and one more thing, good luck with cleaning up the sparkles - almost an impossible task but such fun! I hope you have a rollicking spooky hallowe'en! Warm hugs, Joy xo

  17. Hi Chrissie
    I meant to say, thank you for the heads up about Erica Knights BEAUTIFUL crochet book - mine arrived from Amazon yesterday and I am in crochet heaven !
    Kate x

  18. Love all your wonderful Halloween decorations! Your half term holiday sounds just perfect!
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Helen x

  19. Hi Chrissie your post made my chuckle - my little granddaughters went home today after staying a few days and your home looks just like mine! It is fab though and I loved it - such fun. Have a great week Chrissie, thanks for a great post.

  20. Ooooooh it looks like lots of fun at yours!
    love jooles xxx

    P.S you can never have too much glitter ;o)

  21. Half terms going well here. You really are putting my measly two pumpkins to shame haha. Hope you all enjoy a lovely week. Sure you will by the looks of it xx

  22. Enjoy the time off with your kids, it looks like you're having a lot of fun at your house! :)

  23. Oh your house looks all set for Halloween! Fantastic decorating. I adore the mirror in your hall, it's gorgeous.
    Marianne xx

  24. It is fun over at yours, glitter makes she happy. Fabulous decorations